Adding Color to a Column Of Black

After the last two years, many of us are craving more color than usual. If you have a wardrobe of black, as I do, and enjoy dressing in a column of color, it’s easy to punch up an outfit with a cardigan in one striking color…and it works with any column of color.

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Whether soft, bright, muted, or pastel, simply adding one item of color to a column of black gives a fresh look that smacks of spring.

woman leanign on wall in blue cardigan

This Nic+Zoe sweater has twirl in the name for good reason. The way the stitches are knit from the underarm down creates a flowy shape that swings when you move. It’s available in solid black as well, but I love this blue which hints at periwinkle. The asymmetrical spot of black on the neckline is fun and jaunty and won’t limit you to just wearing it with black.

blonde woman walking in alley in blue cardigan

The cardigan is cozy and lightweight so it’s great for winter and the shoulder seasons. It comes in regular and petite, 2-18. I’m wearing a misses in medium but could have also worn the small. I find Nic+Zoe sweaters run generously so you can size down in them.


I’m wearing it over a classic merino blend v-neck that’s smooth, fine gauge, and not bulky, making it easy to layer over. I find many types of wool scratchy, but not this, possibly because of the blend. It comes in 6 colors, XXS-XXL. It’s hard to see, (the beauty of black on black), but the sweater is wrist length.

woman sitting on fender of green trailer

These slip-on sneakers have been one of my happiest and most successful purchases all season. They coordinate with everything I wear because they match my hair. Bookending your outfit with shoes that match your hair color is dead simple and always works. The fact that these are super comfy helps too.


I’m not sure how dressed up I can get with these metallic sneakers but I will continue to push the envelope and see where it takes me:)


The jeans are a new brand for me and I love them. I’d been hearing great things about Mother denim so when the sales lady suggested I try them, I took a pair into the dressing room and they came home with me. They have a very high rise and are described as a kick flare. A flare isn’t obvious to me, I just find they look great where they meet my shoes.

More fun color Cardigans

Are you as much a fan of cardigans as I am?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. Very nice! …but what color bra are you wearing?
    LOVE the black jeans as I’m very tired of skinny jeans! I just bought a pair of high rise barely boot cut jeans from Talbots and LOVE them. I am not a shiny shoe girl so I wear mine with a ‘matte finish’ color beige of the same style of canvas slip ons. Thanks for your blog as I always look forward to it!

  2. Love your shoes! Also liked your remark about “book ending” the hair color and shoes; because, ironically, I have a pair of Vionic pointed toe silver ballet flats and, whenever I wear them, I think the same way! “These match my hair!” I feel the shoes are so much fun, love wearing them, and receive many compliments.

  3. Shelley Brown says:

    What a fab cardi! The color is amazing on you.

    1. Thank you, I love it

  4. Sadly the cardigan is not available in petite:-(

  5. This is my favorite way of color blocking. I know black isn’t a great color for me, but it works with a colorful cardi. Pockets on a cardigan are a no-no for me due to my hips. I have had a hard time finding pocketless versions recently. I prefer sleeveless tops under cardigans for ease of movement. This winter has been so cold that chunky knits with a camisole underneath are my solution.

    Metallic footwear is a neutral to me.

    1. Metallic footwear is my new passion:)

  6. I have similar metallic sneaks. I find I wear them with almost everything!

  7. I love the cardigan and the entire look, Jennifer! Yes, A cardigan is my go-to 3rd piece, almost year round. I particularly like fabrics that span the seasons. Thank you for a fun post today!

  8. I seem to be wearing the column of color a lot lately: black, navy, and shades of gray. I have a favorite Talbot’s green vest, and it goes with everything. I also have a navy one and a black fleece from LL Bean. They seem to be my New England winter uniform. Boots here are snowboots, so no attempt at matching my white hair – LOL. BTW, the blue sweater is perfect on you.

    1. L.L.Bean makes fabulous things for cold weather. Stay warm:)

  9. I love wearing a column of black under a colorful sweater. The color and lines of the cardigan are perfection, but I find the section of black at the neckline distracting. My eye goes there first. An all periwinkle cardigan would be in my cart right now.

    1. I am looking for everything periwinkle myself:)

  10. I LOVE your sweater! Number 1, Nic and Zoe fits me well and number 2, the color is beautiful. Love periwinkle. You look amazing.

  11. I love how you are rocking the sneakers! Thank you, from those of us for whom heels are, let’s just say, a challenge. When the weather warms up, I plan on wearing the pairs of loafer flats I got for the holidays.

    But yes, I love the cardigan and its unique accent of black. I’m pinning this to my column of color board on Pinterest.

    Speaking of Pinterest, what you do think of the long cardigan hack I keep seeing all over Pinterest? The one where you put it on backwards, slip it over your head, pull it down in the back and let the front hang over your shoulders, essentially creating a short waterfall cardigan. I tried it last night and I actually kind of liked it over a longer top (for waist definition).

    1. I have not tried that hack but I am intrigued! I will have to try it, thanks

  12. Hi Jennifer,
    In regards to your blog yesterday about seeming to become invisible as we age and your current quest to find more color for your wardrobe, I would like to ask you to conduct an experiment. Please put yourself in a similar situation as at the busy restaurant in Vancouver when you were alone and took a seat at the bar, but this time with one of your newly found more colorful outfits. Do you think you would have the same reaction or would you be more visible?

    1. Funny you should mention that…I was wearing a vibrant blue coat with a bright pink lining and hood:) Red would have been louder but I haven’t found one I like yet.

  13. Pat Cowan says:

    Love reading your blog. However, then i click the red button to see an article my computer states
    Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found. Had my computer checked & they said definitely not a computer problem but a problem of the blog.

    1. Safari is a browser developed for Apple computers, so maybe you are on a MAC? So it seems likely that the problem you’re having is neither a problem with your computer nor a problem with Jennifer’s website. I imagine that it’s an interface problem between the browser and her website’s software. The easiest thing to do in my uniformed opinion would be for you to use another browser – one that’s compatible with Microsoft. For example, I have to use Chrome for a medical site that I deal with. Or, if you are using an old version of Safari, upgrading to the latest one might solve the problem. Just some thoughts …

    2. Which red button do you mean, Pat?

  14. Julie Greene says:

    Love this beautiful blue sweater with the black column…my kind of outfit. What color metallic are your shoes? As you said, you wear them often and they look great with most outfits. For those of us with old, flat feet, shoes are always a dilemma.

    Thanks for a great post.


    1. Mine are a pewter color which matches my blonde, going silverfish hair. They’re less “bright” than silver but still like wearing jewelry on your feet:)

      1. Love that color of shoe. I have some naots that are a pewter color and they are fantastic. I’m going to try these Ecco sneakers

  15. I usually try to have something in the same colour as the cardigan somewhere in my outfit, but this is gorgeous, guess I will have to try that. I do have many cardigans in my wardrobe, but this is a colour that I love, so perhaps one more will fit in. The shoes matching ( or bookending) the hair is a style I like as well, and if not a matching skintone, then grey is a favorite for me. Just have to grab the colour when it is available as black is such a popular colour most of the time. ( just not for me) You look great as usual.

    1. Agreed, black is always available, so snagging fun colors when I can, has become a priority.

  16. I love cardigans and that blue one has such flattering lines! The color cardigan over a black column is my go-to style. Always works.

  17. This is a tried and true style option for me! I love a column of black or navy with a colorful cardigan. It is super slimming and fun to put together with interesting jewelry or scarf. I am going to a library book club meeting today (have you read Born a Crime by Trevor Noah?), and I will wear this look today. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Born a Crime is a great read. I’ve heard it’s even better in audio form as Trevor narrates it. Proudly South African export.

  18. Love the blue cardigan and those slip on sneakers are so cute.
    Looks like I have to go on-line shopping again.
    Always looking good Jennifer.

  19. You were right I love the sneakers, they are comfortable and look great and are easy on and off. The sweater is cute and would work in my closet. Thank you.

    1. I’m so glad you’re happy with them!

  20. This is an easy, go to outfit for me. I have cardigans in many colours so it is never boring. I hadn’t thought of the shoes matching the hair though. It looks good on you so will give it a try.

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