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Best Comfortable Women’s Shoes for Fall

As we think about transitional wardrobe pieces and how to move our closet into the next season…what better place to begin than with our footwear? As we begin to transition out of sandal season and into fall, finding the perfect pair of shoes for my over 60 feet can be a challenge. Like many AWSL readers, I’m searching for shoes that provide comfort for my aging feet without compromising style. Today’s curated selection of comfortable yet stylish women’s shoes for fall will allow you to step into autumn looking and feeling your best.

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Comfortable Women’s Shoes for Fall: I Personally Love

There are lots of options when it comes to women’s shoes for fall, and the comfort varies tremendously. Here’s what I am personally gravitating to. I’m willing to spend more on comfy shoes because I keep and wear them for many years.

Ballet Flats

I’ve had my black AGL ballet flats for so long that I’ve had to resole them to extend their life. They were a huge investment at the time (18+ years ago?) that has paid off because they’re classic and very comfy. I’ve worn them so often that my cost of wear is pennies. I love their Chanel vibe and the silver strap with buckle. AWSL reader Adele said, “I love my AGL ballet flats — I have three pairs (black, navy, nude).” I have my eye on the beige with black toe for fall, which has an even more Chanel-ish vibe.

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These vionic loafers are pretty much perfect. They come in 4 colors, sizes 5-11, with a cushioned insole that you can remove to replace with an orthotic. I like that this loafer is sleek and will fit under the leg of trousers without buckles or a tongue that will catch on the pants. Vionics are famous for their stability and arch support that help with proper alignment from the foot up.

Smoking Slippers

A smoking slipper bears a close resemblance to a loafer. The leather or fabric is generally softer, the sole is more flexible, and they don’t have extra detailing across the top of the foot, like a band where you’d add a penny. Those bands usually make loafers too tight for me, so I prefer to forgo them.

My favorite Birdies come to mind here because they really are as comfy as slippers for me. They’re an elevated smoking slipper style in always-chic animal print with a cushioned insole. Here are the deets:

  • Seven-layer responsive cushioned footbed with elevating arch support
  • Shock-absorbing, high-density memory-foam cushioning
  • Breathable Poron™ comfort cushioning
  • Pressure-reducing heel cookie
  • Nonslip sole

The bottom line for me is they’re plenty wide enough for my bunion and super comfy, so they get a two thumbs up for comfort.

Munro Geena Loafer

The Munro Geena Loafers are the one pair I own that I would consider a true loafer. I wasn’t sure they would fit my style because I don’t gravitate to preppy, but I found myself reaching for a lot this previous fall and winter. I like the bulk they add to the bottom of my silhouette when wearing chunky sweaters or wider-leg jeans.

Munro is one of the brands I count on for comfort in timeless styles. They are an investment, and one I’m happy to make because I wear them for many years. Chunky loafers are a big trend. I consider my feet large for my height and don’t want to make them look even larger than they are but want to get the look. These are perfect. They have an extra light molded sole, breathable lining, and a removable contoured footbed, so they’re not heavy. They also come in three colors, in sizes 5-13, 4A, 2A, B, D, and EE.

Driving Mocs

Driving mocs are one step more comfortable because the soles are very flexible. They come with and without the extra strap across the top and often have a horse bit. They frequently have rubber pebbles on the bottom of the shoe to grip the pedals, which makes them extra cushiony to walk in. My favorite pair is by Robert Zur, and you guessed it, they’re also black. I have worn these so often that the leather is scuffed on the front, as though I drag my toes when I walk.

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Casual Sneakers

And then, of course, there are casual sneakers, which I only embraced as everyday shoes when I bought this pair of Ecco Soft 7 sneakers back in 2018. Before that, I only wore sneakers to work out. Now, I have quite a collection in various styles, shapes, and, yes, colors.

I wore these leather sneakers all over Japan years ago and a hundred other places since. They’re super comfy with a removable innersole, which gives you space to add your orthotic or to adjust the width. The Ecco lace-ups come in a wide selection of colors, but black goes with absolutely everything and is great at hiding scuffs and dirt. Ecco also has options with zipper closure here,

I’ve recently become enamored with these Ecco Soft 7 slip-on sneakers, which are super comfy and have the same removable footbed as the lace-up version.

I bought these in black and the taupe, which will go with so many things this fall.

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Do you have a pair of go-to shoes for fall? What shoes are on your radar for fall? Let me know in the comments.


  1. The link for the Munro Geena loafers look nothing like the shoes you have on. I like the look of yours rather than the one the link takes you.

    1. They are the same loafers in black suede.

  2. I also love the Ecco sneaker. My biggest problem is they have a heavier shoestring and they won’t always stay tied, do you have a solution or tip for this?

    1. I agree the waxed laces are a bit of a pain, you could always swap them out for an unwaxed version. You can buy them anywhere.

  3. Christine Arquilla says:

    I just bought a pair of Alegria Black Out Dasher slip on shoes a week ago. I’ve been wearing them every day since I bought them and am going to order a second pair. They are very comfortable with what they call a Dream Fit knit upper, a removable cushioned footbed, a adjustable strap that fastens with Velcro, lightweight slip-resistant sole with a 1 inch heel. My feet tend to swell by the end of the day, but so far these shoes haven’t made my feet feel squeezed. The arch support is awesome, too. Even though I love them, I’m still going to check out your recommendations, especially the loafers and smoking slippers.

    1. These sound amazing!! I will check them out. I am a huge fan of knit tops in both shoes and booties.

  4. I wanted to tell you about a dry eye product I have been trying. Called Eyedration Steam Mask. It is air activated (not microwave) and lasts for at least 20 minutes. It would be especially good for travel. It works pretty well for my dry eye and was developed by eye doctors. Not sure I want to try battery/electric ones. Don’t forget to use the ear pieces! I ordered mine from Amazon.
    I read about it on a CNN website:

    1. It sounds marvelous!! I just ordered. Thank you Gayle

  5. Painful feet like mine need Skechers slip on Joy Walk shoes. I have purchased 9 pairs in different colors and love them!

  6. Julie Anne says:

    My Robert Zur shoe’s developed that same scuffed look and they were starting to develop a hole in the toes. Investing in a repair by the cobbler didn’t help. Too bad because they were pricey so I still wear them sometimes, yet feel shabby when doing so. I have a pair in another material and they’re holding up well.

  7. Francesca B says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for a great post. I like Birdies too and Rothy’s but if l am standing for long periods of time or walking, nothing beats New Balance in my opinion and J Crew online often stocks new color versions at the beginning of the season which are trendy and worth the investment.

    1. I love my Rothy’s and Birdies too! Comfortable shoes are so important, but I like them to be stylish too!

  8. This summer I did give ‘sneakers’ a try but only wore them twice as didn’t care for the look of them (on me), so I’m definitely a sandal or loafer style gal and therefore appreciate your lineup. -Brenda-
    P.S.: The suede Vionic Loafer you feature is $119.+ on Canada’s Amazon Website BTW.

  9. I love my Rothy’s! They look similar to the leopard print loafers you have on above. They’re so comfy and come in so many different styles.

  10. Thanks for such a comprehensive look at great shoes for autumn. Last year, I noticed so many women of all ages wearing Blundstone boots that I’m tempted to invest in a pair, or maybe Birkenstock boots. Could you consider covering this type of footwear?

    1. That’s a great idea, Ruth!

  11. Good Morning!! Shoes, they do make or break an outfit…thanks for providing some great ideas. I live in sneakers, I currently love Cariuma, they are sustainable and have a wonderful cork insole and accommodate my bunion…driving shoes, loafers, all are go to’s for fall and winter..I do want to check out Vionic, they do look comfy, and your recommendations are always spot on. This shoe brand from Italy is wonderful, but on line only M. Gemi, the quality, fit are incredible..the sizing chart is spot on, sometimes I do have to size up..have a great week…..

    1. I’ve heard a lot of great things about M Gemi. I’ll have to try them.

  12. I’m looking for a pair of chocolate brown booties. I have a suede pair with an almond shaped toe but would like to find a more elevated pair in sleek leather with a pointed toe. The search is on! I seem to be finding only cognac ones, so far. I have a narrow foot so finding footwear in any category that fits well can be difficult.

    1. I know Munro and Naturalizer carry narrows so you might have much there.

  13. I never wore sneakers much until the pandemic but now find myself wearing them a lot (3 seasons) and looking for a pair of sustainably-produced and comfortable pair. The Eccos look great. I dislike loafers: could you look into your crystal ball and say how long you think that they will still be on-trend? Thanks!

    1. Loafers are always popular but the heavier lug sole heavily chained versions will probably only be popular for a few more years. If only I have a crystal ball!

  14. Thanks for the list of shoes. I really need to take some time to try some on and get fitted. Lately all I’ve been able to wear are tennis shoes because of terrible foot pain. I’ve been going once a week to have my heel worked on. It’s really tough when your feet hurt!

    1. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that Rosemary. Foot pain is brutal.

  15. Gail Schwartz says:

    Allbirds are my new favorites (and they can go in the washing machine)

    1. I have a pair and love mine too.

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