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Denim Shoes and Accessories

Today, I’m finishing up my mini-series on ways to style slim-fitting linen pants. All the looks I’ve shared this week would also work well with a pair of chinos,  jeans, or any other slim-legged pants. Today’s ootd is a little different because it has some embroidery, silver jewelry, an artisan necklace, and denim shoes! Have you noticed that denim accessories are popping up everywhere this spring?

These are a fascinating twist on denim booties, what do you think? These are a little more up my alley:)

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, these stretch linen pants are available in 6 colors and one print. I’m wearing a misses XS and suggest you size down because they do stretch out.

blonde woman wearing navy linenb pants anmd boho top in flower garden

I’m a lover of all things denim. It might be the era I grew up in or my lifestyle, but whatever the reason, I never tire of its appeal. I like to dress it up, down, and wear it most days. This spring I’m running into more denim accessories than usual and am totally smitten.


woman sitting on park bench wearing linen pants boho top and denim shoes


When I spotted these denim slides, I knew they had my name all over them. They’ve got the same buckle detail as my platform wedges, but are easier on the feet and comfy to wear all day. They’ll look adorable with a cotton sundress or shorts and a tee for a trip to the farmers market…which I’m told is opening up for us next week.


woman wearing denim hat and blue jeans looking over Donner Lake.

I added a denim boater hat to my collection a few weeks ago and love it! I originally spotted this hat in pink at my local Anthropologie and had almost justified adding it to my wardrobe when I spotted it in denim, That was it, done deal! It looks so unique and is really comfy. It has an elasticized band inside the brim which adjusts to your head size. Interestingly, it also doesn’t flatten down my hair like most hats. Sadly, my denim version seems sold out but here it is in several other lightweight fabrics which are so cute!



woman wearing denim shoes and boho top with navy pants

My pendant and bracelet are from two different boutiques, over 20 years ago. As I write this, I realize how much I miss shopping in boutiques. Going into one feels a bit like a treasure hunt. They usually carry unique items and brands that department stores just don’t stock so it’s easy to create unique outfits.  Some of my favorite treasures are from boutiques so I’m hopeful we can shop in them again soon.


blonde women wearing purple embroidered top

This flowy boho-style top is called dusty blue but it looks closer to lavender to me, The embroidery is navy which works nicely with the navy pants. It looks nice tucked or half-tucked to rein in some fullness at your waist. It doesn’t seem long enough to wear with leggings to me, but that’s a personal decision best made between you and your mirror:)

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fashion blogger jennifer of a well styled life wearing sunglasses, purple embroidered top and denim sandals

More denim shoes

woman wearing denim hat and blue sweater

As crazy as I am about denim accessories, I’m fairly certain I will limit them to one per outfit…but you never know.

Would you ever wear denim shoes?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



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  1. Love, love, love those denim sandals you have on! The big tortoise shell buckle adds the right touch to them! Gonna have to get me some!!

    P.S. I am a new subscriber to your blog, Jennifer, and I absolutely love it! I am a petite 5’1″ woman in my mid 60’s and with fashion trends geared for those who are mostly young and taller, women like me need all the fashion advice they can get! Thank you, Jennifer! Keep em coming!!

  2. I bought a cute pair of denim flats a few years ago. I loved them and literally wore them out. I’ve been watching for a pair to replace them, but I have a very narrow foot and haven’t found the right pair yet.

  3. I feel like the “odd woman out” sometimes, because I’m not that into denim. I really just started wearing jeans in later life. (Don’t ask me what I wore growing up because I don’t remember! Lol). I do like jeans now and have lots of them, but no, I wouldn’t wear denim shoes although some of them are really cute.
    Your outfit looks so easy and casual. Very nice look.

  4. Love the blue embroidered top on you. I bought that one myself a couple of weeks ago. It looks so fresh. Like you, I love denim…jeans, jackets, skirt. I haven’t done a denim dress yet. I don’t wear hats much because of my pixie haircut. When I do a hat, I like it big like Audrey Hepburn would wear.

  5. I may be alone in this, but to my mind linen pants are best when wide enough to swirl when you walk, cooling your legs nicely. I like slim leg pants, but not in hot weather, especially linen ones.

  6. Love the outfit Jennifer such a easy relaxed look and the mountain California scene is stunning ;make me want to get in the car and head out into nature! I love so much about this post hoping J.Jill do another sale soon. And those shoes rock!! I have a blue wrap skirt that would work very nicely with those….just thinking! Happy weekend 🙂

    1. I’ll keep an eye out because they have great sales, often. I may need another drive to the mountains this weekend. It’s so soothing to the soul.

  7. Being an old hippie who went through the sixties with everything embroidered, I love this top. You just have to own a piece of boho to jazz up your wardrobe. Denim just goes with everything in my closet because it is a very laid back wardrobe now. I do wear denim pieces together but I keep a low contrast when I do. Linen pants are my go to the Dr pants.

  8. Your blue outfit is an inspiration to all of us! Love the hat, shoes and all the gorgeous accessories! Keep on creating these charming, cool outfits with your wonderful taste.

  9. Lovely look you created. I love a mixture, something feminine, an interested shoe, and always, your outstanding jewelry. You’ve elevated my style – turned my jeans/teeshirt look into from shabby to chic with some jewelry, hats and shoes!!!!! Days are beyond beautiful in sunny Arizona. Have a wonderful week-end.

  10. Love these linen stretch pants.
    Will need to check them out. So classy looking.
    Also like the boho top and, of course, the denim sandals.

  11. Glad to see Soft Surroundings clothes highlighted. I love my legs, bout two years ago, holding up through multiple warnings and travel.

  12. I like your monochromatic use of blues plus it is a color you wear well. As to the sandals, will have to wait until our stores open up to try them as purchased a pair of flat slides last year and found the sole was not flexible enough for my liking. Drove me crazy the way they flapped and ended up having to use double sided cello tape on their insole to keep them from doing so. Do like your choice though as can adjust their straps for comfort. Re your jewelry, so agree about boutiques but have also found wonderful artisan and/or similar pieces at flee markets and mall kiosks.

  13. I’m not sure what I think about the denim booties – an interesting twist, indeed! But I love the platform sandals which would work well with navy or grey pants. Your slides are very classy looking but I’m wary of shoes that look too flat as I need arch support. Gotta give denim an A+ for versatility.

  14. I have a pair of nautical boater shoes in denim that I wear all the time! They pair well with navy capris and a striped t-shirt. I also wear them with a range of colours: red, orange and olive green. So versatile!

  15. I have thoroughly enjoyed this mini series featuring the navy linen pants. The addition of the denim slides shows how versatile all denim can be when creating a fun, modern style. I am needing to get out there and see if I can make a slide sandal work for me.
    In the past, we’ve enjoyed going to local Arts in the Park festivals. Local artisans set up their booths with their unique creations for sale. I have found some of my favorite jewelry pieces there! I love supporting these talented artists!

  16. The denim shoes are awesome. I’m sure I’m in for a pair or two. Love the denim accessories too!

  17. I really enjoy your blog. I aspire to be more stylish but I am not a flamboyant person. I simply cannot wear a lot of jewelry or dramatic clothing although I’ve seen women carry it off beautifully. You hit the sweet spot of looking nice and stylish, seemingly without trying too hard, which is what I strive for. And I like your phrase to remember to wear what makes you feel confident. That’s going to be my new mantra.

  18. I love the denim shoe options you show and would definitely consider trying a pair. I just had not noticed them before but I think they would be a fun option. This outfit today is lovely…very boho chic and I could definitely see me wearing this.