Floral Trench Raincoat Over A Column Of Blue

If March winds bring April showers then we are ready because it’s been a blustery month! The truth is we really, really, need the rain here in Northern California. The reservoirs we’ve spotted on our Sunday drives are very low which makes me worry about fire season. Today I’m stying a floral trench raincoat for a casual day around town.

I finally donated my old, black trench coat so I’ve been on the hunt for a replacement. My friends at Chico’s gifted me this colorful trench, so today I’m taking it out for a test drive. A neutral raincoat is an easy piece to go over most anything, but a colored one can be more uplifting.

woman standing in front of floral mural wearing floral raincoat
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This floral pattern is a mixture of fuchsia, coral, pink, beige, blush, and tiny spots of sky blue. It’s busier than I’m used to wearing so I toned it down by wearing it over a column of blue. The soft blue in the print coordinated with my blue jeans and the pale blue of my cotton sweater.


closeup of blue cotton v neck sweater and floral trench



The style of this sweater just screams weekend causal to me and it’s a great weight for this time of year. It was the color that first attracted me to it, then I loved the forgiving shape and great price clinched the deal.  I tried the small first but I decided on the medium to give me a little extra length in the arms. It’s actually long enough to wear over leggings if you wanted.


blonde woman walking down flight of stains in bright colored raincoat and blue sweater



My jeans are a pale wash, slim cut that skims my legs rather than strangles them. I’m having a real change of heart where skinny jeans are concerned this year. Perhaps it’s part of wanting to be as comfortable as possible, but more likely, it’s because I’m not finding them as flattering as slim or straight leg styles on me. This lighter wash is nice for spring and a good match for my favorite flats.


woman cynching belt on floral raincoat


This floral trench has a classic fit with a tie belt and zip-off hood which would be super handy during a downpour. It’s available in regular or petite. Although I’m 5’4″, this 4-6 regular gives me the sleeve length I need for my long arms. Petite garments are often too short in the torso for me so the belt is too high. This one is perfect for me.




blonde woman wearing floral raincoat



With all the color and pattern in the trench, I pared my jewelry back to a simple pair of drop earrings that have the same soft blue that’s in the print. A necklace would have felt way over the top for me so earrings alone, it is.


woman standing in front of angel mural wearing floral trench coat

We’re always happy to find murals to take photos near because they’re so much prettier than plain gray walls or graffiti. Isn’t this one with the angel wings fun?

What sort of rain/trench coat do you like to wear in the spring? Are colors your jam? Florals or neutrals?

I’d love to know.

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


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  1. Louise Routledge says:

    Put simply that is a gorgeous coat and you look very elegant. Could I order it from Australia?

    1. I am not sure if they ship to Australia, I hope they do for you.

  2. I’m not a lover of florals on myself, but I can see how the colors in this raincoat would cheer up a rainy day. I like the way you have styled it, but I don’t think I’d ever purchase a floral coat. I have a navy raincoat that has cuffs with red, yellow, and green stripes. That’s as edgy as I get!

  3. Re the rain/trench coat; love its classic style and its length, its colours plus it has a removable hood however I am just not drawn to florals. Those that I do own; two are plain black (one the same length the other a midi with a zip-out liner) and one which I will describe as a tartan plaid pattern in light gray/black/purple, all of which I seldom wear in comparison to other outerwear that I have (but do have an arsenal of umbrellas … lol.) As to your straight leg jeans which look great on you; I don’t own a pair and with our continuous lock downs will have to settle for those in my closet until the opportunity arises to try a pair on for sizing/fit.

    So like your new hairstyle Jennifer as feel it is super chic!

    1. Thanks, Brenda. I am really enjoying it.

  4. You’ve styled it well but I prefer a bright color as alternative to neutral trenches. This print is too feminine for my personal style, and perhaps overwhelming as I’m petite. I’ve owned bright green in past which was fun. But limiting. Kinda liking black/white checks at the moment.

  5. I feel that I may have liked this coat more if it had a better color for the background drop. It appears to be a yellowish beige. Maybe a soft grey or ivory would have been better. Of course, you still found a way to make it work. Yes to slim or straight leg jeans! I do like the sweater and love the price too. It also comes in a pretty ivory color.
    I seldom need a rain coat but when I do, I grab my ole black, LLBean that has been in the closet for years! I don’t imagine it will ever wear out! Lol

    1. It’s funny you say that, I have a Northface coat that I think will last through the next Ice Age:) Luckily, it’s a gorgeous blue

  6. It’s a cute coat snd it is ready for spring showers!

  7. The trench is cute on you and had I still been working, it might have made its way into my closet, though honestly I would more likely have bought a bright colored, solid one. But now that I’m retired, I’m going for a more sporty style. And I can’t justify having a lot of coats, when I am home more often. While florals are not my jam, this particular one is awfully pretty. I might buy it if it were in something like a denim jacket.

  8. Paulette Levy says:

    I love thus vibrant orient raincoat and your use a to wear it over a single color column just really works! I own a navy blue “slicker” wTerproof material for true rain storms. And I just purchased Talbots vibrant pink (hot pink) trench they featured a month it so back….it’s not printed as yours is, but still offers a happy vibe. I hung onto my black trench, but it’s at the back of my closet now.

    1. Talbots trenched are fabulous!! You’ll love it

  9. I love it and I love it on you. Fun and yes what a good idea about the earrings. I could see it with my black skirt too . I would wear it in those in between seasons – it is a nice length too.

  10. I think it looks cute on you. Fun & Flirty! When you have a selection of outerwear, why not throw in a colourful one.

  11. Phyllis Hughes says:

    I love a good trench coat. I have one that I bought twenty years ago. It has been well loved and needs to be replaced. I have made three coats to replace it, but I still grab it when I head out the door.

    I think the print on the trench overwhelms you. All I see is the coat, not you. I know it would overwhelm me, too. I tend to prefer solids for coats and jackets. I love the rest of your outfit, especially the shoes.

  12. I love the sweater, both color and style. Trench coat is not for me. A bit to bold for my size.
    Thanks for sharing

  13. I”m afraid I won”t be jumping on the flowered raincoat train. I don’t want to have to think when dressing about what to put on that won’t clash with my coat. I’d rather add a bright floral/ patterned umbrella or rain poncho to a solid coloured coat when the rain comes down.

  14. I like trench coats, and wear them as my jacket, as I’m pear shaped, so I look for a line or fit and flare shapes. I have a blue/ teal, mid brown, tan, black, pink , and a vintage Burberry. The most comfortable is the Burberry, it has a heavenly cotton lining. I get the most compliments on my pink one. I would buy a toile print, but I haven’t seen any so far. I lusted after the lace Burberry that came out a few years ago, but didn’t get it. Florals are more limiting, so the print would have to intrigue me. I like your hair cut!

    1. Pink is a favorite for me too. Thanks. Coffee soon?

  15. Love the trench! Life is too short to wear black all of the time!

    1. That is the attitude I am quickly developing:)

  16. I love the wings! The coat I’m on the fence about. I just don’t think I like the busy look. I like the style though. I still would rather my slate blue and tan trench. Back in my hipper days when I was 60, I would have worn this in a heartbeat.

  17. This is definitely not for me! The design is just too large and flashy. Also, living in a humid climate, there is no need for a coat like this.

  18. My raincoat is black. My last raincoat was black. I would love a pretty color.

  19. Love the coat but I don,t think I would dare to wear it though.Saying that Why should I not give it a go?

  20. I like the style of the coat but the big floral print is too busy for me also. I would find this bold print too limiting as far as what I would wear under it. However, I would buy a trench in one the single bright colors in this coat.

  21. Now that is a mood lifter for dreary weather. I like the fact that there is a removable hood and also that it is machine washable. That is a bonus with the light background. I fell hard for the philosophy one in the slide show, but sadly they do not ship to Canada. I have a fun navy with cream dots one and a plain grey one, so something happy and flirty would add to the mix. There seems to be a trend for more than plain styles and I like the choices.

  22. I love this raincoat so much….worked at an airport for 41 years, so all i ever wore for rain was that neon yellow plastic….i should have bought the raincoat instead of the jeans in the same print…but figured since i dont actually have to be out in the rain anymore, the jeans would get more mileage. however, i pull on the jeans and all i see are hips and thighs, so im still working on a tone down top or sweater set or something to make them work on me…

  23. I love this fun rain coat – both the floral pattern and the pretty bright colors! I’d love to see it hanging in my coat closet which is full of black, navy, brown. My husband bought me a pricey traditional trench coat several years ago. At first I loved it but now it feels boring. Your coat over the blue outfit is perfect for spring rain.

  24. I love the trench and would wear it. Cheers me up!

  25. I am thinking I would wear it for fun once or twice, but then knowing me I would go to a ‘steady staple’ sort of coat. I find I am drawn to something different and pretty like this piece, then really don’t get the wear out of it to justify actually buying a piece so unique.

    1. That’s important to know about yourself because it will save you lots of money on things you never wear.

  26. The floral raincoat is so pretty. I’ve always worn plain colors but this would be really fun. I seem to gravitate to sporty jackets with hoods. We can get quite a bit of rain here in the northwest! Really love the sweater. Exactly what I wear in the spring. The color is great on you.

  27. Hi Jennifer, once again, you can pull off any look! 🙂
    I do like the bright colours of the raincoat. I think on a dreary, rainy day this pop of colour would brighten anyone’s mood. For fun, I might pair it with hot pink rubber boots!

    1. I forgot to mention – my spring raincoat is bright orange from a Montreal designer! I get a lot of complements on it because it’s unique.

    2. I do have a pair of pale pink rain boots!! I forgot all about them. I’ll be digging them out today.

  28. This type of coat would be unusual in this rural suburban area. It”s striking, but not a style I would wear. Raincoats for me are 3/4 length jackets with hoods. I was given a pink one for my birthday.

  29. I love the murals you found especially floral one. The trench coat on you is adorable but I stick to black or yellow for jeans days.