How I Lost 10 Pounds During The Lockdown

Several of you have noticed that I’ve lost a few pounds. I’ve received several emails asking me to explain how. First, let me assure you it was not through illness. It was intentional, and here’s how I lost 10 pounds during the lockdown.

jennifer connolly of a well styled life wearing pink raincoat and white jeans

Like many people, I put on some weight during this lockdown. I already worked from home, so it shouldn’t have mattered, but it did. The subtle change of lifestyle made me more sedentary than usual. It also put me in closer proximity to the kitchen.

I fell victim to unconscious eating. It became all too easy to grab something to nibble as I walked through the kitchen. I ate things I knew were unhealthy and fattening because…they were there and in easy reach. I don’t know about you…but when I’ve singlehandedly downed an entire jumbo bag of potato chips one day, it’s not a stretch for me to do it again.

My daughter introduced me to these Truffle Chips, and it was all downhill from there.

By the middle of October, I was up 12 pounds, and nothing fit the way it should. Even my shoes were too tight, which made my feet ache, and my bunions scream! I continued to shoehorn myself into my clothes, telling myself they looked ok until I could not zip my favorite jeans. In truth, I could zip them if I lay on the bed, but when I stood up, they hurt.


So here’s what I did to shed the weight:

  • I started drinking more water. Last summer, my daughter and I bought this Hydro Flask, which has increased the amount of water I drink. People often reach for food when in actuality, they’re just thirsty.
  • I stopped purchasing cheese, crackers, and bread. I love all cheeses, but honestly, I can’t eat reasonable qualities, so I don’t eat it at all. Crackers are like chips to me, and I can down a box in one sitting, so I don’t buy them.
  • I purchased this blender in silver and began having a protein shake with this vegan protein powder, raw spinach or kale, frozen berries, and or a banana, with unsweetened oat milk for breakfast every day. I have my shake late in the morning, so I don’t get hungry until early afternoon.
  • Rather than a sandwich, my husband and I split a pre-packaged green salad for lunch. We eat the Kale or Chopped Cabbage ones you see in the produce section, meant to feed 2-3 people. I toast some fresh walnuts to put on top and add a hardboiled egg or some leftover protein from dinner the night before.


I always have afternoon tea, which keeps me going until dinner, often fish or chicken, a veggie or two, and rice or potatoes.woman sitting on picnic table wearing pink trenmch coat and white jeans

Many diets suggest you eat small amounts throughout the day, so you never get hungry. That was a slippery slope for me, so I decided to eat meals and not snack.

I came across intermittent fasting and agree with its main premise that we need to give our body time to use our food as fuel before we add more to our stomach.

Now that I have the weight off, my lack of muscle tone is more noticeable than ever so I’m working harder to remember to use my hand weights. Walking is great for my mood but it’s not helping my upper arms or tummy so I need to get serious.


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  1. Good for you!! It sounds like you found what works. Question, have you found a dressing that tastes good and is satisfying for your salads (and not high in calories)? Or did you eat the dressings in the prepackaged salads?

    1. I just use what comes with the salads

  2. Linda R Gaertner says:

    Loved today’s post. I have gained 8 pounds during Covid. I have been working out with calorie burning kettle bells and a half hour on an elliptical 4 days a week. Since I wasn’t taking off the weight I had to look at my eating. I was eating all the bad carb heavy snacks.
    Now I’m meeting with my WW friends again. Since my friends are all conscious of their food intake they are fighting to keep the weight off too. I’m letting my WW friends incent me to keep up with them. I feel better already!

  3. Apparently you and I have the exact same weaknesses. I don’t care about sweets for the most part, but crackers, cheese and pasta! Those are my weaknesses. I am prodding away at WW. I have lost six pounds but need to lose about that many more. It will come I just have to be patient. I did that intermittent fasting thing for years. It works as well but I found I was eating as healthy as I do on WW. I definitely cheat on the weekends or I would go cuckoo! You look fabulous! I am so jealous!

  4. You look great! I’ve put on a few quarantine pounds Cocktail hour with cheese & crackers is my downfall.

    I’ve tried FWTFL twice – the old program and recently the new one with video exercise and a small FB group. I won’t try it again. I inadvertently joined the VIP group ($79/mo!!) for one month when I forgot to cancel.

    Truthfully there’s nothing there that you aren’t already doing. 3 meals a day, no mindless snacking, make sure your carbs are complex, your diet is balanced between protein/fat/carbs, and exercise (per MFP). I didn’t find the Facebook group helpful as most comments to your posts are a generic “good job” or “way to go” or “watch those macros”. The exercise videos aren’t any different than you can find on you tube, and they interrupt them to promote their coaching program.

    I think for people who truly don’t know how to eat healthy or need the accountability of posting your MFP (my fitness pal) breakdown of nutrients in the FB group, then it may be worthwhile. But for me it was not worth the high cost.

    I don’t mean to diss the program, I’m just speaking of my own experience.

  5. Julie Traxler says:

    You are looked so nice in you try on sessions at JJill. I tend to be unobservant about other people’s weight loss, but I noticed how beautifully the clothes fit you. Now… on myself, I have gained 5 lbs on top of my top weight. I went up a size during the pandemic. My love is yoga and walking. Also, I belong to ww and it has helped me to keep my weight down. Also, a Mediterranean diet helps me too. Thank you for your honesty. It helps me be transparent too.

  6. It seems as if many of my favorite bloggers have hopped on the FWTFL program so I really appreciate your honesty! I’ve been a WW member for so many years and whenever I feel the pesky 10 pounds that creep on when I become lazy I go back and follow the program. Like you I don’t do moderation very well but I can abstain from cheese, chips and wine much better. Living in SoCal it’s easy to walk every day and hit 10000 steps. I started playing golf and although it’s not sweat burning, I’m outside, socializing and not sitting inside eating. I also think as we age we need to give ourselves a bit of leniency and forgiveness. You look great!

  7. You look great, Jennifer. I have put on a few pounds and am working to get them off. Now that I’ve retired, I hope to walk after lunch or in the morning. Lots of water, and no simple carbs, plus lots of vegetables and protein helps me. I do treat myself with a piece or two of dark chocolate each day. I’ve lost 4 pounds in January. You are so lovely in that pink coat.

  8. I am a 63-year old Personal Trainer. I work with many elderly, health compromised women at the gym. They didn’t want to come to the gym. Then the gym shut down. I am now semi-retired and know I’ve gained weight. I had a physical last week and was horrified to find out that I gained 16 pounds in a year. I have also developed high BP. My gym is now open so I’m working out. I found an old Jane Fonda step aerobics video online. I used to do that I e religiously. I am now using it again. I will get this weight off and lower my BP. It’s all lifestyle choices. I’ve been cooking vegan meals every other day.

  9. Congratulations Jennifer! My husband and I have also lost weight during Covid. We have done it much the same way you have. Walking every day has really helped. I really enjoy sharing those premade salads. We don’t feel deprived. It’s taken me almost a year to take off 10 pounds but I feel I can maintain eating this way.

  10. The Faster Way to WL, was very complicated and confusing to me. And all you really get is being a part of a FB group. I think I must have been missing something bc people seem to like it.
    Anyway, you look great and I’m very happy for you!!