Dressy Shorts Outfit- Would You Wear It?

Happy Wednesday, ladies. And just like that, my vacation is over and it’s back to reality. Our visit with my brother was long overdue, fabulous, and the perfect way to recharge my batteries. Let’s continue talking about color this week with this midweek would-you-wear-it. The colors are certainly bright and the style is unique, so I wondered what you would think of this dressy shorts outfit.

mannequin wearing dressy shorts outfit

This mannequin is wearing a silk blouse, and metallic pumps with these shorts, so the outfit is clearly on the dressier side.

What are your thoughts?

Do you wear dressy shorts? How and when?

Here are some other dressier shorts:

Talbots’ vibrant new Zest For Life Collection has arrived and is packed with vibrant colors.

Here’s what caught my eye.

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. Absolutely NOT! Short shorts (dressy or not) are just plain tacky on anyone over 50. The colors are great and the blouse is terrific, but everyone needs to dress appropriately for their stage in life. This on someone my age would look like someone trying too hard to look younger, which ironically, makes them look older.

  2. All I could think of when I first saw this outfit was Lana Turner standing in the doorway scene in the classic movie, “The Postman Always Rings Twice.” Outfit looks dated, the color is not one of my favorites, and it won’t flatter many women. So, there you have it – an opinion.

  3. Katelyn K says:

    Stunning Sunday strolling outfit. Perfect for springtime here in the Palm Beaches. In a heartbeat I’d wear both the blouce and shorts together. Would add a boho macrame or white woven leather belt and sandals rather than the fancier shoes. I have several Vince pieces and most of the clothing is of a sturdy quality and neither stuffy nor over-the-top trendy. I do prefer the soft sage color over the orange though as orange is so overdone here in Florida.

  4. Heather Chow says:

    I love, love, love the colours on this mannequin, but then I love brights in the summertime! Cute outfit I would wear for sure.

  5. Nope, wouldn’t wear it. Too short for the shorts, cinched waist doesn’t work for girls with tummy issues and not to mention, this outfit is in my least favorite color. It’s just not attractive at all to me.

  6. Pink Azalea says:

    I don’t wear shorts, but prefer ankle length pants and midi dresses. I think most women over 50 find shorts unflattering. (Is it the knees, skin no longer at its best?) I wore them when I was young. Now that I am older I am more covered up which feels right for me.

  7. Love this outfit, especially the colour.
    I think I would get a lot of wear coordinating each piece with others too.

  8. I love this outfit, i would try it on, i am not sure if the colors are good or not, BUT definitely longer shorts. I live in shorts in the summer here on the mid Atlantic east coast.

  9. Yikes!! When wearing these shorts, what happens when she sits down!?!?!? No, thank you!! Colors are great, but let’s go back to modesty!!!

  10. beth byrd says:

    I’d swap out the shorts for long, wide-leg pants. It would make a stunning outfit. A bit pricey, but for a special occasion it would be wonderful!

  11. Jennifer,
    The outfit is really nice. Shorts need another 5 inches in the length to hide my upper inner thighs. My legs are good except for that part. The high waist is a little dressier and the color is beautiful. If I planned to go to a resort in Florida or California this outfit would be perfect. The blouse too.
    My area is rural and very casual.

  12. I prefer pants over dresses, so I could opt for dressy shorts – but a longer version. My style is more tailored, so I would want a top with more straight and simple lines. The shoes are definitely cute!

  13. I would think this is cute on someone else but the 5″ inseam is shorter than I would wear in shorts or a dress. Not sure I would get much wear from a dressy shorts outfit like this in my lifestyle so I’d pass on this.

  14. I probably could ‘still’ wear this as my body (luckily) is thin enough BUT … just because I can doesn’t mean I should!!! Love the outfit but would look silly on a 65 y/o ‘trying’ to look young again – LOL! I’ll stick to a more ‘age appropriate’ knee length but would the proportions still work? Not sure. Also the shoes are cute but too dressy for my ‘country girl’ life — some cute, low heel, strappy sandals though would work, maybe in a skin color to extend the length of the leg?

  15. Holly DewBean says:

    Yes I would wear dressy shorts. I wore them in the 1990s. What was old is new again!

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