Faux Suede For Fall

I’m a huge fan of suede of all types. It’s more elegant and softer looking than leather (faux or real) and its lack of shine is more flattering against most women’s complexion. Real suede can be a nightmare to get cleaned so I gravitate to faux because it’s affordable, machine washable, and easy.

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brown faux suede jacket on blonde woman

Todays’s ootd features a faux suede moto jacket that I fell in love with at first sight. Apparently, I’m not alone because it’s selling out fast. They call this color Purple Haze, but it looks more like a cool brown to me…which I don’t see that often. It’s also available in 3 other colors, including black. Moto jackets have a tough edge to them so I prefer them in suede or faux suede which helps soften the look.


ovee 50 fashion blogger wearing brown faux suede jacket and beige sweater

This entire outfit is tonal so it softens the effect even more. My crewneck sweater is cream in a cotton blend that has a very slightly fuzzy texture. It comes in 8 colors, sizes XS-4X. I’m wearing a small and could have gone up to a medium for a more slouchy fit.

jennifer conoly of a well styled life laughing

I paired the cream sweater and brown jacket with this high-rise,  slim-fitting, side zip pant from Target. This color is called dark brown, but compared to the deep brown of the jacket it looks more like taupe. The sizes run from 0-18, and 14W-26W, in various colors and plaids. I’m wearing a 6.

blonde woman walking wearing brown faux suede moto jacket outfit

I bookended the outfit with ballet flats that closely resemble the color of my hair, such as it currently is. They are a faux suede too but not in the same category as the jacket or nearly as soft. The pants look green in the above photo but that’s a trick of the light.


jennifer connolly wearing faux suede moto jacket outfit

I certainly could have zhuzhed up this outfit with necklaces, a scarf, bracelets, etc, but I’m liking the cleaner look of soft pale neutrals on their own here.


This faux suede jacket has an elongated shape (love that) and is the most gorgeous espresso color. This longer topper jacket has a sleek collarless design in a soft olive color.

Are you a fan of faux suede?


  1. Your outfit is exquisite.
    Love it, love it!
    That jacket is so beautiful.
    Just my style. 😊

  2. I love this look! Fun, cool, casual with a sophisticated, neutral vibe. Did I say I love it? I have found several faux suede moto style jackets that are unlined which work well in our virtually seasonless Southern California weather. I hadn’t realized that I was probably drawn to the suede look, over leather, because it offers a softer, more flattering appeal. Thanks!

    1. I have my eye out for an unlined long one too. Great weight for my northern CA climate too

  3. Elizabeth says:

    It is interesting how different the faux suede jacket looks on the Nordstrom website vs your photos outside. I am not sure if the online picture would catch my eye like your outdoor shots. I love purple taupes, purple browns.

    Thanks for showing!

  4. I don’t like faux suede. I find it uncomfortable, like I’m wearing plastic. It looks nice, but it’s just not for me.

    1. My friend Eileen cant wear it either.

  5. I think friction from the car seatbelt contributes to those pesky pin holes. Try placing a hand towel across your middle before engaging the seatbelt. Love today’s outfit, Jennifer. I’m a big fan of faux suede and very fond of the neutral color pallet you’ve selected. You look absolutely fabulous!

  6. I love how you pulled together a Nordstrom jacket along with Target top, pants and shoes! I bought my moto leather jacket at Nody’s sale, but recently found 2 adorable sweaters at Target to wear with it. A great outfit again, Jennifer… Do you have any blogs coming up on bags and purses? I always look for one new bag every year for daily use in the fall that goes with browns, navy and blacks–any suggestions?

    1. I have just pulled out my Brown imitation croc satchel but it’s feeling less functional now that I am embracing cross bodies, so I am on a hunt as well. I will do a roundup of what’s new and what I find for you.

  7. Great outfit!
    I have been wanting to know what exactly constitutes a leather jacket as a “moto” jacket? Is it all the zippers? I have a simple black, waist length leather jacket with more of a shirt-style collar, slash pockets, and a center hidden zipper. It’s 20 years old. It’s not edgy but I wonder, is it still “relevant”?

    1. Yikes! That’s me too! I found 3 leather jackets in my closet since my mom taught me “never throw away a leather jacket or a black dress!” Every time I didn’t follow this rule, I regretted it. I have a black zip up, a brown and a burgandy leather blazer. Jennifer, are they wearable and in style?

      1. Leather blazers can look dated depending on the lapels so a well placed scarf can often fix that:)

    2. A moto jacket is a stylized “motorcycle” jacket. They typically have lots of zippers but I certainly can’t picture what I’d put in them:) Your jacket sounds like a classic and if you love it, it is relevant. Try wearing it with a great pair of modern jeans and booties

      1. Thanks Jennifer!

  8. Jan Whichard says:

    New reader here. I have converted to liking faux leather and suede and have several pieces. Chico’s suede is very very nice and high quality. A great faux leather is from The Reset. It is a bit on the higher price side but it is flawless.
    I note that I am not your age or body size or shape at 5’4” size 12 with an hourglass shape but a number of your outfits seem to give ideas for all kids of bodies!

    1. Welcome, Jan! I will check out Reset, that’s a new brand for me.

  9. This entire outfit is very flattering on you. Love the simplicity of the neutral colors.I have very similar coloring as you and would wear this exact outfit. I enjoy your blog so much.

    1. Thanks for being here Nancy:)

  10. This outfit looks absolutely wonderful on you! I was very interested to read that you intentionally bookended your outfit with shoes that resemble the color of your hair. I’ve been paying attention to this concept lately, as my hair is much lighter than it used to be (stopped coloring it in March 2020 and have gone from brunette with highlights to salt and pepper, mostly salt in the front). I’ve definitely noticed that my dark shoes seem to stand out much more now in my outfits. and the balance often seems to be off. One way I’ve learned to combat this -I wear sunglasses with dark frames when I wear dark shoes, which seems to bring the outfit into balance. But in general, I’m buying shoes in lighter colors these days. I just found a pair of light grey loafers that resemble my hair color closely and am very happy with the effortless bookending and balance they provide!

    1. Wearing shoes the same or similar color to your hair, encourages the eye to travel around your body and not slam to a halt at your feet. That’s one of the reasons I snap up gray shoes and boots when I see them. It’s a similar color concept as wearing nude shoes. They don’t draw attention.

  11. I am not drawn toward a motorcycle jacket or leather jacket most of the time but I really think I would like this. The color is one of those off colors that I usually like. A lot of us just can’t afford those expensive clothes being shown on some blogs. I know we can be inspired but I also like to be able to buy, I thank you and Tania particularly for thanking of us on a budget.

    1. I’ve never believed great style needs to be expensive. It’s all about how you put things together to make your personal statement. And having fun! Tania is fabulous.

  12. Diane Forest says:

    That’s a great looking outfit. Love it, but I have a question that is not related. I have a huge problem with my knit tops getting small holes in the front near the waistline. I assumed it was the button on my jeans so I always wear one of those no-show belts like you have shown, but I still get the holes. It’s very frustrating and getting to be expensive. Do you have any ideas on what is causing this and a solution? I love all your tips and advice.

    1. It might be the little corner of denim above the belt. Perhaps a wider belt? I had a Madewell tee do that to me this summer and just assumed it’s because the fabric was so thin. I wish they’d make them a bit heavier weight.

    2. My son always has those holes in his tee shirts. He wears a belt but doesn’t tuck in the shirts and I think the shirt rubbing against the belt does it. Frustrating.

  13. Faux suede is the way to go and I LOVE it!!!!!

  14. You shine in this outfit. Subtle, understated and classy.

  15. Love this look!! What size Jacket did you order? It says the Medium is 6-8. Thanks 🙂

    1. I’m wearing a medium but if I planned to wear it closed over anything thicker I would get a large. It’s a bit snug in the shoulders for me. I’m usually an 8-10 on top.

  16. Francesca B. says:

    Gorgeous look Jennifer, l love the muted colors and the hi/low prices. I have just bought my first faux suede jacket, the BD Dakota one at Nordstrom l think it’s called cognac and it’s beautiful. The softness is very complimentary and l went up a size so l could wear a sweater too. The photo shoot looks like a brilliant time l hope you went for a glass of wine afterwards !! Happy week 🙂

    1. The cognac color is so gorgeous. BB Dakota makes some gorgeous pieces and their faux suede is so soft. Happy Thursday xx

  17. Like these colors for fall and, as always, it all looks great on you. Impressed by the inexpensive flats and I will be ordering. Also, this Moto jacket is less expensive than Chico’s Moto so I am more likely to purchase this trendy piece.

    1. Beautifully made too.

  18. Soft and rich browns are lovely and are especially suited to suede. I gravitate to colour and will be wearing my teal and red faux suede jackets this fall.

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