Colorful Spring Fashion

Who here is ready for Spring? We’ve gotten into our gloomy weather so I popped in to try on some colorful spring fashion from Talbots and do a dressing room diaries. If you love color, or you are craving color, Talbots is the place to be!

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In case you’re new here, dressing room diaries is when I go into stores and try on new merchandise so you can see how it looks on a woman over 25 who wears a size larger than zero.

For reference, I am 5’4″ and weigh 135 pounds. I have broad shoulders and narrow, straight hips. I have a long torso and arms so I often can’t wear petite tops because of the sleeve length.

brightly colored yellow jeans and powder blue jacket on jennifer of a well styled life

This field jacket is available in 4 colors, sized misses, petite, plus, and plus petite. I’m wearing a regular xs, which is way too small for me but all they had in store so I must not be the only one attracted to this fun color. It has an inner drawstring so you can snug it up.

I have several pairs of these slim jeans but nothing as cheery as this bright yellow. It’s a great color for spring that’ll be pretty worn with white, navy, brown, gray, red, etc, etc. I am wearing a 6 petite which fits well so they run TTS.



This funnel neck top is a super comfy cotton/CoolMax blend so snuggly warm but not hot. It’s also available in a pretty blue and sized regular, petite, plus, plus petite. I am wearing a small petite so it runs TTS. I love the shirttail hemline which shows some leg on the side and keeps it from looking voluminous.

These Terry pants are soooo comfy, I could see living in these. I am wearing a petite small which fits well, but I might prefer the regular to get a teeny bit more length. I’m wearing navy and they’re also available in gray or black, sized regular, petite, plus, and plus petite.



These white chinos have a wide leg which I know many of you may not be fans of. We’re so used to skinny legs, it can take time for our eyes to become accustomed to a new look. They’re a cotton, modal blend that has lots of stretch. They’re also available in pink or indigo.

This classic Breton stripe top feels so spring-like to me! The heart is cute for Valentine’s Day but seriously, who couldn’t use some fun every day of this year? It’s nice substantial cotton with a bateau neckline, which is not the most flattering for my broad shoulders but can give a nice balance for women with wider hips.



This sweater just jumped into my hand and said “happy”. I’m a huge fan of stripe anything and since the stripe had a blue similar to my shoes, it seemed meant to be. I’m wearing a petite medium and love the fit so it runs TTS. I often wear a larger size on top because of my shoulders.

These are the slim ankle jean again, this time in the deep Indy wash. I have several pair of these jeans and love that their leg is slim but not so tight that they grip your leg like a legging or jegging. Think of them as the midpoint between a skinny leg and a straight leg.


ivory T talbots jacket over navy terry pants

This cozy little jacket comes in 4 cheery bright colors or ivory 😉 They were out of my size (petite small) in the other colors so I tried this and realize just how versatile it would be in my wardrobe. It’s a great alternative to a woven jacket and a touch warmer than a cardigan.



I’m a huge fan of the Chatham pant with cotton Bi-stretch fabric, slim leg, smooth waistband, and side zipper. There’s nothing in front to cause a bulge under your top which is always slimming. This season they have a slightly higher rise and are available in lots of pretty colors, two of which are seriously marked down.

side by side photo of pink pants and striped sweater

In for a penny, in for a rainbow so I topped that look with this purple, orchid all-weather mac coat. It’s funny, but once I started with bright colors, I had a blast heaping more on top. I am wearing a petite small which a bit snug so I would go up to the petite medium so I could layer things under it. It does run TTS.


I thought it would be fun to compare the outfit with dark jeans and with these pink pants.

I like both combos, which is your favorite?

What color purse would you carry with this outfit?


And FYI, yes, I am holding my phone upside down because I find it easier to use single-handed that way.

Have you got spring fever yet?


  1. I love the bright colors. Pastels don’t work for my coloring. I love you in the pink pants with the orchid jacket. A great spring look. I would only wear the black, though. The pink would draw too much attention to the half of my body I want to minimize. I wish Talbots would make more pants with a long inseam (34”, not 30-32). I know you don’t need it, but I can’t be the only person who has long legs.

    1. Kate, you are not alone. I like a 33/34 inseam. The 30/32 are just too short but not short enough for cropped. Finding tall pants is not always easy. We are not in the majority, so the industry doesn’t cater to our needs.

    2. We may not be the majority but there are more of us than the clothing industry wants to admit exist. LandsEnd and Talbots usually have some Tall pants…..thank goodness! The one thing that is highly unlikely to ever go over well with those who have long legs is the new cropped/short pants thing because it reminds us of “high water” pants and being teased as a kid and it just looks wrong on long legs

    3. You are not alone, Kate!! Luckily brands are offering more options

  2. You look great! I love the bright colors on you. I normally wear dark pants or white but I love seeing the pinks on you! Happy colors😊

  3. Cathy Martin says:

    Love all the looks. Thank u for sharing.

  4. Martha Edmundson says:

    I love both versions on you. For me the black would work better.

    Thanks for the tip on holding the phone upside down! What a smart idea.

  5. I LOVE this entire collection! The mac coat is my fav and I’ll be keeping an eye out for a sale on it. Thank you for this try-on! By the way, you look fantastic!! These are your colors! All of them!!!

  6. My favorite outfit is the breton striped shirt with the orchid jacket (love those bright colors!) and the dark pants. Although you look good in pastels, the light colors don’t appeal to me & don’t look good on me. What I particularly appreciate about all these outfits is that they will work for that awkward transition period between winter and real spring. In NC we usually get a month or more of fake spring when the days are still cool and you need a jacket or sweater but are sick of your dark heavy winter clothes. More transition outfits, please!
    PS: I haven’t been in a clothing store in almost a year so I enjoy the vicarious experience through your photos.

  7. I’ve never been comfortable wearing bright coloured bottoms. I tend to keep to beige, white or blue in the summer months. So, .I would vote for the dark bottoms. The pink pants with the pink top & jacket. It looks more current to me. I do like the bright striped top!
    Thank you for the breath of fresh air this morning! Spring is not far off!

  8. Paulette Levy says:

    Love today’s colors and styles from Talbots! Must have 5 of these items! They are delicious- if that’s a word I can use about clothing!
    You look gorgeous!

  9. Happy Colors! Just what we need. You look good in all these colors. I’ve been drawn to brighter colors lately so I’m definitely checking out Talbot’s.

  10. Maribeth conklin says:

    I love the berry colored jacket. The black pants with the striped shirt looks great.

  11. Love all the outfits today. I live in Northern Ontario Canada so can’t wait for spring unfortunately with Covid not sure if we will be shopping anytime soon.

  12. I wear these colors year round now that I’m living in the desert of SoCal. Black seems too heavy and dark during daytime so I reserve that for evenings out which really aren’t happening now. I bought the Sherpa jacket in the hot pink and I’m awaiting delivery. I am headed up to Talbots today to try on some of their colored pants. You look great in everything!

  13. Colors are definitely meant for you. I liked all the outfits. Thank you for sharing:) Have a great week!

  14. Let me say I loved all the color in these outfits. You wore each style and color beautifully! The yellow pants and field jacket were a great duo. Your gray ballet flats went with everything, and I think a gray handbag would, too. The final two outfits are lovely, and I think it’s a matter of personal taste, as to which is preferred. I prefer the outfit on the left for myself because I need a strong vertical line for my short, apple shape. The deeper rose trench jacket is great, too. I also like the pink pants with the striped colorful top without the jacket. Both are super, with and without the jacket. I hope you added some of these pieces to your wardrobe. They’re fantastic on you!

  15. I love all these outfits and such a great color Spring surprise.
    I do have to get use to wider pants.
    I use to like the stove pipe pants. So I need to try the wider leg pants and give them a chance.
    Thanks for brightening my day.

  16. First, I will vote for the dark jeans versus the pink in your featured picture. These spring colors are so fun to see and they all compliment you.
    I personally stay away from a bold horizontal stripe, especially in a bold color. Also, pink and yellow just haven’t seemed to work for me. I love the soft blue field jacket! It would be such an awesome transition piece from spring to summer. Did I say summer? Yes! I am planning for a glorious summer!
    Have a wonderful day ladies!

  17. You look great in all those bright colors! Love the striped top with the pink pants. The jackets are great too. I’ve been buying more jackets lately because that’s all anyone sees anymore here. We only have outdoor dining and it’s freezing!

  18. Gail Ardiel says:

    Commenting from cold snowy Ontario. This sure brought a smile to my face. Love all the outfits, they look terrific on you. Bright, sunny and updated for us mature ladies.

  19. I took a risk and bought brownish gold and plum pants. I’m not quite ready for pink and yellow pants but I’ll have fun with these in my wardrobe. It’s great to see normal pants back in style. I wore skinny but could never get onboard with leggings. I like jackets but soon it will be hot here on coast so ready for investing in spring outfits. I hope we can return to normal soon in this country. I miss normal.

    1. I miss normal too! I’m hoping it’s right around the corner.

  20. Cheryll Sampson says:

    Love the dark jeans with the striped top. Love Talbots but since I retired, I really don’t need as many clothes. The all weather coat is very nice, too.

  21. Well, I may be in the minority, but I like the pink pants and think it keeps the eye moving with the pink stripe in the top and darker shade in the topper. I personally would wear a raspberry toned purse to keep the theme going and the eye moving and also a pair of ballet flats in the same colour as the pants. You look fabulous in these colours Jennifer. I also like the white wide leg pants and like that they have some stretch as well. I like the options. The yellow pants and blue jacket are a good look, but too many pockets for my thicker frame. Thanks for the peek into spring.

    1. I wanted to buy it all, which as you know, I can’t do …but these felt so happy!!

  22. Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to get out of dull winter colours! I love the bright pinks and the yellow trousers are so fresh. The Breton sweater is amazing, but then I like anything nautical for spring. Your dressing room diaries give us hope!

  23. Oh, what a day brightener this post was! Thank you!

    Loved everything on you. As for which pant with that striped sweater and orchid coat – I vote for dark navy jeans. Somehow the navy picks up the navy stripes in the sweater, making for a cohesive look, and the beautiful color of the coat just pops. A head turner, for sure.

    Have a great day!

  24. I prefer the outfit with the dark jeans rather than the pink, only for the reason that I would get more wear out of the dark jeans. Both outfits look so fresh.
    If I were to buy any of those outfits, it would be the wide, white chinos with the b&w sweater. I can see myself wearing that out for lunch at the marina…. in my dreams for now.

    1. We are all dreaming😍. I’d also add a big white straw hat to that look! Can’t wait.

  25. Super cute colorful outfits especially the striped sweater. I would add a black bag to your outfit either a small crossbody or a substantial tote.

  26. I love the funnel neck top with black pants, that is the type of outfit I would wear a lot. Your hair looks great today. On you all the other outfits look perfect and yes the dark pants look better than the pink.

  27. Love today’s looks all look terrific on you! Cannot wait for spring here in New Hampshire! But got a foot of snow this week already and another on its way !

  28. I loved all of these with the exception of the black and white large stripe top and the wide leg chinos. I especially liked the safari type jacket with the yellow jeans. I have to say though it was interesting g comparing the different pant styles. The skinny jeans to me are definitely the winner in the youthful stakes. Especially with your slim legs and hips. And the ballet flats looked fab with everything.

  29. Kerry Fennell says:

    I loved everything you showcased today. The brighter colours were so pleasing to the eye. I liked seeing both the pink and black pants.

  30. Great combinations! I like the dark jeans with the striped sweater – it may not be as fun as the pink pants but gives one solid line of color with the sweater’s bottom band and for me, would be more slimming. Nothing you have to worry about! Thanks for the in box fashion show today!

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