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Elegant Sun Protection: It’s Not Just Sunscreen

I’m always on the hunt for new ways to protect my skin from sun damage. No doubt about it, I have a sun phobia. Having had melanoma tends to do that to some people. Smart people. I wear strong sun screen, hats, sun protective clothing and walk on the shady side of the street. That’s not always enough. I’m heading for 10 days in tropical sun so I’ve added another tool to my arsenal. An elegant one.

I’m so excited to be packing for a visit to Mexico in 4 days. I’m visiting my brother at his lovely little Casa in Loreto Bay. We went 2 years ago and had a fabuous time! I’m ready for lots of laughter, hot sun, warm days by the pools, walks to the ocean and escape reading (trashy novels), which I consider decadent fun.

These Parasols are an elegant alternative to traditional sun umbrella's.
This is the 31″ Parasolé in their Butterfly pattern. It’s a perfect size for maneuvering in crowds.

This top from Soft Surroundings screamed vacation wear to me. It’s a very soft viscose/spandex with a beautiful drape. The silhouette is curvy with an asymmetrical hem. The drape on this top is very feminine. I assumed it would be tropical vacation-wear only, because of the colorful embroidery, but I’ve discovered it’s great for any time I want to feel casually festive.

Handmade Parasols with SPF of 99% are an elegant alternative to hats on hot, sweltering days.

The neckline is flattering for my broad shoulders and the fit and flare shape slims my middle. I have a boxy figure, so the illusion of an hourglass, is just that, an illusion.

I’m packing my sun wrap by Coolibar. It’s Zno Suntect fabric  offers 50+ sun protection. I’ve owned this top in many colors but find white is the most useful for travel. It looks elegant in the evening and feels cool in the sun. This hat makes me feel like the Flying Nun, but is rollable and packs away easily.

Elegant Sun Protection

The problem with wearing a sunhat all day, is my head gets hot and sweaty. Charming, but true. When it’s sweltering hot and humid, a hat can feel miserable.

Elegant Sun Protection involves sun protective clothing and parasols with 50+ UPF

So this trip I’m taking my new favorite Parasolé . I’ve owned several sun umbrellas but they all looked like rain umbrellas. These are true parasols and look elegantly perfect, walking around in the sun. They offer UPF 50+ sun protection which blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful rays.

These Parasolé parasols are made by artisans in the village of Chiang Mai, Thailand which is considered the parasol capital of the world.

A sun Parasol that actually looks like a traditional Parasol. Hand carved bamboo and artisan designed fabric canopies make these an elegant alternative to sun hats.
Here is a 37″ wide version in their beautiful Denim Vine pattern. It looks like stained glass…I adore it!

The frames are made with sustainable bamboo and are hand-carved by local wood workers. The beautiful ribs fan out to create a stunning underside. Each canopy is printed from an original piece of artwork designed by artisans from all over the world. In many cases, the graphics are hand painted or illustrated and exclusive L & L.

The soft carrying case makes it easy for hands free transport.

They all come with a soft carrying case that slips over your shoulder, for easy hand-free portability.

I found these parasols on Instagram and chased them down. A habit of mine when I find someting I love 🙂  I’m not sure they were even set up for retail sales yet, but I had to have them!! They’re a fabulous new accessory I’m thrillled to carry. They are like beautiful artwork! Check out their other amazing prints. I had a hard time choosing which 2 I wanted.

Elegant Sun Parasols

Thanks for all who told me your color choice for the Cashmere Wrap giveaway! Comments are still coming in so I will announce the winner tomorrow.

xo Jennifer





  1. I have two 99%-UV protecting parasols from BRELLI. Check those out, too. I much prefer them to hats, and my dermatologist tells me she sees patients with skin cancers in the parts of the face or neck beyond the shadow the hats may cast. Those exposed areas are vulnerable. The shadows of the parasols protect the face, the top of the head, the neck and chest, and the arms and hands if you hold them within the shadow. Love them1

  2. Parsons are lovely and what a great idea for sun protection. So feminine & lady-like! The Soft Surroundings top looks great on you!

  3. I’ve always had parasols I’ve traveled with. One by one, they’ve gotten lost or ruined. During the last year I’ve popped into different stores in Chinatown/NYC to look for one, but have only seen the giant ones to use as a decor item in the house. Someday, when my things are out of storage, I’ll retrieve the photo of me and my parasol on the beach in Belize. Thank you for the resource. I’m off to buy one! XOXOX, Brenda

  4. You look so good in that top Soft Surroundings blouse! I love a parasol to block out sun much better than a hat! These are beautiful.

  5. What a beautiful idea! A parasole! It makes me think about sorbets! But I see them more lately so I think you are setting a trend! Lol. Have a great time in Mexico.

  6. I have lived 15 yrs in the tropics and did the same. 50+ and parasol. Now using the parasol in southern Europe where the sun is strong too, everybody looked at me like I am an not from that planet. Inexperience what sun can damage on your skin.

  7. Parasols….Another beautiful idea. Thank you.

  8. Jennifer have a fabulously relaxing time!
    I have just ordered the Coolibar Sunwrap, just what I have been needing!

    The Arts by Karena

  9. Lillian Plummer says:

    Great parasols Jennifer.

  10. I still have the marks of skin damage from V-necked tops from when I lived in Africa. I was young and not careful enough. Now I make sure to wear collars and I keep the décolletage to a minimum. I ruined a gorgeous white cotton dress that got yellowish stains from sunblock. Your black top looks like it might resist becoming discolored. It’s frustrating–it isn’t enough to find something cute, and comfortable, but also that protects against the sun and won’t be ruined by sun cream!
    Bon voyage!

  11. I wear hats often in the summertime. I would think that carrying a parasol would interfere with shopping or snapping photos, but it does look very elegant and pretty.

    Enjoy your trip to Mexico!

  12. That is so exciting you are going to Mexico! You deserve it and how fun. I hope you get to relax and rest a bit. Trashy novels are good. You look lovely in this and like the parasols too! Lunch when you get back? xo Kim

  13. Have a wonderful time in Mexico!!!

    I love the first top – the embroidery is gorgeous!

    And the parasols are beautiful and very practical. I agree, in hot, humid weather, a hat is not comfortable!

  14. Oh these are so exquisite! Now if the sun would just shine (I’d even take a peek from behind the clouds) – I could use a pretty parasol.

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