Wardrobe Refresh For 2022

Happy Wednesday ladies. January is a great time for a wardrobe refresh and no matter your comfort level with wearing color, there’s no easier way to brighten your look. Our gray skies can get downright depressing for me so I find myself looking forward to wearing color.

woman walking down sidewalk in nic+zoe sweater

I’m proud and delighted to work with my favorite department store again. This post is sponsored by Nordstrom and ShopStyle. Thank you for supporting the brands that support AWSL. As always, you can click the red text for more info and to shop the item at no additional cost to you.

blonde woman wearing turqoise sweater for wardrobe refresh

I’ve been a fan of Nic+Zoe knits since I discovered them in a boutique over 15 years ago. They’ve really outdone themselves with fun shapes and colors this season and I’m happy to see that Nordstrom carries a large collection.

woman wearing sweater and striped cardigan

This Ombre Sky Twirl Cardigan is a really fun topper to go over any casual outfit. It looks great over blue jeans and will be fun over white jeans on a warmer day. I love the variegated striping and flowy shape that’ll add a fun pop to any outfit. It has the most gorgeous shades of aqua and blue!

This cardi comes in regular and petite, sizes XS-XXL, plus size here. I’m wearing a misses in small and it fits perfectly so it runs TTS. I’m all about matchy-matchy these days so I paired it with this V-Neck pullover in a matching shade of bright aqua. This cotton blend pullover is a perfect blank canvas for so many looks and layers beautifully. It comes in petite and misses, XS-XXL. I am wearing a misses small.


over 50 blogger jennifer connolly walking down stairs in turquoise sweater from nordstrom

I’m a big fan of NYDJ jeans! I have tons of several pairs of their boot cut and a couple of pairs of this Marilyn style, in various washes. I’m wearing the new deeper Quinn wash which looks great in the winter. They’re soft and stretchy but feel sturdier than some of my other pairs because they have higher cotton content. They come in petite and regular, 00-18. I am wearing a 6 petite and have the bottoms folded under 1″.

woman walking down stairs

My Clever Knit booties are in constant rotation in my wardrobe this winter. Their neutral color goes with everything and the stretch-knit upper is made from recycled fibers that stretch to accommodate my bunion:) They also come in 4 other colors to suit any color palette.

woman leaning against door in turquoise sweater

I love so many things about shopping at Nordstrom, not the least of which is their price matching which guarantees you always get the lowest price with their amazing customer service. Free shipping and returns, free alterations plus personal stylists to help you put your looks together.


The BOPUS feature is for those in a hurry so you can buy online, then pick it up in-store. They even offer curbside pickup so you don’t have to get out of your car.

I’m a huge fan of the Nordy club which is free to join here and earns your points towards Nordstrom Notes to use for future purchases.

Have you begun to think about a closet refresh for 2022?




  1. I just bought this sweater yesterday from Nordstrom! I love it–and seeing it on you proves why. I have several swirl sweaters from Nic+Zoe and I think they are so attractive.

    1. I love their sweaters

  2. Agree with you on Nordstrom, Jennifer. They have earned my loyalty.

    Don’t know how I’ve missed this Nic & Zoe post. The sweater and topper look beautiful on you! I’d encourage your readers to give one of the brand’s swirl sweaters a go. They run them every season. In my experience they fit well, are comfortable and fun! The drawback for us Midwestern gals is that they are not heavy, so are perhaps better spring and fall choices in this climate.

  3. Katelyn K says:

    Head to toe Jennifer, your outfit is lovely. Love this wash for wintertime (the only time of year we here in the Palm Beaches can wear jeans). Nordstrom is my favorite store and has been since the early 1980’s. Am curious about the sizing chart. Are the waist measurements for petite accurate per your 6P? I’ll need an 8P according to the chart but a bit worried the waist will be a tad bit small (mine is 30.5″) and the balance baggy. We do not have in local stock so I’d order online.

  4. I love the look of the jeans — the rich dark blue — and linked over to the site. The sizing is just too weird! 30 inche inseam for Regular and 29.5 inches for Petite. Why??? Petite inseams should be no more than 27 inches (or thereabouts), and I’m not about to pay for shortening. The rise info was also strange. Regardless – lovely and cheerful outfit.
    Would you be able to say where your photos were taken? I like the architecture. Thanks!

    1. Nordstroms will hem your jeans free if you join the Nordy club, which is also free.

  5. Beautiful colors that look gorgeous on you!
    Turquoise is my favorite and I happen to have that V-neck sweater. Have just recently become a big fan of Nic & Zoe.
    Thanks for all the different selections. They sell fast I’m afraid!
    I’ll have to head to my local Nic & Zoe store!

    1. Lucky you to have a designated store!!

      1. Oh, the Nic & Zoe stores are great! I’ve never been in better dressing rooms – large, bright with no weird wall colors. I bet a woman designed them!

        Don’t worry, I still love you, too, Nordstrom.

  6. A total blend of colors. This is one of the prettiest outfits this year. I love it from head to toe.

  7. Cath🇨🇦 says:

    Like another reader, I went to Nordstrom.ca to find that Nic and Zoe are not available… rats! I do occasionally find that brand locally, but not the same items.
    Love the sweater, and wear those colours well, as you so obviously do, Jennifer.

    Going back to your post regarding invisibility…
    I was staying on my own at my favourite hotel in London in November 2019, and after a great dinner with an amiable chat with Everett, the head of food and beverage there, I went to the lounge for an after dinner drink. It was busy with couples, and nowhere for me to sit , so after being welcomed, I sat at a table in the room adjacent which gave me a view through to the bar.
    I waited for an extended period of time, and neither bar fellow came to take my order. I thought I had an acknowledgment with a nod, but was proved wrong. I finally got up to leave. I was asked by one fellow how I was doing, but replied not very happy to be ignored. He was stunned, and apologized, and said please stay. I replied that I would just rather go to my room.
    Once there, I got a call from Everett, asking after me, saying that each fellow in the bar had thought the other had taken my order, and were very upset for the error. This hotel is known for impeccable service and is my favourite for that reason.
    I talked to Everett about feeling rather invisible, and what a let down it was after such an exceptional day. We agreed to meet the next morning for coffee , and we talked more about the subject of older women sometimes feeling invisible in social settings. He took off all food & drink for that previous day , which was kind, and repeated how sorry he was for the situation. I felt that I had given him some insight on a woman’s perspective to that situation .

    1. Bravo! Speaking up like that helps all women. I’m sorry the Nic+Zoe isn’t available for you.

    2. I love that Nordstrom carries Nic and Zoe, but they don’t always have petite sizes, which fit me best. You can order directly from the NicandZoe website, both regular and petite.

  8. Those colours are so pretty on you Jennifer. I was tempted to purchase the v neck sweater as I love that colour, but sadly Nordstrom Canada doesn’t carry Nic & Zoe.
    On another note, thank you for your blog on invisibility and for providing us a safe platform to contribute our stories and opinions. I think I finally got through reading all the comments this morning and a lot of the stories resonated with me.
    It’s a bit early for me to do a closet refresh and I usually do it in March when the sun is shining and the feel of spring is in the air. Although I have started thinking about what colours I want to try to add.

    1. I am rereading those comments because there’s a lot of wisdom there. Happy Wednesday!

  9. Nice outfit Jennifer.
    The cardigan is beautiful.
    Thanks for finding such great styles.

  10. I wear Talbot’s jeans could you compare the size and fit to the Marilyn? I live in a small village and must order eferything on line. The Talbot’s jean in a regular straight leg size 6 is perfect however the selection at this time is not great. I love the ombre sky twirl cardigan by Nic and Zoe it’s in my cart!

    1. I always recommend sizing down with NYDJ because they stretch with wearing. Surprisingly, I did not have to for these ones. They are a bit thinner, with less structure than the Talbots slim jean.

  11. Jennifer, my thought exactly, we need your secret to weight loss and you look terrific! I love Nordstrom too, quality merchandise and great customer service! Just walking through the store brings a smile!
    Is you hubby ill, must have missed that. .

    1. He just had a nasty head cold but is almost back to normal now:)

  12. Francesca B. says:

    Love Nic + Zoe and their cardigans especially. Thank you for the post.l am going to check out those booties too 🙂 Happy day Jennifer hope your hubby is feeling better.

    1. Thank Francesca. He is much better, thanks. He had a negative result on his test, so just a cold.

  13. Liz Willis says:

    I have only very recently discovered you and find your posts really helpful. Unfortunately I live in the UK so am not able to access your wonderful clothing. I am 5’4” but overweight due to being on steroids for over 6 years, so would love to be your size!
    As others have said, this combination of items in these lovely colours suit you so well. I do have a jumper quite like the one you are wearing but love the cardigan you have put on top.
    I also really like your style and find it very encouraging to try and look now, for items such as the ones you post as I feel I can identify with the style you have, so a big thank you!

    1. I’m so glad you find it inspiring. Many ladies have pieces in their wardrobes and find it fun to recreate my looks with what they already own. I’m happy you’ve joined us.

  14. Cute outfit! I added everything up and the total is $930 without the sunglasses. I challenge you to find a similar outfit in a better price point for us average ladies. Thanks!

    1. Similar items may be available at lower prices, but that’s not the focus of today’s post. This outfit could also be duplicated from many women’s existing wardrobes if you have bright cheery colors 🙂

  15. Holly Rigby says:

    Dearest Jennifer, can you do a column on your weight loss? You look amazing….and I appreciate all the wonderful clothes for those of us over a certain age!
    Holly Rigby

  16. You look wonderful today. Blues are great on you. I really liking those jeans.

  17. ooh, the cardigan is a winner! I especially love the stitch changes on the back. I appreciate your being my personal shopper, Jennifer. 😀

    1. I love the color changes too. It gives it real pizzazz:)

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