How I Lost 10 Pounds During The Lockdown

Several of you have noticed that I’ve lost a few pounds. I’ve received several emails asking me to explain how. First, let me assure you it was not through illness. It was intentional, and here’s how I lost 10 pounds during the lockdown.

jennifer connolly of a well styled life wearing pink raincoat and white jeans

Like many people, I put on some weight during this lockdown. I already worked from home, so it shouldn’t have mattered, but it did. The subtle change of lifestyle made me more sedentary than usual. It also put me in closer proximity to the kitchen.

I fell victim to unconscious eating. It became all too easy to grab something to nibble as I walked through the kitchen. I ate things I knew were unhealthy and fattening because…they were there and in easy reach. I don’t know about you…but when I’ve singlehandedly downed an entire jumbo bag of potato chips one day, it’s not a stretch for me to do it again.

My daughter introduced me to these Truffle Chips, and it was all downhill from there.

By the middle of October, I was up 12 pounds, and nothing fit the way it should. Even my shoes were too tight, which made my feet ache, and my bunions scream! I continued to shoehorn myself into my clothes, telling myself they looked ok until I could not zip my favorite jeans. In truth, I could zip them if I lay on the bed, but when I stood up, they hurt.


So here’s what I did to shed the weight:

  • I started drinking more water. Last summer, my daughter and I bought this Hydro Flask, which has increased the amount of water I drink. People often reach for food when in actuality, they’re just thirsty.
  • I stopped purchasing cheese, crackers, and bread. I love all cheeses, but honestly, I can’t eat reasonable qualities, so I don’t eat it at all. Crackers are like chips to me, and I can down a box in one sitting, so I don’t buy them.
  • I purchased this blender in silver and began having a protein shake with this vegan protein powder, raw spinach or kale, frozen berries, and or a banana, with unsweetened oat milk for breakfast every day. I have my shake late in the morning, so I don’t get hungry until early afternoon.
  • Rather than a sandwich, my husband and I split a pre-packaged green salad for lunch. We eat the Kale or Chopped Cabbage ones you see in the produce section, meant to feed 2-3 people. I toast some fresh walnuts to put on top and add a hardboiled egg or some leftover protein from dinner the night before.


I always have afternoon tea, which keeps me going until dinner, often fish or chicken, a veggie or two, and rice or potatoes.woman sitting on picnic table wearing pink trenmch coat and white jeans

Many diets suggest you eat small amounts throughout the day, so you never get hungry. That was a slippery slope for me, so I decided to eat meals and not snack.

I came across intermittent fasting and agree with its main premise that we need to give our body time to use our food as fuel before we add more to our stomach.

Now that I have the weight off, my lack of muscle tone is more noticeable than ever so I’m working harder to remember to use my hand weights. Walking is great for my mood but it’s not helping my upper arms or tummy so I need to get serious.



  1. I finally went to see my doctor and discovered I weigh exactly the same as I did one year ago. I weigh too much, this is true, but apparently the lockdown didn’t put even more weight on me. I tell people I’m the “same fat” I have been for many years. Go figure.

  2. MollIe Munshaw says:

    Congratulations Jennifer on your weight loss. You look great. I also have lost 10lbs. I am unable to go outside due to not driving anymore or because of being shut in. I just don’t get too hungry so my portions are small. Also, I have cut out sweets and I love sweets! I really think that is why.

  3. You look amazing in that pink coat.

  4. FWTFL is a great program. I am currently doing my fourth round over the past three years. It is very effective…if you follow the plan! Accountability helps with the “following the plan”! Can’t recommend it highly enough! There are plenty of us older folks involved in the program. I am four years older than you. Give it a try, Jennifer!

  5. I still have 4.4 lbs to lose to get back to pre Covid weight. I only gained 7 last year but those are the hardest to lose when close to goal weight. I try to stick to plant and fruit based diet. I love crackers. Even saltines so I need to be careful there too.
    That pink trench is so pretty and cheerful. I love my camel one but I would love a pink one. You have such beautiful coloring. I imagine a pretty blue would suit you too.

  6. Thank you very much for this post. I’ve never had a weight problem, then, like you, 10 pounds just slipped right on. Yes, out come the weights and it’s sunny AZ here, no reason not to walk these pounds off.
    I was fooling myself, telling myself I’m making this food and buying copious amounts of wine for friends. Ha! Even the store clerk wasn’t fooled.

  7. Cindy Gunville says:

    Congratulations Jennifer!! I am proud of you. Might I add you look wonderful!! I need to lose 20lbs.i haven’t been to the gym much because of covid and osteoarthritis in both my knees but I am hoping to get back to it now that I had my knee injections!! I have to learn how to eat right. It’s not easy I have alot of food allergies. Ugh

  8. Bravo for you, Jennifer! I too have added some covid pounds. My goal is to return to healthy habits that are sustainable long term. Thank you for the motivator on this Monday morning!

  9. Don’t worry, I found then10lbs you lost! 😉. Congratulations your healthy eating sounds like a perfect way to lose weight. Keep up the good work.

  10. Congratulations on the positive changes in your eating! I too have dropped about 10 pounds with changes in diet, less processed food and more fruits and veggies. I usually fast till about noon, and eat my largest meal mid-day and more lightly at what used to be dinner. Also include Pure Barre classes, albeit in my living room during the pandemic, 4x weekly. I like fitting into my clothes more than I liked my old way of eating so plan to make these changes permanent. It will b nice to come out of the pandemic in better shape than when we went into it!

  11. I am a new subscriber. You look great. I agree…….no cheese and crackers or chips! I have checked out a faster way to weight loss but it is a fasting program and I can’t fast for 12+ each day or I get a headache because I am so hungry. Thanks for your blog. I live up here in NE Ohio and it is very cold here. I like what you pick for your clothing but that would be summer clothes for me.

  12. Debbie Lange says:

    I really enjoyed your blog today, so honest, and with humor! Congrats with your weight lost!
    I started to put on unwanted pounds with the start of Covid, I saw on Facebook FWTFL and decided to invest in the program. I had tried about everything in my lifetime, lol.
    I started in October, now in VIP, and loving it! I’ve lost 13 lbs. reached my goal weight, now focusing on building strength and defining my body through the workouts, macros, fasting, water etc.
    It has worked, I love my coach, my accountability partner, and feel so much healthier. Turning the #70 in a few weeks, and can’t be happier about the way I look.
    You looked so cute and stylish in the outfit today, I’m going to shop my closet to see if I can put together your outfit, or it’s shopping online!
    Hugs, Debbie

    1. That’s a wonderful endorsement for FWTWL, Debbie. Congratulations

  13. Marsha Gibbons says:

    You are such an inspiration. You looked fantastic in your post yesterday and I woke up this morning intending to ask you how you did it! Thank you for being ahead of my question!! I am in need of a reset. First of all, I have to give up the daily wine habit. That’s a hard one. Second, more exercise!! I tend to eat a fairly healthy diet, but the holidays didn’t do me any favors. Too many cookies for the grandchilren!! They would call and order them by the dozens. Literally!! So NMA! Then a more concerted effort to exercise beyone walking my dog twice a day. Thinking about adopting a whole 30 approach. That pretty much takes care of the carbs. Thank you!!

    1. Too many simple carbs is not a good idea for me. It makes me crave more so I eat too much.

  14. Jill Yemen says:

    That’s a very motivating post Jennifer. – thank you.I also lost 10 pounds during the pandemic, and like you, I have my “go to’s” – it happens to be ju jubes – its a brutal habit!! Also, like you, I’ve been intentional about losing wight, terrified of the “pandemic 15”. Planning a few days ahead, both meals and exercise is the key for me.. I’m a “lifer” with WW, but I also bought a Fitbit watch which pairs with WW and my scale which I step on once a week. Tracking has become SO fun!! Now I have to chose between 5 ju jubes and 4 oz of of wine with dinner -some days that’s a very tough choice!! I’m a very active person and gyms and pools being closed has really cramped my routine, so again, I’ve discovered Barre – muscle toning with an instructor and music and doable for people with knee and hip issues..just needing a few household items for props. I’m sure there are lots of youtube videos for this, but for a dollar a day, I subscribe to Barrelab on demand – supporting local in a small town in BC – now do you have any solutions for the even “creepier” skin that comes with weight loss?? – Jill from Canada

  15. Kudos to you for taking charge of your health and your weight. These seem like common sense solutions. I’m not sure I could keep up an extreme ‘diet’ plan after I lost my weight but I could continue these simple lifestyle changes. (and…that pink trench coat is lovely!) Thanks for sharing!

  16. Catherine says:

    I am in FWTFL right now and I am really enjoying it. You already appear to be doing much of the program naturally but without the monitoring and macro measures . So there are some skills you will learn. What you might really like is the workouts, everything from very challenging modifiers down to fairly easy! Lots of emphasis on strength training which has starting turning into a passion for me. I lost six inches in January but what I really notice is how awesome my shoulders are looking. I tend to have broad shoulders so having some good definition there is great. I would say if you want support on intermittent fasting and macro counting spend the money but if it’s just exercise there are loads of options out there and you should find the one that works best for you.

  17. Francesca B. says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your approach Jennifer, much appreciated. I started FWYWL in September in desperation as my weight waa going in the wrong direction and now I am a VIP and on a six week challenge with Intermittent fasting and macro counting. I really love the daily workouts and the community. I am definately getting stronger picking up heavier weights, and my body is shaping up nicely and leaning out. Don’t know if I have lost weight as I have not weighed my self for a while, but I feel more energised and look so much healthier everyone in my family is commenting on that.
    Also the education i am getting about food is really good and my personal Coach is awesome, so I am going to commit a bit longer.You are so right about potato crisps and cheese and crackers.

  18. You look great! I had to drastically cut calories —to lose belly fat. Lost about 8 pounds and it’s been off for a year. Only downside is the loss of fat affected my face as well. I really notice the sagging skin in my smile lines and below my chin. Oh well.

  19. Walking, walking, walking (with earbuds and great music) is my thing since I can’t bike in the winter. Keeping lots of fresh fruit in the house keeps me on track.

  20. Walking is great exercise and good for sanity. I have continued my WW but still gained 6 lbs and I am short. I have started drinking more water and portion control plates. You are doing great and look good.

  21. Great advice! Thank you for sharing. I love following you here and on Instagram. Did you give up wine and or cocktails as well? I need to lose 15 pounds before summer.

    1. I cut way, way back with wine and cocktails because it caused me to snack, and snacking is my downfall.

  22. Paulette Levy says:

    Walking walking walking helped me maintain my weight. I’m a celiac disease patient so can’t eat most crackers or cookies or breads anyway (and most gf breads you don’t even want to eat –! Lol) I’m eating really healthy by avoiding processed GF snack foods). I am eating cut up veggies, more fruit, pistachio nuts and apples and grapes. I drink 60-70 oz water a day for kidney stones and it does really help as Jennifer mentions. She looks great!

    1. I am celiac too☹️With other allergies too. You are right, drink water and walk! I have not been walking enough. Shame on me!

    2. Wow, that’s far more water than I’m drinking. I need to up my game!

  23. Tina Olson says:

    I love potato chips and I’ve had to throw a bag away when I couldn’t stop my binge eating of them. It’s even better when I have chip dip! I’m one of the few people that hasn’t gained weight during the pandemic. I had been intermittent fasting to shed the few pounds I gained over three years. I researched all the programs out there and found this to be the safest, effective way. My sister-in-law lost her baby belly she’d been carrying for over 20 years. I also started going out every couple of hours for a brief walk including after lunch and dinner. I generally don’t eat until lunch. I don’t let fasting restrict me and will approach a different way if I’m having breakfast or a late morning latte. Yes, on the water, and it’s great for skin! I’ve returned to drinking hot tea or making a delightful iced tea as well. I also noticed my loss of muscle tone. I will do wall pushups or tricep dips when I pause from my work and added 15 minute workouts. I’m slowly returning to running.

    I loved your look today, Jennifer!

  24. I’m loving the pink trench coat!
    I’m a firm believer in exercise for keeping the extra pounds off, and it really helps improve my mood. I created a workout studio in my basement with The Total Gym equipment, pilates chair, weights, stability ball, etc and do something every day. There are so many great workout DVD’s available for yoga, pilates, weights, walking etc. or you can download them on your computer or do online classes. A really good abs workout is Kathy Smith’s Tummy Trimmers – 5 different routines, each works the muscles differently. I try to exercise at the same time every day, so that it is just part of my daily routine.
    Good luck.

    1. Rhoda Clark says:

      Jennifer that is great! I was in for my 6 month check up last week and I have lost 6 pounds since August. It wasn’t a conscious effort, I simply, over time, have changed my eating habits. I have tried many “diet programs” and find that for me they are too restrictive. Either having to buy their specific food, or paying for a monthly subscription, when I know what works for me and what doesn’t. Especially my weaknesses. So over the past few months I have simply changed my eating habits, what I eat and when.
      Like most of you I need to drink more water, especially since I went through kidney cancer surgery in 2019. And I also have a Total Gym that I swear by. But need to get out more and walk. It is great to know I a not the only one who is motivated to have a better year in 2021.

    2. What a great idea! I would love to have a designated room for it.

  25. Thank you for sharing the steps you took to lose this unwanted weight and maintain a healthier life style.
    I am done blaming this pandemic for my lack of intention to do what I know is good for me. I played a lot of mental games with my eating last year. I would do fairly well during the week but then I seemed to think that I deserved a reward on the weekend. Needless to say, I got nowhere with that mindset. I have now been eating the low carb meals and am having great success. I am dropping pounds and adding more energy to my day. It is also getting easier to stretch and move more. I am ultimately, much happier with myself.
    2021 is my year of intentional planning on many levels!
    Way to go Jennifer!

  26. Maribeth conklin says:

    Yes, I have been following a faster way to fat loss since last July. I have lost about 15 pounds and have done fairly well. It is tricky at first learning to count macros that is. I don’t do there work outs because of a bad back. I am a VIP member. We are on week 5 of a new challenge. Go for it. Good !luck.

  27. Mary Beth says:

    I have noticed your weight loss and glad to hear not an illness. Your words are very inspiring as I have also put on extra pounds this past year. I really HATE tight clothes and your plan looks very doable. Really appreciate you sharing!

  28. You look great and healthy. I, too, have added the Covid 10 which makes my clothes tighter and makes me feel sluggish. You’ve inspired me to get back on track with healthy eating and walking!

  29. I need to start getting back into walking! Movement helps body and mind!

  30. Thank you. Great advice.

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