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The Curious Art of Valerie Sobel

I’m inspired by creative women. If they’re beautiful, chic, and a positive energy in the world, I develop a major crush. 

Meet Valerie Sobel. An accomplished actress, mother, interior designer and philanthropist, Valerie now adds artist, to her list of talents. She creates sculpture called Assemblage. 

The Curious Art of Valerie von Sobel
Many years ago, her beloved son, Andre, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and died. Within the following year, she also lost her mother and husband! Rather than be paralyzed by these devastating sorrows, she created a foundation called The Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation.

“The Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation, provides emergency assistance within 24 hours to single caregivers of children with catastrophic or life threatening illnesses who are in financial crises. Working in partnership with 12 pediatric hospitals nationally, we have helped over 7,000 family members in the past nine years. Without ASRL’s support, many children with life threatening illnesses would be facing pain, treatments, fear, and at times, even their death, without a parent by their side.”~from their website


The Curious Art of Valerie von Sobel

After 16 years working tirelessly at her foundation, she made a major lifestyle shift.

“At 73, art hit me like a piece of the Eiffel Tower. I was in a state of “philanthropic burn out” at the time, a phrase often used by unrelentingly working founders of a charitable organization.”~ Valerie Sobel

She took a sabbatical and traveled, which lightened her spirit and shifted her energy. One day, while on a long telephone conversation, she began putting pretty objects together on her desk. Assembling them. She quickly realized she was creating beautiful art.

“Within days I was consumed with gluing and patching and collecting and drilling. I was fortunate to have gained the attention of a famous artist who has never had a student before. I was honored and enriched with new technique.” ~Valerie Sobel

Here she is describing her technique and artistry, which now produces revenue for her foundation.


Her description of “dumpster diving” for objects, made me laugh. It seemed out-of-place for such an elegantly, beautiful woman. But it also made her seem more earthy. Her work, “The Curious Art of Valerie von Sobel” was recently on show at Voila! Gallery, in Los Angeles.

Valerie also assembles her fashion and style with exquisite combinations. She herself, is a work of art!

On a very shocking note, she had a horrific ordeal last week. She was the victim of VIRTUAL KIDNAPPING! It’s a terrifying crime and on the rise. Here’s a link to her Huffington Post article, describing her ordeal. I had no idea having your voice on your answering system could be dangerous!

This strong woman is an inspiration and reminder that we still have much to contribute. It’s never too late to start a new venture and grow!


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  1. I love Valeria and her whimsical pieces. It’s hard to imagine her, and her beautiful nails, filing and putting these pieces together. SHE is the treasure.

  2. What a positive and wonderful person even after so much tragedy in her life. She turned it around and gave to others. She is beautiful and inspiring and I’m sorry to read about her kidnapping thing. Awful. Thanks for sharing about her! xo Kim

    1. I was so thrilled to learn aboth her. So inspiring. This virtual kidnapping thing was so terrifying. I had no idea people could do this with voice tracks!!

  3. Esther Zimmer says:

    I’m going to echo what many have already said, but she really is wonderful! Thank you for this lovely piece, yet another incredible woman for me to look to for inspiration! Esther xx

    1. I love to share women who inspire me, with you! I’m glad you enjoyed this Esther.

  4. Beautiful lady, beautiful soul. What a harrowing story. I think I’ll make a habit of never answering my phone. Yikes!!


  5. What a chic and wonderful woman, just like you! I loved getting to know her better. Thanks for that.

    1. Thanks Wendy:). She’s in a category all by herself!!!

  6. WOW……………the BAD GUY ALWAYS finds a way!What an ordeal………..
    SHE IS A BEAUTY!I spied her too on ARI’s INSTAGRAM.Her art work is lovely.SHE IS LOVELY.What a gorgeous CHARITY she has given to other parents.REALLY REALLY GORGEOUS.

  7. She is an astonishing woman and a great beauty!

  8. What an interesting and informative post, my friend. I have always been quite fascinated with Valerie Sobel both in her art and artistry. She truly is an example of making life and yourself art. I love how she stated that art was her awakening of letting go of sadness and bringing in joy.
    I was totally unaware of virtual kidnapping so I thank you for opening my eyes to this terrible crime.

    1. Letting go of sadness changes everything! She’s pretty amazing.

  9. Jennifer I was astounded to read the kidnapping account, what has the world come to? Well now we know.
    The other aside of these kind of terrors is all of the good a woman like Valerie has accomplished!! Amazing after so much loss to turn it around to do great things for children. Thank you!!

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    Featuring Sharon Santoni

    1. She is amazing. The Virtual Kidnapping is a disgusting new tactic of criminals!!

  10. What a beauty she is! The art is so interesting and what an inspiration she is! Thanks for sharing!

    1. She’s a very unique artist! I just loved her spirit.