Holiday Gift Guide for Men

With October firmly in our rearview mirror, it’s full steam ahead for the holidays, ladies. Are you ready? I was at the mall yesterday and was shocked to see how many people were hustling to their cars laden down with huge bags.

People are on it earlier than ever this year, which is smart because the supply chains are causing a nightmare for retailers. If shopping for the men in your life causes you stress, here are a few gift suggestions that will get you started.

Gift Guide for Men

Every man can use an updated trimmer, and this one is a great deal that will cover all his trimming needs.

This slim wallet will keep his cards safe and will fit easily in any pocket. I don’t know about your husband, but mine still carries an old fashion pocket bulging brand 😉

I love the idea of this docking station. It’s got a place for everything that he strews across the bedside table. This will keep things looking much but more organized.

This is a great-looking backpack that has stellar reviews. My husband’s old backpack has seen better days and he needs an update. He uses it every day to take his stuff back and forth to the pool and it’s definitely time for a refresh. This is shaping up to sound like my husband’s gift list.

Keep him looking great at all his tailgates and get-togethers with this cooler. My son has one of these and raves about its quality.

You won’t find a better pair of headphones, the sound quality in Beats is truly unmatched.

Are his grill tools getting grimy? If it’s time to update, this set is amazing. Actually, I do most of the grilling at our house and the tools do need an upgrade. My husband is to grilling what I am to gardening…hopeless.

This projector makes it so easy to view movies. It wirelessly connects to your Android or IOS so you can watch things on a larger screen with amazing clarity.

All men love meat and cheese, right? This collection includes both, plus crackers and a few sweet treats.

If your guy loves sports, this will be a great gift for game nights. We are big game players in this house but I would not know a single answer in this game:)

This portable retro-styled mini fridge looks great anywhere. And it’s truly portable since it comes with an option that plugs right into your car 12V adapter.

Keep your golfer practicing his swing all year round with this putting green. I think my daughter would love this too.

It’s a safe bet to say he probably hasn’t purchased any new pajamas lately, these 3 pairs will be all he needs to get him through the next year. They come in 4 color combos sized 32-42 waist.

I have never understood this phenomenon, but hot sauce is really an obsession for many people. I just look at it and see broken facial capillaries:) but everybody I know loves these things, the hotter the better. This is a great hot sauce sampler kit, see how many he can try before he has to reach for the milk.

Give him the gift of a safe ride this Holiday Season. This is a great gift for anyone!

This is a great-looking stand to keep his phone hands free. It’s made from recycled chopsticks and has an ergonomic design.

If your guy likes to work out, these clever adjustable weights have great reviews and don’t take up the space that a regular set of dumbbells does.

Everyone could always use a new North Face down vest, and this year’s version is great-looking. It comes in 3 colors, XSS-XXL.

A mug that will keep his coffee warm no matter how long he’s been drinking it. And when he’s not using it, I will use it for my tea:) It comes in 12 colors. I may need to order one in my color and have him put it under the tree for me.

This windbreaker comes in 6 colors and folds down to nothing so he can stuff it in the front pocket.

He can throw away all those cables with this easy-to-use charging pad. Cables drive me batty all over the place so this is a great gift for the women on your list too.

If your guy likes to fish, this mystery kit is fun and he’ll be thrilled to get some fun stuff at a great price. There are several kits to choose from so you can guarantee he’ll get one he loves.


This cool gift will give you major points when he gets to learn from the pros. Pick from classes on cooking, sports, gaming, and more. I love gifting experiences and this will be fun.


Does he need more room in the fridge to store his beer, how about lofting it so you can store twice as much?

Once you make your pizza from scratch, trust me when I say you’ll never go back. We bought a tiny one a few years ago that got lost in the move so this may go under our tree.

I hope these ideas will help you get started on your Holiday shopping. What clever things do you like to gift the men in your life? You can also check out Holiday Gifts Under $50.

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.

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  1. Thank you for this list! The wallet looks like a strong possibility. I hadn’t heard of hot sauce and broken capillaries until you mentioned it. Do they happen in the face?

    1. Vasodilators can make worse or cause or broken capillaries. That list includes alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods, etc, etc. I’m prone to them so stay away from very spicy food.

  2. The wallet interested me but once I read the REVIEWS I would not buy it. It isn’t good quality and I think older men would not like this simplistic design. Where do you put your cash? However, a leather wallet with RFID will find it’s way into my husband’s stocking. The search continues….
    I always make my own pizza dough from scratch so I’m thinking that outdoor pizza oven would be fun.

    1. Joanna, if you are still looking for a leather RFID wallet that has room for bills, check out Secrid slim wallets. DH has had one for several years and we just bought them as Christmas gifts for both SIL’s. The Dutch brand ships to the US and they are also available at several Canadian retailers.

  3. This is the most innovative gift ideas that I have seen posted by bloggers recently. Thanks so much for the creativity!!

  4. This list is great. Several of these items are similar to gifts men in my family have received over the years: the first three, headphones, a down vest and PJs. Another popular choice was boxed gift sets of Italian shaving creams and balms from the local pharmacy. These have become their favorite shaving staples. Also, a double-walled and lidded stainless steel coffee mug with a handle has proven popular over the pandemic months of working and studying at home.

    It’s true, get on that Christmas shopping now. Online retailers are already out if stock on many items. It didn’t help that a cargo ship lost many of its containers in a storm near Victoria last month, so we Canadians might find empty shelves soon.

  5. What a great selection of ideas. After many years, I too need a bit of help. I actually thought a drone would be on my list to look for, but I don’t know the first thing about what to choose. Thanks for getting the wheels turning.

  6. Thanks a bunch for these excellent gift suggestions. As you point out, some are good for our daughters and ourselves. Much appreciated. Julie

  7. Thanks for all the great ideas Jennifer. After 45 years of wedded bliss 😉, I’m always trying to think of something different to buy ‘I’m indoors. I’ve just added the phone docking station to my Amazon basket and will look for a mug warmer as he always forgets his drinks till they’ve gone cold!