Holiday Gift Guide – Best Gifts For Women Over 60

Finding gifts for an older woman seems to challenge most people. You may think, and she may feel, that she has everything she needs yet there are still some wonderful gifts that will surprise and delight her.  So if you’re still searching for gift ideas for women over 60, I have you covered.

What Are The Best Gifts For Women Over 60?

The best gifts are useful, fun, or luxurious. After all, she’s had a lifetime to collect the things she needs and wants, so your gift should add value, not clutter to her life.



apple watch

After long months at home, many of us have lost our momentum to get out and get exercise which can wreak havoc on our health. The Apple Watch SE (GPS, 40mm) – Gold Aluminum Case with Pink Sand Sport Band will help her set fitness and activity goals and track her progress.

handsfree soap dispenser

An automatic, sensory control, touchless soap, or lotion dispenser. I have to admit this would be amazing in the kitchen. How many times have you been handling raw meat or poultry and need to wash your hands before touching something else? No more using your elbow to depress the soap dispenser!

A Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager with adjustable heat and straps. Sign me right up for this baby, Santa! I witnessed someone receiving this last year and everyone had to take turns trying it out. It’s amazing!!! This washable massager has  3 optional speeds with 8 deep-kneading shiatsu massage nodes to replicate an in-person massage experience. Simply drape it around your neck, rest your arms through the straps and relax.


Funny story…one of the hotels we stayed at on our last trip had this hairdryer which I had no idea how to use. I called down for instructions which are easy, peasy…just snap on the head you need. They’ve engeneered this with the motor in the handle which makes it very lightweight. The attachments are magnetic and it’s virtually soundless

heated footbath

This heated foot bath rejuvenates overworked feet. It heats cold water in minutes and maintains the temperature throughout use. It has a 2-in-1 removable pedicure center with a pedicure brush and pumice stone, an integrated splash guard, and toe-touch control.

sleep aide device


More than 500,000 people are falling asleep faster with this metronome light system that teaches you how to fall asleep naturally, without taking any medicine. It was created and designed by insomniacs to slow down your metabolism and calm your busy mind. 

weighted sherpa throw

Dual-Sided Fuzzy Soft Sherpa & Velvet Plush Fleece weighted throw provides the same coziness and comfort as the ones for your bed. It’s filled with environmentally friendly nano-glass beads that distribute evenly across the blanket and contours to your body shape as you snuggle down with a great book on the couch.

ring system

We didn’t know how much we would love this wireless alarm system until our son installed it for us. It is amazing. I can be in the grocery store, and speak to the person who is ringing my front doorbell! It’s simple to install, easy to use, and invaluable to us. If and when we move, we will simply take it with us. I feel so much safer with this installed.

 Inexpensive Gifts for Women Over 60

What could you add to this list?



  1. I am so practical, other than diamond earrings from my husband (hint, hint sweetheart) I prefer a gift certificate to Mario Tricocci, or for a pedicure, manicure! Pamper me! Also, I have always loved that meme, people who have a hard time buying for me….do you not know where any wine stores are ☺️

  2. I’ve dropped hints left and right about a foot spa, but I guess no one takes me seriously and for some reason, I’ve never just gotten one myself. Another idea I’ve had is a make up brush cleaner. I bought one at Costco and really like it! It might be under the red for my DILs.

  3. All great and thoughtful gifts. Would love to get or give any of these!

  4. Canadian Elizabeth says:

    Great ideas, Jennifer!
    As crazy as this may sound, I love Advent calendar boxes filled with cosmetics, tea – suitable for +60 yr olds. Opening them in January after the Christmas buzz is over makes January more exciting.

    1. That does not sound crazy at all!! I think that would be so fun.

  5. Jennifer, have you used the Dodow sleep aid? Reviews are mixed. I have a 11 year old grand daughter that is having sleep issues.

    1. I have not but just ordered it so will report back. Everyone is so individual reviews are hard to rely on.

      1. Look forward to your honest review. I may need to give myself one, too.

  6. You gave some very good suggestions for gifts. But I want to thank you most of all for the idea of Ilia multi stick! I was intrigued and ordered that and makeup since I was unhappy with what had worked before. I really like these products and have a list of what I want to order after Christmas.

    1. Isn’t it fab?? I’m anxious to try a few of their other things too. It’s a lovely line.

  7. I’ve ordered an automatic soap dispenser for my kitchen. After trying it out, I’ll probably get more.
    Thanks for the great idea. I do like practical gifts.

    1. I love the idea. Especially since we are now so germ conscious.

  8. I have fine curly hair and hair dryers are usually a last resort. Even with a diffuser I was often left with frizz. Many people, including a couple of hair stylists, recommended the Dyson hair dryer but I balked at the price. I finally broke down and bought one. I rarely say this about expensive versions of ordinary objects, but this was definitely worth the price. It is very lightweight, dries my hair very quickly and, best of all, no frizz! It makes my daily routine easier.

    1. That’s great to hear. I have straight hair so can’t attest to frizz, but it certainly made short work of drying my hair!

  9. Paulette Levy says:

    Gift certificates are great- coffee shoes or restaurants or book stores. Sephora! I’m just not a gadget person. I don’t need any more wires or technology in my home. Clutter free is my mantra! Books are the exception.

    1. Paulette, I agree with you! Bring on the gift certificates! I also accept cash and wine! I’m trying to downsize so please no gadgets, cooking items, coffee mugs, decorations, etc.

      1. Cash and wine are always welcome here too

    2. It’s so funny, but I never use gift certificates myself. I always forget I have them🤣

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