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Happy Wednesday, ladies. I have to admit that I struggled to find a mannequin I felt needed improvement in my local Talbots yesterday. In fact, I would have worn several of their mannequin outfits as is, head to ankle…they were all barefoot:) Anywho, grab another cup of coffee or tea, and let’s play dress up.

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Here’s how I found the outfit


Here’s how I changed the outfit

I found this “gal” and decided to switch up her look. I wouldn’t feel confident with this combo so I changed a few things to make it more like my style. Yes, she’s wear super comfy T-Talbots pants, but I immediately switched them out for a pair of Talbots

I’m loving the very dark wash jeans this fall, and these have a crisper look than the terry jogger pants. Then I added this diamond quilted vest and tried with the top tucked and untucked. I prefer it tucked in for me because it helps balance my long torso and elongates my short legs.

Then I spotted this fun knit band jacket in the most gorgeous cerulean blue! It’s a great length for the top, both tucked and untucked. It has the structure of a jacket with the coziness of a sweater.

How would you change things around on this mannequin? Would you keep the pants and change the top? Switch out the colors?

Share your styling ideas so we all get inspired.

Here’s what else caught my eye at Talbots, all 25% off!

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



  1. I certainly like all your styling outfits and am getting to see that a tucked in top helps elongate my legs too even though I have to blouse it out a bit because I have a shorter torso. I do think the jogging pants could be a good addition to ‘ I only have to answer the door’ days.

  2. Yes super smart! Always go light over dark bottoms. Switching to a darker bottom works for all heights.
    Vests are stylish this season. Many quilted options are coming. ❤

  3. Love the jacket and pants you swapped for. The striped shirt is too collegiate-looking for me. The tucked-in shirt also does wonders for making your legs longer.

  4. I probably wouldn’t have given the mannequin a second look but when you added that third piece and the darker jeans, wow! Now, this is a style I could wear. The horizontal stripes are broken up and you anchored the look with the darker jeans. I love how you add that bit of interest with accessories too! Nice job Jennifer!

  5. I’m not a fan of horizontal stripes for my body so this top wouldn’t be going home with me. I think the dark stripe slightly above the waist is slimming but a red and hot pink stripe at my hips (I’m a pyramid)? No thanks.; but you solved that when you ticked it in. I like the dark jeans better than the pants they featured; the blue band jacket is nice with it. Thanks for sharing

  6. I’m pretty sure this quilted vest comes in 8 colors, so I might style it with a navy blue vest or the off white vest. Also, if you buy the outfit, use Jennifer’s red link above to the Talbots site so she gets the commission.

  7. I would wear the top with black leggings or skinny jeans and flats. I might add a denim jacket if needed. The colors of the top are sort of drab so I like your look with the blue jacket that cover it all up!

  8. I love the entire look with the vest. It’s exactly my retirement style. While I like the blue jacket, I don’t have use for it. Looking forward to visiting my Talbots soon. Thank you Jennifer! You hit this one out of the park!

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