Artistic Fashion and Style for Women Over 50

At 60, I want to look modern and current. I’m not a fan of flamboyant fashion on me but I do like artistic clothes that don’t overwhelm me.

Saturday we went to a party at the home of a new friend. I wasn’t going to know anyone there so decided to combine artistic pieces to give myself a modern, unique look. I didn’t want to stand out loudly but I definitely didn’t want to blend into the scenery.

See Two Jacket by Spirithouse from Artful Home


This See Two Jacket by Spirithouse will quickly become a new favorite of mine. It’s in a ponte knit, which makes it perfect for travel and the A-line, swing shape is slimming. The front buttons stop at your waist so the jacket will swing and move.

See Two Jacket by Spirithouse from Artful Home

The top of the jacket is classic then gets artistic below the waist. The asymmetrical pointed hem also helps slim my look.

See Two Spirithouse Jacket from Artful HomeIt has angled seaming and pockets, which I love on everything!

Style Tip: clothes with diagonal lines and seams are slimming.

See Two Jacket by Spirithouse from Artful Home

None of my necklaces seemed right with this simple neckline so I wore earrings and a pin my mother gave me 35 years ago.

Spirithouse Jacket and Shibori Shawl from Artful Home

I added this handmade, silk Shibori Shawl by Min Chiu and Sharon Wang. You last saw me wear this fabulous shawl here.

I love how it combines the jacket color with my hair color to soften the black against my complexion.

Clean, asymmetrical lines, neutral colors, and an a-line shape are perfect for when I want to look modern and artistic.

Spirithouse See Two Jacket from Artful Home


The new fall collection is available from Artful Home! They’re all made by artisans in Canada and the USA, many are handmade!

Do you like to wear artistic clothes?

I’m wearing: See Two Spirithouse Jacket // Shibori silk Shawl //


Disclaimer: I was compensated by Artful Home for this post, all opinions are own.

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  1. Hi Jennifer,
    You look lovely. The jacket is beautiful, but just a wee beyond my price range. I finally got around to ordering some age appropriate clothes, which I’m sure will give me a boost of confidence. My husband loves me in black, me not so much. I did order some black pants, I’m just not sure about wearing it next to my face. Baby steps!

    1. Adding a scarf in a flattering color can help make the black more flattering. Also a lower neckline will help too. Good luck!

    1. I love the combination too, Cindy. It’s a wonderful jacket. I wore it yesterday with jeans and it looked terrific!

  2. What a sophisticated look! A-lines are my best friend as well. Such a flatter cut of jacket and in black, can be worn with so many things!

    Looking sharp, my friend 🙂

  3. Paula Lusk says:

    You look very smart. Your accessories are on point. Always like seeing you in Artful living clothing. I’ve bought several things from them since I found your blog.

    1. Thanks, Paula! I really like their clothes and the fact that they are all made in the US and Canada is an extra bonus!

  4. Hi this is more a question tven comment. I love that see two jacket and it looks great on you. Are you wearing that in place of a blouse or top? Is it your jacket? It looks a bit weighty fir an indoor party. So I’m wondering really what’s it’s function?

    1. It’s lightweight ponte knit. Not heavy at all. I’m wearing a tank top underneath, in case it got warm and I needed to unbutton the jacket. I didn’t get warm enough to need to.

  5. Denise Strickland says:

    All looking very smart indeed, even the orchid hairpin heehee

    1. You noticed too!! Isn’t the hairpin smashing??

  6. You do an excellent job of demonstrating your ideas to make the over 50 crowd look current and vibrant. Adding the beautiful scarf kicks this ensemble up a notch. I enjoy your blog tremendously.

    1. Thank you so much, Carol!! That scarf is amazing.

    2. Thanks So much, Carol! It’s a pretty amazing scarf.

  7. Nice looking outfit. I’ve noticed that Mrs. Clinton goes for the long tunic/jacket over pants look on the campaign trail. Given how she needs to look on television she seems to pick from a defined set of colors, but they look good. I think this is a way for a middle-aged woman to look nice, but to keep the conversation on her ideas rather than her physical characteristics without falling back onto a manly looking style.

  8. You look great – and I really like your hair this way.

    1. Thanks! I’m due for a haircut. Maybe I’ll skip it for awhile.

  9. Very chic. Love that jacket and isn’t it fun to make new friends?

    1. Making friends at our age isn’t easy as we get set into our routines, so this was fun!

  10. Very pretty jacket, and it definitely is better without a necklace. You do look like you might be an art director, an art dealer or a museum curator (most artists are too dirt poor or too busy waiting tables to go to parties).

    1. You’re right about the starving artists! I love looking like an art director, thanks!!

  11. This is a great jacket! You will be able to use it so many tines…I love it! And you look amazing in it!

    1. Thanks. I know I’ll wear it a lot! It’s so perfect for my style. I love it too!

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