Monochromatic With Texture

Happy Friday, ladies. This week has felt very long for me so I’m happy to see the weekend on the horizon. Our fall weather with cool temps is firmly here and I’m thrilled. This is my favorite time of year for fashion because I can layer, layer, layer, and I love the way that adds interest to our outfits. I’m back in a monochromatic outfit today with loads of texture.


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Vest’s are hugely popular this fall and a great alternative to a jacket. I usually wear a puffer style but wanted to check out the newest knit versions. I wandered into the Banana Republic and fell in love.

woman wearing beige vest and beige pants

I liked this vest on the hanger and I fell hook, line, and sinker once I touched it. Its chunky knit is covered with beautiful cables but what sold me is the feel. It feels like cashmere but it’s an affordable blend of 55% organic cotton, 37% nylon, 8% wool. It’s not too hot to wear even inside and it’s not the least bit scratchy. The color is a gorgeous cream white that is neither warm nor cool. Perfect in my book.

woman wearing neutral cabled vest

This is not a shape I would ordinarily gravitate to because of the dropped shoulders but I’m choosing to ignore that and love it for what it is. It’s got a gorgeous turtleneck which is so generous it drapes more like a cowl. It’s 2″ longer in the back than the front with side slits. Honestly, I wish I could buy a throw blanket for my couch in this knit, it’s so cozy! It comes in sizes XXS-XXL, I am wearing a small.

woman wearing monochromatic outfit

Did you ever buy something, then discovered it’s so perfect for your wardrobe, you wish you had bought 2? That’s me and this silk-blend pullover. I own it in 2 colors, but this cool/neutral beige seems to go with everything in my wardrobe and I am reaching for it all. the. time. It’s not tight or loose, just the perfect little sweater to toss on anytime. I ran this through my machine on cold, gentle cycle, then hung it to dry and steamed it. It looks brand new.


I chose corduroy pants for this look which would hold up to the texture on the vest. They’re a very soft, high-rise straight leg style with certified, organically grown cotton that’s easier on the earth. They have a touch of spandex for comfort and come in 3 colors, sizes, regular or tall, 25-35. I am wearing a 29.

blonde woman wearing cabled vest

I could have added beige suede boots but I decided it was time to bring these Dr. Scholl booties back out. I bought mine two years ago at Nordstrom, but found them for you here on Zappos which also has free shipping and returns! I love these, they’re a low stable heel and go with an amazing number of things in my wardrobe. The pant leg is the perfect width to cover the top of a bootie.


Simple easy, peasy outfit with lots of cozy fabrics and a step up from jeans which I’m liking more and more these days. I’ve gone back to my brighter lipliner (in “Stylist: color) and lipstick (in Rosewater) when I wear soft neutrals because I like the boost it gives my face.

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Have you noticed yourself gravitating to specific colors this fall?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident because that’s what really matters.


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  1. Love the beige sweater! It fits you perfectly. The vest looks great on you but I’m not sure about how it would look on me. I’m pretty sure it would droop on the shoulders but love the texture.

  2. Love love love the cable knit sweater!!! Love the cords too!! Starting to cool a bit here in central Florida so some of my lightweight sweaters will be coming out very soon!!! At this time of year I wish I was back in New England enjoying the beautiful fall weather. One of the biggest things I miss is all the great clothes usually worn in the cooler days up north!! Have a wonderful weekend Jennifer 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  3. If you really want a throw blanket in that type of knit, just search online for “aran knit” or “fisherman knit” throws. There are many, in a wide range of prices. I too love that knit!

  4. I am loving your take on neutrals this fall. I tried the pumpkin/orange soft sweater and ended up returning because i just didn’t like how I felt in the color but you inspired me to try a different shade and I am now snuggled up in a fluffy long cardigan in a similar shade to this sweater above. I love the boots you wear also but alas I am having trouble deciding since I have so many issues with my feet. Your willingness to shed the voice of your mother about your shoulders is admirable. I agree with you – while choosing our clothes according to our proportions is intellectually reasonable, the emotional aspects of our style are important too. I have been undecided about some slacks I purchased because though they accentuate my figure I am not comfortable with the body-con fit. Your words have given me permission to return them. Just because something looks good if it doesn’t feel good chances are I wont reflect the confidence I seek to show to the world. Then again if something just feels right then sometimes it seems best to lean in and enjoy the feel of it on our skin.

    1. I love how eloquently you worded that. We need to give ourselves permission to wear what we love. It’s a struggle to go against what I know is most esthetically pleasing. But in the end, I want to please myself most. We all need to.

  5. Love this article! As a lowish contrast summer, I gravitate towards tonal dressing, but was missing the piece about different textures. You look great in these outfits!

  6. I don’t usually comment since at 5’11” I’m so much taller than must anyone who does but I must give my opinion on this look. I love a column of color with a bright splash; perhaps a vest, scarf or jacket depending on the time of year. For my height very heavily textured, big sweaters make me look like a football defense person!
    I am a blonde, blue eyed women of Scandinavian decent so those neutrals are so much me but smaller cables & a little less cable 😊😊

  7. Thanks for mentioning how you washed your silk sweater top! Mine are needing it but I was still trying to decide if I could risk the machine…in they’ll go today! 😎

  8. I am being drawn to all the beautiful creams , browns, beiges this year. I love your outfit. I just bought a cardigan and a fleece sweater from a Walmart just as soft as the more expensive. I washed the fleece and it came out great. Fabrics are getting better in all price ranges. Just watch those sizes.

  9. I have to smile about the “football shoulders.” We are all so different. I have more narrow, sloping shoulders and extended shoulders like this is what I look for! You look lovely in this outfit, Jennifer! The creams and the cable in front really elongate your look and I think the extended shoulders balance that large cable and turtleneck.
    I am working on building a neutral wardrobe of grays. I have very cool coloring. But it’s hard to find lighter grays that coordinate; that’s my challenge. Blacks are too harsh sometimes, and it’s also hard to find coordinating shades of navy – sometimes harder to coordinate than shades of gray!

    1. The sweater that Jennifer is wearing comes in two different shades of gray. I know because I checked it out, and the colors are as lovely as she mentioned. I am ordering the darker gray in a larger size to wear over white and (I hope) denim shirts.
      And yes, it was a really long week!

  10. Hi Jennifer, this outfit looks lovely on you, as they all do. I love winter white/cream.
    Could you please tell me what size you are wearing in the silk top? I’d love it in cream. We have a similar upper body shape and BR is one of the few stores we have in Canada.
    Thank you!

  11. I like that textural neutral look on you, and have begun thinking of what I have in the closet that I can play around with. Fall is such a great time for layering…when it’s not wet out. ☔️
    Banana Republic was a very popular site for me, and I received many tops in the post. Unfortunately, after recently exploring their new fashions, and seeing them on you as well, I find they no longer support international deliveries.
    I have unsubscribed out of frustration… Nordstrom will have to be it for me, Jennifer.

  12. So if you ever wondered what a million bucks looked like, well, from head to toe, this is it! I love the cream color and semi cowl neck on the sweater vest! The options for styling this piece are endless.
    Your hair cut is beautiful! The blunt, layer cuts just add that perfect finished style.

  13. Jennifer these outfits look so sharp on you! What size are you wearing in the sweater top with silk? I am 5’2 and prefer regular sizes in tops for the added length but often end up with sleeves that are too long.

  14. The outfit looks great on you but for me with a short neck the vest sweater does not work. I like the neutral colors even in winter.

  15. Such a lovely outfit Jennifer, beautiful textures thanks for sharing. I am so loving BR right now and many of their items are on my Christmas list if anyone wants a present idea for me!! That cowl neck is going on 🙂 l feel you on the long week, time for some down time happy weekend.

    1. BR keeps getting better and better with each collection. I’m so happy with their designs and quality these days.

  16. I love neutrals and this outfit looks adorable on you, but on me the outer sweater would make me look like a football player! The cowl neck and cut off sleeves would give me the look of a jersey with shoulder pads. I could see a sweater of similar material only with long sleeves and a little tapering to give a better appearance of a waist instead of adding bulk. The corduroy pants look soft and comfortable and that is one of the things I love about autumn – corduroy!

    1. You bring up an excellent point, Ellen. It makes me look the same way. My mom always talked about her football shoulders, and mine, which gave me a complex about them. I was always self conscious about how large they are. It’s good to know my body proportions but I love the feel of this vest so much, it overrides my desire to try to balance my broad shoulders:) Irrational? Yes, but somethings can’t be explained. At least for me.

      1. Isn’t it funny to hear all the descriptions…positive and negative…about shoulders! My mom always said the she and martaI should be proud of your square, broad shoulders. She was an excellent seamstress and tailor, and she said we could wear our clothes so much better than those with narrow, sloping shoulders. So I have always thought my shoulders are an asset!