Floral Kimono with Stovepipe Jeans

Today’s outfit is one I will reach for often this spring. It makes me happy and feels lighthearted which is always a good thing. I started with a pretty floral kimono with stovepipe jeans, a Pima cotton tee, some fun platform wedges, and my vintage wicker handbag. The star of this look is the kimono but let’s start with the jeans.

Stovepipe Jeans

woman standing in front of green door wearing floral kimono and blue jeans

I brought several pairs of jeans home to try several weeks ago and snapped the tag off this Madewell pair the second I zipped them up. They’re one of the comfiest pairs of jeans I’ve had on my body in years, and that’s saying a lot because I have an extensive collection of jeans 🙂 They’re soft-to-the-touch denim woven with sustainable Tencel, lyocell, elastane, and fit like a dream! They have a nice high rise, are fitted through the hip and thigh, with a stovepipe leg.


blonde blogger wearing pink kimono with blue jeans and white wedge sandals


What is a stovepipe jean you ask?

They’re a slightly tighter version of straight-leg jeans that are fitted to the knee, then fall straight to the ankle. In other words, my perfect jeans. They’re available in petite, standard, and tall. I’m wearing a 27 standard. Madewell ranks their denim by the quantity of stretch and these are in the extra comfy category.

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woman walking in pink kimono and stovepipe jeans

Floral Kimono

I topped the jeans with this floral kimono that’s floaty and fun. The botanical print seems picture perfect for spring and right through the summer. I popped into Anthropology last week, hoping to find a kimono with actual sleeves, and was thrilled to discover several! Kimono’s without set-in sleeves tend to slide off your shoulders which requires constant adjusting. That’s just plain annoying and not worth the trouble. It’s an airy viscose that swishes when you walk…hence the fun feeling.

Shop Kimonos


woman sitting on low wall wearing blue jeans and pink kimono

You know how it is when you buy a red car, then notice every other red car on the road? That’s what happened after I bought these Donald Pliner platform wedge sandals. I started spotting this resin-type buckle detail everywhere!

More Resin Buckles


straw handbag and wedge sandals with blue jeans and kimono


There’s just something so perfect about white sandals for the summer and getting a little height boost is an added benefit. Loved these on sight then discovered they’re very comfy.  These wedges feel very stable to walk in and will be great with casual dresses. I have a wide foot so appreciate that the buckle works so you can widen or narrow for the perfect fit.

Floral Kimono with Stovepipe Jeans

women wearing pink sunglasses and floral kimono


A braided belt keeps things very casual and ties in visually to my wicker handbag. I have never found anything really similar to my vintage wicker bag so I’m sharing a few other great-shaped ones. A nice wicker handbag is a forever purchase to me. Mine cost more than I wanted to spend 25 years ago but I’ve used and enjoyed it every summer since which makes its cost-per-wear very affordable.

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Wicker Handbags


woman in front of green door weaing pink kimono and white tee shirt

And what better to match the pink in my rose-colored sunglasses than these pretty Morganite earrings and pendant necklace? It’s the softest, delicate shade of pink and just the right amount of sparkle. Layering smaller pieces looks very modern these days so I added this teardrop necklace in moonstone.

blonde woman wearing pink kimono ovr white tee and blue jeans


This is my third kimono and likely not my last. They are a great way to add a pop of color or pattern to your look and offer some arm coverage on the hottest days.

Are kimonos part of your wardrobe?

Have a great day ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident





  1. I love the kimono-look and have almost bought it several times! What’s holding me back? I keep thinking I’m wearing a robe. Tell me I’m wrong! BTW it’s snowing this morning here in Chicago 🙁

    1. You could wear it over jammies or dress it up to wear outside. It’s not meant to be a bathrobe but easily works for one. What you wear it with, makes all the difference:)

  2. Such a great spring look, Jennifer! It seems the trend is away from “statement” necklaces and more toward more delicate pieces, do you agree?

  3. Love your outfit….all pieces look great together or separately. I would wear this in a heartbeat. It gets an extra plus for comfort.

  4. Yes to kimonos! I have a few, purchased from Chicos, Soft Surroundings and Macys. All of mine have sleeves so try stay on just fine. I wore a blue/turquoise/beige/copper patterned one for Easter with light blue jeans and a white tank top. Made a great outfit for spring! When its chilly I can wear a long sleeved white tee for the same look but it’s warmer, since a kimono doesn’t have any weight for warmth.
    Nice post!

  5. This is just the outfit to wear on vacation if you feel uncomfortable at home with it. I love 💕 it and now I’m looking into it. Need a bargain brand because they have to remove my bathroom skylight. Leaking and won’t stop. (Sigh) cost a fortune I’m sure.

  6. Beautiful outfit today. Love the kimono, so fresh for spring. I have not purchased one before, but now may be the time. You always look so put together with your outfits and accessories.

  7. Oh I love this combination of clothing on you! It makes me want to try it here as it’s just such a great combination!!!

  8. I love everything about your outfit! Just ordered the kimono, can’t wait to get it!
    Your purse is darling, checking Ebay for vintage ones. You look so pretty and young in all your spring outfits. We live in similar climates so I can always count on you for the best styles for our warm weather.

  9. Hah, we’re on the same wavelength again! I just picked up a new kimono last week to wear with my jeans. Yours is just lovely!!

  10. Love the look. Have never found one that looked as good on as it did on the hanger. Perhaps finding one in Petite with the sleeves would change my mind.
    Question : I love the look of layered necklaces, especially the delicate ones like you have on today but whenever I try it they tangle around each other. Is there a trick to keeping them separate?

  11. Do like your choice of Kimono however it is something really not that popular were I live, as more apt to see a shirt dress worn as an overlay instead. The jeans are an amazing fit on you and the platform sandals definitely rock! Also, thank you for the link on the white t-shirt as just yesterday browsed through your ‘shop my look’ and appreciate the confirmation it is, from Talbots. -Brenda-
    P.S.: For layering necklaces; Amazon carries what is called a ‘necklace spacer’ for a range from two up to four.

  12. I so agree about needing a shoulder seam, otherwise they slip and slide all day. Those are my fav. style of jeans, and in a full length for me. You look so fresh for spring in that entire outfit and if your purse has served you for that many years it was well worth the price. I hope you are feeling fully recovered from your shot. I was pretty knocked out from the first one, so not looking forward to the second for that reason. Just want it over and done.

  13. I love this outfit on you & pinned it! You’ve added just the right amount of accessories. The kimono is really cute…I just don’t have an occasion to wear it right now but Anthropology is the best place to find these!

  14. I love this look! I have several kiminos and never wear them – thanks for inspiring me to wear them with jeans! and of course now I want a straw bag to add to my collection!

  15. Love your look today! Looks so breezy and comfortable. I purchased a kimono last spring but have yet to wear it. I just need to go for it. It just seemed so big on me but I think that’s the look. Yours looks beautiful ❤️

  16. LOVE the entire look! Already ordered the sandals. My current kimono does fall off my shoulders. I didn’t realize why. Will try this one. The wicker bag is perfect. A great outfit. Thanks!

  17. Wow. This look is perfection. I love the handbag – such a chic addition to the outfit and really pulls it together. Nice touch with the white nail polish!

  18. What a beautiful look! You wear clothes so wonderfully! I would need flat sandals ( knee issues) so perhaps plan on a shorter kimono? Not sure…….

  19. What a beautiful outfit and looks so nice on you! I would love to try on that pair of jeans as I did not know what stovepipe jeans were; but I’m going to have to wait for a sale on them.

  20. I love every single detail of your featured look today! For me, it’s that magical mix of high/low pieces that create such a balanced style. Your minimal use of accessories compliment a summer look that I would love to recreate.
    Yes to all things Tencel! It’s a sustainable fabric that is cool, soft, wrinkles less, drapes beautifully and retains it’s color. I wash in cold water and line dry.
    I do need a full strap on sandal these days. I wish I could wear those wedge sandals!
    You are inspiring me to step up my style and guess what? I’m ready!

  21. Every photo of you in this outfit was especially good! I’m mot familiar with Madewell. Are they an online company only or can one try on and purchase at a brick and mortar store of their own or other?

      1. Your outfit is just so beautiful and looks so good on you. The kimono has such beautiful colors in it . Love it with your jeans and white tee.

  22. I love the look of kimonos on other women but feel they overwhelm my 5 ft, stocky frame. Plus, the material gets in the way when sitting and the sleeves get in the way, too. Perhaps the kind you are wearing today with actual sleeves would eliminate the need to constantly adjust. I might need to try on kimonos again!

  23. I so enjoy your posts and the clothes that you wear. I am so glad I found your blog. I’m in my late 60’s and feel I can wear everything that you show. Thanks so much for all your helpful hints and detailed descriptions of the clothes.

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