Dressy Shorts Outfit- Would You Wear It?

Happy Wednesday, ladies. And just like that, my vacation is over and it’s back to reality. Our visit with my brother was long overdue, fabulous, and the perfect way to recharge my batteries. Let’s continue talking about color this week with this midweek would-you-wear-it. The colors are certainly bright and the style is unique, so I wondered what you would think of this dressy shorts outfit.

mannequin wearing dressy shorts outfit

This mannequin is wearing a silk blouse, and metallic pumps with these shorts, so the outfit is clearly on the dressier side.

What are your thoughts?

Do you wear dressy shorts? How and when?

Here are some other dressier shorts:

Talbots’ vibrant new Zest For Life Collection has arrived and is packed with vibrant colors.

Here’s what caught my eye.

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. This is not my style. I only wear casual shorts on beach vacations. I do prefer this length of shorts. Anything longer looks disproportionate on my 5’2″ frame. For dressing up I would prefer this as an orange linen shift or the silk blouse as a shirt dress.

  2. Jenniferanne says:

    I’m with many of the ladies here. 40 years ago maybe. Super cute outfit for my 18 year old granddaughter though and I love the bright colors for summer.

  3. Oh a definite ‘yes’ to the entire outfit IF I were twenty or thirty something, however such is not the case. Do love the colours though and as for the blouse could see it working with pleated front, slim leg dress trousers in a softer shade of white than that shown on the website. Also add some strappy sandals with a structured purse and for earrings, some cultured pearls for a polished look. -Brenda-

  4. Ann Ruble says:

    Haha! This would be great on a tanned 25 YO, but not moi! I’d look ridiculous in this, but that’s just me. I’m sure there are 67 YOs who would look lovely in this OOT. And I probably would be very jealous! Thanks for the laugh Jennifer!

  5. Wendy Hall says:

    Too short for me too. What happened to periwinkle being the up and coming color?

    1. Brands just aren’t getting the periwinkle memo, I guess. I’m anxious to get some in my wardrobe.

  6. I wore dressy shorts in my 20’s , I think they were called hot pants. My legs looked good then, not so much now.

    I wear walking shorts working in the yard, walking the beach, or hiking in the summer. I wore them on the road to Hana because we got out and hiked on some trails.

    We wear a lot of capris and crops here in North Texas in the hot summer here.

  7. I love the idea of dress shorts. These are too short, however. Also, the all orange wouldn’t work for me. I have long legs, and the banana republic dress shorts would work best for me. I could see this outfit as something for the weekend, maybe a movie or out to dinner.

  8. The short outfit is cute but would not compliment my body.
    But I am sure it would look great on less curvy/younger person.
    For me, I would like capris and much less material in the blouse. The color is beautiful.

  9. 30 years and 30 pounds ago I would have been first in line for this if there was a short sleeves option. Now I am waiting for Amazon to send my large sized Spanx. So sadly, not anymore.

  10. Rhoda Clark says:

    I would definitely wear dressier shorts, but the length on this pair are way too short for my older legs. I buy shorts that are closer to the knee. I just feel that the length looks better on me and most importantly I feel most comfortable in longer length shorts. But living in the southeast part of Texas, summers can get get really hot and humid. So having a dressier style fir shorts makes great sense.

  11. I like the outfit but, for me, I’d like a longer length. Dressy shorts are fun and versatile for warm weather. I’d probably go with a more neutral color, but definitely would wear!

  12. Yes I would wear this, but not the color. I’m a pear shape, so I love high waisted everything. And a wider top works well to balance my shape. I would self tan, and wear espadrilles, for casual. I would love it in blue tones.

  13. Who loves short shorts? Sadly, since I remember that song, I would conclude I am too old for short shorts. Love the orange color for summer though!

    1. Totally agree. Me too.

      1. Rhoda Clark says:

        Me too! lol

      2. Bermudas to the knee please

    2. Lol…..perfect answer. Same here.

    3. Oh can relate as similar to the song ‘itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini’ …. 😊. -Brenda-

  14. The outfit is adorable, but it really seems more suitable for women in their 20’s with long thin legs. It could be worn to quite a few different social activities.

  15. IF I had my 20 something body back, and if orange complemented my coloring, then yes. This is modest on top, but fun and leggy. However neither of the two conditions exist for me, so no to this outfit.

  16. My beautiful, tall 16 year old granddaughter would look perfect in these shorts! My self at 70, short, legs kind of veining, no can do shorts any more. Love the color in this outfit!

  17. Love this outfit! I would absolutely wear it in warm weather for dinner or drinks with friends.

  18. Gorgeous outfit! I would tweak it a bit to suit my preferences: longer slacks, probably ankle length, in that orange or a creamy ivory. Metallic sandals with a lower heel. I am fortunate to be able to wear orange, but would keep the full impact of that on the lower body. I am not much of a print person, but this blouse spoke to me immediately. It could pair with casual pants or pair with dressier bottoms for a wedding or other special occasion. I strolled though my Nordstrom yesterday and it was quite clear that current fashion is colorful and celebratory in spirit. It brought me back to the days when going to Nordstrom was a visual treat–stroll, feel the fabric, and then off to their cafe for lunch.

    1. I agree. Many brands are showing “happy” clothes which is fun.

    2. Jacqueline Elliott says:

      Love all the bright seasonal colors!
      Our family loved shopping Nordstrom, especially at Christmas time at Mall of America in MN. There was a pianist playing music, filling all three store levels. A gift shop. And yes, the Cafe. We loved it. I hope it’s still there……

  19. Although I wouldn’t / couldn’t wear this specific outfit I think there could be some events I might wear dressy shorts for. For me the shorts would need to be longer, heels shorter, and yellow based colors just don’t work for me. But my son is getting married in the early fall and can see that dressy shorts might work for showers, rehearsal dinner (being held at a microbrewery) and post-wedding family activities.

    1. Fun outfit ideas for those long of events.

  20. The color isn’t for me, but the top & shorts, yes. I have good legs😉 No high heels either I’d sub in a metallic flat.

    1. Flats for me too 🙂

  21. In my younger days I might have worn this outfit but not at this stage. I only wear shorts or skorts on the golf course with lots of sunscreen and body makeup. I also like toeless hosiery.

  22. Darling outfit ………..for my granddaughter !! Maybe for a garden wedding??
    I never wear orange!

  23. Maybe 10 years ago, now I don’t wear shorts at all. Chunky, pasty legs here. Maybe out to dinner in Hawaii after a spray tan…!

  24. Some of those longer ones in the slide show……yes. But the ones on the mannequin? Nope. Shapely, but very pale legs with the inevitable vein-y road map look, so the shorter ones……..well, let’s just say that ship has sailed……

  25. If I had those long, slim legs and a defined waist, maybe ……oh, just caught me daydreaming! I am accepting where I am at these days and that means a no for me on this cute outfit. My 70 year old body needs careful attention to details. You have helped me to discover so many tips and tricks to dress more current but still be confident. For me, nothing today is the same as it was even ten years ago.
    Another fun start to my day!

    1. Have a great day, Jan!

  26. Oh, no, no shorts of any kind for me! I have really lumpy large knees on my very short legs. I hide my legs whenever possible! I even wear skirts and dresses midi length even though I’m really short. Strangely, capris look terrible too!

    1. Capris are tough for everyone.

  27. Ummm, not for me. Hard to pull off unless you have long tan legs and a mega yacht…..

    1. Long legs and mega yacht….yes 🙂

  28. Vickie McCan says:

    I would have to say no to this outfit. Love the color, but I simply don’t have the leg’s for the shorts and the blouse (as much as I love the color) is a little too bright for my simplistic style.

  29. Susan Kelley says:

    Too much of a good thing! Since I never wear shorts,much less dressy ones(there are so many better options out there) I would say no to the shorts. Like the color though. Would wear the blouse,but perhaps with white slacks.Definitely an outfit for a much younger person than moi!

  30. Paulette Levy says:

    Well it’s really cute here in the mannequin, but for me – with not much of a waist and 70 year old legs, I don’t think so! Too short! Lol. The blouse is a bit much for me too, tho the fabric and colors are great.
    I do wear Bermuda style shorts (9-10 inch) as they seem to work for me. But I pair with more sporty tops.

    1. Thanks Paulette. I think many of us prefer longer shorts 🙂

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