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Happy Wednesday, ladies. I have to admit that I struggled to find a mannequin I felt needed improvement in my local Talbots yesterday. In fact, I would have worn several of their mannequin outfits as is, head to ankle…they were all barefoot:) Anywho, grab another cup of coffee or tea, and let’s play dress up.

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Here’s how I found the outfit


Here’s how I changed the outfit

I found this “gal” and decided to switch up her look. I wouldn’t feel confident with this combo so I changed a few things to make it more like my style. Yes, she’s wear super comfy T-Talbots pants, but I immediately switched them out for a pair of Talbots

I’m loving the very dark wash jeans this fall, and these have a crisper look than the terry jogger pants. Then I added this diamond quilted vest and tried with the top tucked and untucked. I prefer it tucked in for me because it helps balance my long torso and elongates my short legs.

Then I spotted this fun knit band jacket in the most gorgeous cerulean blue! It’s a great length for the top, both tucked and untucked. It has the structure of a jacket with the coziness of a sweater.

How would you change things around on this mannequin? Would you keep the pants and change the top? Switch out the colors?

Share your styling ideas so we all get inspired.

Here’s what else caught my eye at Talbots, all 25% off!

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.





  1. My immediate thought was I’d wear the outfit as is with either red or hot pink fabric (as opposed to leather) shoes to match a stripe in the shirt. Clarks makes a cute knit flat shoe that I have in red and I’ve got some hot pink “Go Walk” slip-on sneakers that would look great. This would be in keeping with the casual look of both pieces.
    So cute. I love the blue vest with it too. I might add that. I’d probably wear just a simple silver necklace that falls within the collar area of the shirt.

  2. Just when I’m shopping ponchos, you tempt with a quilted vest. Both work for cold months in hot climates. Perfect styling!

  3. I have visited our local Talbots (only one in Vancouver) three times in the past month. I have noticed that anything my size (10 regular, M to L) is sold out almost as soon as it hits the shelves which drives me crazy. I’m not loving the new October collection. But I do love that blue jacket. I’ve looked at it several times. I like what you did with the outfit. The jeans definitely looks better than the joggers.

    1. That’s a very small Talbots and I found very few things to choose from myself. Perhaps you could speak with a sales associate and ask if they could let you know when things in your colors arrive.

  4. That vest is the perfect topper for the striped shirt and the dark wash jeans look great!! I like the tucked-in shirt version of all three photos and I agree with you about it balancing an elongated torso (which is what I have). It’s so helpful when you line up the photos so we can see the various looks.

    I love that blue jacket and I immediately placed it on my wish list!!! Swoon!!! I could see that becoming a wardrobe staple!

    Great post today!

  5. Like others, I think the jeans made the look The joggers were too light in weight and color. The jeans worked nicely!
    Unlike some others, I really dislike Talbots Authentic tee: it’s way too long for my 5′ 2″ height. Talbots has gorgeous fall colors, but I’m petite and the tops drown me. Why do they think covering bums makes you look thinner? I’m buying elsewhere these days, and paying less even for organic cotton!

  6. You did it again. Produced some WOW 😯 outfits.
    Love the dark jeans and vest also the jacket.
    Buy that outfit and accessories. They all look fabulous on you 😊

  7. You styled it perfectly. I would have changed to the jeans, the jogger pants just did not cut it. The best look to me was the tucked in version. I do this frequently and only because I learned from you. I am under five feet and I look best if I tuck or at least semi tuck my top half. I have short legs and this just looks so much better and why I did not realize this earlier who knows!

    1. I wasn’t inspired by this look. I didn’t see much hope in improving it, but you did a good job. The jeans made a big difference. I would of never thought of tucking in the shirt, but that helped, too. This isn’t my favorite look, but it’s only my opinion. (For what it’s worth).

  8. Honestly, they need to take lessons from you on styling these mannequins. First look i would have dismissed this outfit altogether. Adding the vest and swapping out the pants entirely changed the whole vibe of this outfit. You are the best at this and we all appreciate your expertise on giving us other options.

  9. I love the way this outfit looks with the pants and diamond quilted vest!

    That is one snazzy outfit and I can’t improve on it anymore than to add perhaps a couple of gold bracelets. Maybe a leather messenger bag? What you got there is perfection as is!

  10. You made the outfit fit the season, the mannequin looked like summer. I have purchased those jeans and vest already because they fit great.

  11. I love the Talbots Authentic T’s because they are a looser fit and they are a bit heaver cotton. I have quite a few of them and can wear them in the spring and fall. I love the darker wash jeans and the vest. The outfit looks great on you.

  12. I think you’ve styled it perfectly but I’m still going to wear my Jean jacket. And black boots. I’m not sure adding padding to my endowed top will be good. So, no vest but it looks darling and I hear it’s the year of the vest.

  13. I agree on the joggers too. They are too short for the long shirt. That jacket color is gorgeous! Time for me to check out Talbots. I like the striped top too

  14. I so agree that it’s hard to fine something not to like at Talbots! My eye went immediately to the pants – the structure seemed odd to me and I was so happy that you paired the jeans. Loving the vest rather than the jacket – another outfit on my “need list”!

  15. I love ❤️ this outfit!! The jeans are a HUGE improvement over the baggy joggers!! I love the pretty blue vest and jacket too!! It helps tone down the stripes!! The stripes are so cheerful and fun for winter and fall!!

  16. I wouldn’t wear the out fit with the jogger pants either. I think the way you styled it with the vest and dark jeans looked really great. I think I really need a vest this year.

  17. I had to laugh at your final picture with the jacket closed…I don’t wear horizontal stripes , being 4’11”, and covering them up was a hoot! Were I taller, I’d wear the top with the open vest and tucked in. For a lengthier look. I like the dark jeans but would go with a straight cut because, while I have no hips ( the usual reason to not wear narrow pants) my knees, calves and ankles are thicker than manufacturers think they should be, so tapered pants looks like skinnies. I definitely get the sausage effect.
    Never my choice.

  18. Definitely ditch the joggers. Too much going on around the hip area. The slim leg jeans is a better choice. I think this shirt is adorable and should not be covered up. It doesn’t need much accessorizing and I think the shirt tail hem should be seen and not tucked. A white pair of sneakers or booties and this outfit is good to go…

  19. I really like this top and the way you styled it. I also prefer it with the dark jeans. Jogger style pants do not flatter me at all. I have a blue vest from 1 or 2 years ago, so I’m going to see if the shade of blue goes as well with this top as the one you styled it with.
    Thank you for this series. I like seeing how to style store mannequins differently.

  20. That outfit looks smashing on you! It fits you nice, the colors pop! Perfect in all ways styles! The blue vest and jacket is great!!

  21. I like it with the dark blue pants much better than the lighter pants. The color combination on the mannequin just doesn’t resonate with me. I do like the light blue vest and jacket. They both elevate the look.

  22. I would not wear this. It looks great on you, but stripes are not my vibe. I have a couple of striped t-shirts, but they are simple 2 color even stripes I mix with a floral cardigan or other solids. I also don’t wear those colors. I lean toward warm colors like rust, mustard, olive, although I love all shades of teal.

  23. I have this too! Now I’m going to purchase the vest. Looks really good with the top. I was planning to wear the top with black pants, but dark blue jeans look good with it too.

  24. Well I sat and considered grey joggers or black joggers but I prefer the deep blue as shown. I think the added vest is adorable! It just offers up a different punch of color which I like.
    I think the topper could be tucked in or out, as you’ve shown us but I’d buy it in petite and leave it out.

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