Casual White and Black Outfits

Happy Wednesday ladies. After several weeks of experimenting with color, I have a confession to make and I’m diving back into a few black and white outfits. White and black may not be the most fun or uplifting combination but there’s no question it’s easy and you always look chic wearing it.


blonde woman wearing white and black floral jacket with white top

I love the slimming effect we get from a column of color so I started with head to ankle white and topped it with this white and black floral topper that my friends at Chico’s sent to me. It does have a one-button closure but it’s not the sort of jacket I would ever do up. It has very long cuffs that I decided to fold up to help offset the length.


woman wearing a column of white under a floral blazer in black and white

The shoes are years old. I wear them sparingly so they won’t wear out. The block heel makes them stable but more importantly, I used my favorite alteration hack to improve their comfort.

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These jeans are a high-rise, no-stain skinny style. Several of you have mentioned that you avoid wearing white because it gets grimy so easily. I admit that jeans can be a magnet for spills so the technology of this stain-repel fabric is petty ingenious. They’re available in regular and petite. I’m wearing the regular because the petites have a shorter rise. That wouldn’t matter for most people but with my long torso, every little bit makes a difference and I find the higher the waistband, the less muffin top there is.


woman coming down stairs in white jeans with black and white jacket


I have a confession to make. With the shape of jeans changing, my love for the skinny is fading. There, I’ve said it. That’ll sound like sacrilege to many women and it’s not as though I’m calling them the 2021 version of “mom” jeans, but they feel dated to me. My wardrobe is filled with them and I know I’ll continue to wear them, but right now, they simply don’t feel as modern as straight or slim jeans.


over 50 fashion blogger wearing black top, white jeans and leaning against wall

I switched out those skinny jeans for these no-stain slim girlfriend jeans and find them infinitely comfier. Needing to adjust or fuss with my clothes is a pain. Even with my slim legs, skinny jeans always bunch around my calves and feel like they need to be tugged down or smoothed whenever I sit or bend. Slim or straight don’t do that so they’re easier to wear.


woman sitting on rock wall wearing white jeans, black top and white and black jacket


These have the same no-stain technology, a slim look plus a skosh more room in the legs.


woman walking in white jeans and floral jacket


I changed out the simple white tee for this black henley and the silver jewelry for these longer, white and black earrings. I’m surprised how much I’m loving these earrings because the lines are clean but they make a statement. A necklace would have felt like overkill to me because of the little white buttons on the top.

Are you a fan of white jeans?

Dare I ask…how about skinny jeans?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.






  1. I have had the cobbler lower my stileto heals successfully. Only by about three quarters of an inch though otherwise the sole of the shoe does not lie flat. To stretch part of the shoe that pinches, I roll it round and round on the top of a broom handle! Eases it just enough. I love white jeans for the summer, they stay surprisingly clean! I wear skinnies in the winter but only in boots, I don’t like the look of tight jeans round the ankle. All to our own – I am 5’1″ which may have something to do with the look. Can’t beat black and white although I too am changing to navy and white with age….

  2. Looking very chic, Jennifer! Love black and white as a combo. As to skinny jeans/leggings I am a fan of both and prefer full length but wear them occasionally ankle length; whereas for trousers prefer a tapered full straight leg and do like wide leg pants either way (cropped or full). Right now though as our dressing rooms are still closed; I am concentrating on tops to add to my wardrobe as prefer to try bottoms on, for fit.

  3. I give a thumbs down to skinny jeans (uncomfortable & off balance for me) and two thumbs up for summer black & white outfits – they’ve been my favorite for years. Two heels up for the shoe hacks! I never knew there was a spray for stretching shoes or that stacked heels could be cut down. Knowing these tips is so helpful – thank you!

  4. Jennifer,

    Thanks for the tips. Can you advise if the shoe hack works for pencil heels or stilettos?

  5. Looking good for me is paying attention to proportions. Since skinny jeans always made me look off kilter (emphasized my bigger hips and larger chest), I have never worn them. The straight leg and boot cut pants have always looked better on me because they provide more balance to my figure.

    Black and white outfits are classic! The only thing is wearing too much black in the summer makes me think of winter, so I tend to wear lots more white and less black in my summer outfits.

    Thanks, Jennifer. You, of course, look good in everything!

  6. First off, you look fabulous!! I so agree with your thoughts on jeans. Thanks for keeping us informed and giving us so many great ideas such as the shoe alterations. They seem to make the block heels so high and your idea is the answer. Love white pants and jeans, but for some reason every time I think I’ll wear them, I change my mind. This year will be different…lol!!

  7. Black and white has always been that easy go to combination for me. Your featured looks today just fit into your authentic style that we see so often.
    I am looking for a slim cut, high waisted, white jean. For me, I would prefer a white jean to not fit snug anywhere. They just seem to look better if they skim the body.
    Thanks for keeping us current. I need all the help I can get!

  8. I’ve relegated my skinnies to the back of the closet. I won’t get rid of them because they are perfect for pairing with knee high winter boots. But, for now straight leg is my favourite. I’m tempted to cut a pair to show some ankle as is the current trend. Cropped jeans look good with sandals or fashion sneakers.
    I haven’t owned a pair off white pants in years. I tend to get them dirty too quick. I am on the lookout for the perfect pair of light beige though.
    I switched out my closet to spring and realized I have a so much print & colour. My winter wardrobe is black, grey, or navy with the only print being a black & white stripped shirt. Quite the change! How could I have not taken note before?

  9. A great looking outfit! Black and white is so chic. I’m sorry but I think the shoes are super ugly.

  10. Brilliant tips for the shoes!!! Can you share which shoe stretching product you used? Black and white has always been my go to, infallible, combination—LOVE IT!

  11. When I saw the first pictures the jacket looked navy so I was more attracted to that but would not purchase in the black. The subtle floral is gorgeous however. I am not a fan of skinnies anymore and have not been for some time since I have trouble with knees swelling dramatically and that is not a good look with skinnies or leggings. So, skirts or straight legs it is. The shoes you have on are stunning and it is good to hear of all the solutions for ill fitting shoes.

  12. Love black & white for its ease and classic look.

    Though I tend to find spills and stains easily, white jeans tend to work ok for me – not sure why! Love them in summer.

    I prefer straight or bootcut, and never could get into skinny jeans as a, they bunch at the calves and b, clash with booties, and c, I don’t like the feel of no socks around my ankle with a bootie on. Happy to see straight, bootcut, etc. trending back.

    Heel reduction – great idea, thank you!

  13. Kathleen Ayers says:

    I bought myself a pair of white jeans as my gift for getting through menopause! The last time I had white jeans was in middle school and, of course, disaster struck and I ruined the jeans. Now I can wear them without worry, and make them part of my column of color. I like all the outfits you were wearing in these photos.

  14. I love black and white. It is always (to me) so attractive.
    I agree with you about skinny jeans being uncomfortable and the straight leg jeans are still a classic and much more relaxing.
    I have both relaxed and skinny,in white and some colors (shades of denim, gray and black – couple of colors).
    The straight legs do have higher tops that are better for hiding that “muffin top”.
    Your outfit looks awesome on you. Very sharp.

  15. Thanks to you Jennifer I had the heel of my sandals shortened and they are now a favorite pair. You always look nice, but coat is not my style. I tend to prefer solids. Column dressing is an easy formula.

  16. I hate skinny jeans with a passion. Your black and white outfit looks wonderful. I have come to the conclusion you look wonderful in everything you wear Is it that you know what to wear?

  17. I like black and white clothes. I tend toward neutrals.
    I wear slim jeans , high rise. I wear white slim crop pants from Talbots in summer. I find that jeans are too hot in summer here in Texas. I also wear boot cut jeans because they look the best on my petite figure. I wear the slim , fitted, or legging with tunic type tops a lot.
    Love the shoe hack. Have a shoe stretcher I have used for years. The spray may be a nice addition now for stretching the shoe.

  18. Lots of great ideas today. The idea that a cobbler can shorten heels? Never heard that before. I saw a great pair of sandals yesterday that were a bit too high for me. I might just revisit that purchase. Thanks.

  19. Stormy Smith says:

    I love all the chic black and white, but I’m most excited about your shoe alteration hack! I have the spray but hadn’t thought of the heavy sock trick! Thanks so much!

  20. I have never worn skinny jeans as they look awful on me… am happy to see other styles come into fashion. Love black and white combinations especially for travel (hope, hope).

  21. I love my white jeans! I have skinny and straight. Wear both pair often. If I’m wearing a lose top then I will wear skinny and if the top is more fitted I will wear the straight. I think I’m too short to wear a long jacket but looks really pretty on you.

  22. I like the look with both the white and black top. At 5’ not sure about the long jacket, with my short legs and arms they don’t usually look good on me. I love my skinny jeans and slim pants and they will not be going away for me. Wide legs make me look like a rectangular box, especially if I dress in all one color.
    On a note on your shoes, I read that post some time ago , need to tell you about a way I stretch my shoes. Take the shoes to the sink and fill with water, immediately pour out and put on and wear as they dry they stretch to fit your foot. Have been doing this for years, it works.

  23. Thank you for the timing of this great post. I just ordered the same white straight leg pants and another pair in denim from Chico’s on sale! What a surprise to see that they were on sale. I still wear skinny jeans as my thighs and calves are very slim, so I don’t have a problem with them clinging to my legs, but I love the straight jeans I have. Can’t wait to try these Chico’s pants and style much as you have. You look fantastic!

  24. carol Burdine says:

    Like most I’m ready for a change to more comfort in my jeans. Chico’s girlfriend jean is a great fit fo me so I used your link to order the white for the summer. Delighted to find that they were on sale. Liked everything you put together for this post. Love, love, love those black shoes but would have passed them up because of heel height so thank you for sharing the hack. Now I just have to find a cobbler:)

  25. Your product tips are great, thank you. I will be trying shoe stretch spray SOON.

  26. Paulette Levy says:

    Like you I love the slim leg ankle jeans that Talbots sells. They fit so well! On the other side, I have two pair of dark wash skinnies that I will continue to wear ( one is black actually)with flowy tops or long sweaters. I do prefer them over regular straight leg pants with those types of generous tops.
    My white jeans are both crop and straight slim leg ankle so no worries. I haven’t ventured into wide leg yet, except in my palazzo pants.
    The black and white pairing is universal. I love it! And your shoes today! Really cute! Love the entire look!

  27. In the first three photos, it looks like the coat is navy and your top and jeans are light blue… which I actually prefer to the black and white!

    I do column dressing all the time. Such an easy way to look pulled together.

  28. I’ve never been a fan of skinny jeans and prefer a straight leg every time. I love neutrals so black and white always works for me! I do love white jeans, but I’m careful where I wear them.

  29. Love those outfits on you Jennifer.
    Yes to black & white! Even though I’ve been adding more colour to my wardrobe for the last year or so, I do love a black & white outfit, especially in the summer. It just feels so right for me.
    As for skinny jeans, I never did buy into that trend, but I do purchase straight leg and wide leg white jeans.

  30. Tina Olson says:

    I do like white jeans and found I pair I love from White House Black Market that I love. I’m happy to see skinny go. I have one colored pair of skinny jeans in my wardrobe and I’ve preferred a boot cut for quite some time. I love the wide leg. I find the wide leg gives me a more feminine look and they are so comfortable. They were a staple in my wardrobe last summer. I like black and white or navy and white with a pop of color as well.

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