Monday Musings- Coastal Grandmother Style

Happy Monday, ladies. First, there was Grandmillenial design or “granny chic” decor which is popular with millennials. They’re putting their own twist on traditional with bold patterns, printed curtains, fringe, pleats, and heirloom furniture. Now it’s Coastal Grandmother style. More than decor, this is also a lifestyle and fashion aesthetic. Have you heard of it? Here’s how to get the coastal grandmother style.

coastal grandmother style example

This effortlessly put-together style is inspired by Nancy Meyer’s films and specifically, Diane Keaton in Somethings Got to Give.  A young woman first coined the phrase on TikTok, and it’s since taken on a life of its own. Everywhere I went on the web this weekend, I saw references to “coastal grandmother”.

The style includes lots of loose breathable fashion. Chunky knits and loose linen in neutral beiges white, cream, and natural fabrics including cashmere. Oversized oxford shirts, comfy chinos, and lots of classic neutrals. It’s a romanticized Hamptons-esque vibe that’s getting more popular by the moment.


The coastal grandmother also has a defined lifestyle many aspire to. She sips wine on her porch while her latest Ina Garten creation finishes baking. She loves to garden, shop at the farmers market, enjoys her book club, takes long walks on the beach, and believes in downtime to relax and recharge. She basically lives the good life…to which I say, sign me right up.

It’s been a rough couple of years for all of us so fashion and a lifestyle that feels effortless, are certainly easy to aspire to. We don’t have to live near the beach or have grandchildren to be a coastal grandmother. The fashion is clean, classic, and casual. The lifestyle comes from being comfortable in our own skin and doing the things that bring us joy. We appreciate the wisdom that age has granted us and live our best life by being true to ourselves.



Have you heard of this aesthetic?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



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  1. Kathleen Weiss says:

    I am not a grandmother, but am old enough to be a great grandmother, I love my jeans, tee shirts, colorful blouses. I like neutrals and I wear them, but I feel at a certain age color is a good thing not only does color bright the skin and it also bright me mentally. I also believe our jewelry should also be colorful.


  2. Cathlyn M Wilk says:

    Neutrals are always a safe bet when dressing at any age. I add a pop of color to mine.
    The label “Grandmother” is not appreciated by other readers and I agree. Aging is natural whether or not a woman is a grandmother. We all have to get dressed and look our best daily.

    You always come up with great ideas for outfits and skin/haircare. It’s the ad campaign that I object to not your blog.


  3. They call me Gra. It’s the first word that came out of my first Grandson’s mouth when he was 9 months, I think. It stuck so now I am a young 71 year old “great Gra”. All these special Grand children and Great Granddaughter are so sweet and so much fun. I wish I lived closer to the older ones too, but don’t. I find that I dress like I want to and have fun with it. I was a coastal “Gra” but not anymore. My husband and I want to enjoy life so that is what we are trying to do…have fun and wear colorful, yet tasteful fun things. I am a classic style at heart though! Love the look keep it up Jennifer.

  4. I am all for the coastal grandma style
    But would like some ideas for summer weather when it’s too hot for chinos & long sleeves. I haven’t seen anything from sites that show that.

    1. Cotton skirts, dresses, short, and skorts are great options for when it’s really hot!

  5. Given the way of things the style probably doesn’t count if you are Grandmother aged and have always looked this way. 🙁

  6. I suppose ‘coastal grandmother’ is more polite than ‘menocore’ — the name I first saw given to this aesthetic. Whatever it’s called, though, I love it! I’m not sure that I could stick to such a restrained palette for very long, but it looks wonderful and I’m intrigued to see that it’s back in vogue.

  7. Nope, Nope, Nope. I don’t mind classic, but these are too bland. One piece needs to have a little color, or some lace, or some creative style. Please! I may be mature, but I don’t want to dress ‘old’.

  8. I love this look even though I live in Arizona! I think the Coastal Grandmother look also includes blue and white stripes which is a great way to have this look and a little color too.

  9. Yup… I’ve heard it over and over lately. Love the look, love the movie that inspires it, love Diane Keaton. It’s just too hot to wear here in Georgia summers, but I do it with white cotton tunics over khakis/white jeans/pale denim. The idea is to wear white on white on white, but … I’ve gotta have some denim. I have the hats (and the sunblock) and everything you’ve got pictured here.

  10. Totally familiar with it. Seems to have started in the East coast.

  11. Carol LaRochelle says:

    Jennifer, I love this post. However, every time I view your blog now for the past few weeks, it jumps all around from to bottom. If I view an article of clothing, same thing happens again. Did you make changes lately and has anyone else noticed this. It’s very distracting. I know on one other bloggers site the same thing is happening.

  12. I live less than a hundred miles from a coast and I’m a grandmother, but this is not exactly my style. I like it, but I need more color, and those light tops would be stained an hour after I put them on. (I am a stain magnet.)

    1. I hear you. I never seem to spill on black clothes

  13. I love this look! Never heard the tree before. If you find more looks suitable for warmer weather please post and share.

  14. I haven’t heard of it but I love it. Clean lines, soft neutrals. It screams classic confidence, I’ve found the good life. I’m looking through my clothes to see what I can adapt……… And I’ve found a Miss Marple style straw hat!

    1. Yay!! Classic confidence would be my fav!

  15. Paulette Levy says:

    I have all of the elements! Khaki and white is summer attire here….. unless it’s navy blue and white. Lol. Got this down!
    Thank you Jennifer!

  16. I like linen but not for pants, can’t stand the wrinkles there. I don’t mind the wrinkles in shirts and dresses. A tip I have for linen dresses, though is to look for pattern or print.

  17. I’ve just started seeing this the last couple weeks. Those Nancy Meyers films are decorating porn for me and the way they dressed Diane Keaton is classic, simple, textural all things I love. When I look my best I feel like I’m in that spirit with a little bohemian or edge thrown in. Thanks for a fun post!

    1. I’m just starting to dive into the decor and wow, do I love it

  18. retro-roost says:

    I love the light colors, and tone on tone ensemble. The look is elevated, but can be relaxed at the same time. A light color coat or “winter white” worn in winter is elevating as well. Thank you for these beautiful images.

  19. Well ,my grandmother never dressed like this. In fact she never wore slacks. She wore those tiny print shirt dresses , and ugly clunky shoes. I would not want to dress like her. My mother dressed youthful and always looked good .
    I like the look you show here , but I would call it the Hampton look. I like classics, but not a fan of wrinkly clothes.

    1. Linen is certainly an acquired taste :). Many struggle with the wrinkles, I know I do.

  20. Sign me up also! I’ve heard it called Coastal Grandma style in decorating too.

    1. Yes! The decor images are relaxing and elegantly livable.

  21. I love the coastal Grandmother look. So “easy living” and still classic.

  22. Lynne A Johnson says:

    This speaks to me. These styles are attractive, don’t try too hard and are comfortable. In spite of my efforts I’m losing my waist and no longer have my youthful figure. I’m tired of eating so sparingly and exercising so much with so very little to show for it. Changing my style to the Coastal Grandma ticks my boxes. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It’s disheartening to loose a waistline your work so hard to keep. Be healthy, enjoy life and dress to feel confident.