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Gift Guide For The Woman Who Has Everything

I hope you had a great weekend! I got less accomplished than I wanted which felt frustrating until I reminded myself, things will all get done in good time…or they won’t. Stressing myself out, especially at this time of year, will be counterproductive to my physical and mental well-being. I did get to go for a long walk so I need to count that as progress.

In my Sunday newsletter, I mentioned I was going to share the “look of the week” on me, so I have that, plus a gift guide.collage of madewell blazer, blue jeans, fedora and leopard flats from Rothy's

fashion blogger Jennifer Connolly wearinf Madewell blazer, hat and jeans


I’m a huge fan of hats, especially fedoras. They’ll keep my head warm in cool weather but also keep some sun off my face. The larger the brim, the better the protection so I just ordered this one. I’m seeing more taupe around than usual this year so I’m snapping it up because it’s not always available. Taupe is one of those chameleon neutral colors that goes with almost everything.

fashion blogger jennifer connolly of a well styled life wearing madewell hat, plaid blazer and jeans


The plaid of this blazer has a touch of the same wysteria pink as the tee and it matches my favorite new lipstick. It’s funny but this lipstick doesn’t smear all over my masks! It’s creamy yet seems to set into a layer that really stays put! The blazer is slightly oversized so will go over sweaters as well as shirts and tees.

jennifer of a well styled life wearing madewell blazer and jeans with pink tee and taupe fedora


Since animal prints are a neutral for me, it made perfect sense to wear my Rothy’s. I chose this cheetah print for my first pair because since they’re made from recycled plastic bottles and machine washable, I knew they’d be in my wardrobe for a long time. You can get $20 off your first pair of Rothy’s here.

fashion blogger jennifer of a well styled life wearign taupe fedors and plaid blazer by Madewell

My bag is a favorite oldie but not my first choice for this outfit. I’m on the lookout for a taupe handbag this year. The perfect taupe for me is not too warm, not too gray, and not too brown. It’s one of those things I’ll know when I see it.

Last week we discussed various ways we can help other women this season including Holiday Gifts To Donate To Womens’ Shelter. This week I have a gift guide for the woman who has everything. We all know her, she buys herself what she wants but still appreciates a little something during the holidays.

gift guide for the woman who has everything

I have purchased exactly one gift so far and realize there will be no last-minute trips so I need to get with the program. My grandson is on top of my list this year.

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Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.




  1. Hi!
    I just came upon you and love all your posts! Thank you! It’s so encouraging and just what I’m looking for! I’ve never posted before and excited to hear from you for the New Year. Happy New Year!

  2. Is this the 15x magnification mirror you mention having? Or is it just a product on Amazon you linked up? Ever since you mentioned using yours upon returning home to check your skincare, I’m wondering if my 10x magnification is lacking. Looking forward to your reply.

  3. I just bought a cute pair of leopard flats … and love them! Are they truly a neutral?? You look so cute with your shoes and a patterned/plaid blazer!!

  4. I have that exact blazer, and love the softness of the colors. You indeed look put together with the pink tee, that I have on order. Do you see a lot of other looks with the blazer? I’m a jeans and tee shirt gal most days, so I am hoping it will elevate the look, if I need to run out on an errand…and not be so matched. Love the Fedora with it, and I will be watching your blog for other taupe pieces. It’s a good neutral for me also. Thank you!

  5. I love the colors in the blazer and tee and the cut of the jeans, but the blazer looks far too long for a petite person — in my opinion it makes legs look shorter when a jacket is this length so not for me.

  6. Jennifer-I love your blog and always learn soooo much. Will try lipstick & tee.
    Do you have any opinions about silk pillowcases?? I thought this might be a good gift.
    Thanks for sharing all this good information!!

  7. Prioritize everything so if little details get left off, it won’t matter. Life is just odd right now. I’m aiming for as normal as possible. Choir angels on the wall and dressing for Thanksgiving. Things we expect to see every year.
    I love this outfit and the colors. I’m shifting to lighter colors this coming year. From top to bottom. My usual standby neutrals of black, dark grey and navy not making me happy anymore. They don’t spark joy!

    1. I hear you, Eve. This year is taking a toll on so many of us. I am doing everything possible to spark joy but find some days are harder than others. That’s when lighter colors really do help:)

  8. Oh, my bad. I did not like this look! This outfit looks slouchy and frumpy to me. Not your usual put together look. I think it is the first photo. The jacket seems oversized, as do the jeans. To me, this is not your style. Sorry to be a downer amongst the praises. Love your blog, and enthusiasm!

  9. Jennifer~ I simply love your blog. You are definitely one of my favorites that I subscribe to. I appreciate how humble you are and the variety of topics.
    Just saying thank you. ❤️

  10. Do love this look on you Jennifer as a favourite of mine are blazers which I choose to wear (rather than a jacket or coat) during our Fall Season which sadly was short-lived this year, as our temps have somewhat turned cooler than usual. As to Christmas shopping; began mine a few weeks ago and like yourself the grandchildren (mine are now tweens and teens) are at the top of the list but as more into techie stuff I do donate to Toy Mountain (for under privilege children) which gives me the opportunity to still purchase what I refer to as toys-toys from Santa and his Elves …. ☺.

  11. Love the pink and taupe colors on you. I bought three fedoras this year, as I am walking outside a lot more this year due to COVID closures.

  12. Oh Jennifer, I love this look on you! Keep looking for that perfect taupe! Your criteria sounds like my criteria. Thank you for the gift guide…keep them coming!

  13. I love today’s look, Jennifer! It really does speak to me ! I’m not so much a hat person until the snow flies or a big brim straw hat at the beach. I do slather on my dermatologists recommended sun blocks (sunscreens) every day though as I walk at h J East twice a day since my exercise haven—yoga center never opened up.
    Love your blog! And as you know, it all will get done!

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