Holiday Gift Guide – Best Gifts for Teenage Boys

Teen boys and young men are notoriously hard to buy for and since my son is in his late 30’s, I’m totally out of touch with the gifts that teens would like. So to get the inside scoop on this, I’ve enlisted the help of an expert. Amy helps me with lots of things on the back end of this blog and has a teen son plus a young man in college so she really knows the ropes and the best gifts for teenage boys. Please welcome Amy!

Teen boys are so finicky and I would say one of the hardest to buy for on my list. I came up with a few good ideas in almost every price range to give your teen something to smile about this season.

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Best Gifts For Teenage Boys

  1. Vegan Leather Modern Lounger: Not only will your teen will love lounging in this comfy chair, he will look good doing it.
  2. Who in the Room Game: This fun get-to-know you game has a twist that will be a hit at all get togethers.
  3. Quarterback Football Toss Game: This will give him something fun to do when he needs a breather during school.addiddas running sneaker
  4. Addidas Ultraboost 20 Running Shoe: Every teen needs a new pair of shoes.herschel wallet
  5. Herschel Charlie RFID Wallet: This wallet not only looks great, but it has RFID technology to shield his personal information from electronic charge and sanitizer
  6. Wireless Charger and UV Cleaner: We all need this now, it chargers and sanitizes your phone all in one. This also made the gift list for stocking stuffers for men, so it’s a pretty versatile gift!nike slide for teenagers
  7. Nike Slides: He’ll appreciate these cool looking slides, that are so comfortable he’ll wear them all year.wall piggy bank
  8. Disc Drop Wall Piggy Bank: Maybe this fun bank will keep his change out of his pockets (which he will ALWAYS forget to empty before he throws them in the laundry).icemule cooler
  9. Icemule Cooler: This floatable cooler has no closure, just roll it down and it keeps contents cool for up to 24 hours. cactus lamp
  10. Cactus Light Table Lamp: Who says a table lamp has to be boring?mini drone
  11. Mini Drone: This will keep him busy for hours, although it’s possible it might also annoy others as well.


Here are a few other ideas:

book for teens

7 Habits of Extremely Effective Teens: This book is based off the adult best seller version, in teen language.

nighlight blue tooth speaker

Nightlight Bluetooth Speaker: This is an all-in-one light and speaker that comes with a timer to shut off the light automatically and is compatible with most his device to play his favorite music.

harry potter clock

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Clock: If your teen loves Harry Potter, this is a fun, quirky gift he’s bound to love.

basket trash ban

Basketball Hoop Trashcan: Give him a cool backboard to bounce his trash off of.

gray bathrobe

Ugg Robinson Robe: This is a super soft robe he’ll never want to take off. You might actually be able to get him out of bed to put this on.

Kiehl’s Men’s Groom-On-the-Go Kit: This travel kit contains everything he’ll need to look and smell his best!

camo duffle bag

Hershel Duffle Bag: This tough tech fabric duffle bag has a separate shoe compartment to keep him from getting everything else dirty when he travels.

x box controller

Xbox Wireless Controller: He will always appreciate a new controller to keep his game playing uninterrupted by dead batteries (PlayStation version here).

cozy slippers

Ugg Ascot Slippers: Once he tries these, you may never get him to wear real shoes ever again.

jack black lip balm

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm: This is the perfect stocking stuffer to keep his lips in great condition during the cold winter.

headphone system

Gaming Headset: These work with all gaming platforms and will take his gaming to the next level.

Hopefully, this list will give you some great gift ideas for those hard-to-buy-for teen boys.


Thank you so much, Amy! I would never have thought of these gifts! Having one of these fellows in your house gives you a definite advantage and we’re so grateful for your wisdom.

Do you have a young nephew or grandson on your gift list this year?


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  1. Yeah, teenage boys are a tough/expensive category to shop for. I have college age sons. I am buying cocktail shakers and martini glasses. Young people are into fancy drinks, evidently. Also, gift sets of their favorite fragrances. Like everyone else we shop for, it really comes down to noticing their likes.

  2. Only teenagers in our family are grandchildren now and this year shopping for the grandsons’ major gifts has been made easy as all are into hockey so its ‘cash’ this year as a gift to put towards their choice of a hockey stick (since play on official teams). However, do still fill a stocking for them as Santa still leaves them at our house for all family members bringing me to some of your suggestions; as one will be getting a pair of Soft Moc slippers in his (very similar to the the Ugg pair you listed) , another an wireless/UV Cleaner etc. in accordance to their needs but always a small Lego pkt. and a mini snow globe as both are traditional …☺. Oh, shall mention as one is only thirteen (1st year high school); he will be getting Perri Ellis Cologne 360 Red in his as have done some research and it comes highly recommended for this age group as apparently it is a mild scent and not long lingering plus its pricing is more than reasonable. (Needless to say, filling stockings can also be an exercise for the gray-matter …. lol!)

  3. These are great ideas!
    My son is a high school senior and just turned 18. He loves chai tea but we discovered to make it home he needs a pestle and mortar, so he’s getting that.
    He asked for a cardigan, like old professor style cardigan and he wants a cashmere sweater.
    He has on his list nose hair trimmer and electric shaver, which I gave him last year, so I need to check under his sink.
    I’m also getting him a weighted blanket and a daily calendar as he tends to forget what’s due when.
    He’s doing the 2+2 program starting next fall where he’ll go to the community college for his associate degree and finish up at an instate university. We get him for two more years! He’s our FET IVF only child so this makes me happy.
    (Frozen Embryo Transplant In Vitro Fertilization)