Monday Musing- Modern Trends at Your Classic Retailers

Happy Monday, ladies. I got an email over the weekend from a reader who likes to shop almost exclusively at Talbots. She needs petite garments, which Talbots always carries and she’s devoted to the brand. This reader wondered if she could still wear some new fall trends and look current while shopping at her favorite store that relies heavily on the classics. Of course, she can, so I thought it would be fun to dive into that subject.

Modern Trend Outfit Of The Week

Many trends can seem intense, but subtler options give you the same look while staying closer to your style comfort zone. So let’s have a look.


Sweater vests are a big trend for fall this year, and Talbots has this great shaker stitch vest in three great neutrals. They show it over a classic white shirt. I think it would look more modern styled over a short sleeve tee now and over a slim turtleneck when it starts to cool off.

Their Barely Bootcut is one of my favorite jean styles they make. They sold out of my size in white this summer, so I just ordered the black.  Flares are on trend this fall, and these are close enough in my book 🙂 My blue ones have been on constant rotation in my wardrobe for two years!

The platform espadrilles are suede, so work for now and into the fall. Black sunglassespython print leather crossbodystatement chain necklace, and simple hoop earrings are modern and easy to wear.

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Getting In Shape

Have you heard of the Tracy Anderson Method? As things do, her name crossed my radar several weeks ago, and I’ve been reading everything I can about her. Just plug her name into google, and you’ll get video after video plus lots of interviews explaining how her system has changed the bodies of celebrities and regular people just like me.

“With more than 4 billion media impressions a year across the globe, Tracy Anderson is the media industry’s go-to trusted source.”

So I signed up. I’m doing the Metamorphosis 90-Day Omnicentric program, and we’ll see how it goes. After day two, I am still able to stand and sit, so that’s promising. Her program is unique in that she strengthens tiny muscles most other programs don’t, so you never build bulk, and it creates a slim dancer’s body.

Her website is full of lots of interesting articles. I enjoyed this one on food sensitivities.


My body is pretty intolerant of gluten. I’m currently battling a nasty rosacea attack from dinner at an Italian restaurant and my ill-advised sampling from the bread basket. I’m using prescription creams to fight the flare-up and hope to avoid using the oral antibiotic.

woman using boost red light mask

I’m using my Red Light Mask to help with the inflammation, but honestly, I should have just ignored the little voice in my head that wondered, how bad could three slices of Italian bread be?

How was your weekend? Do you struggle with food sensitivities?

Thanks for reading, and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.







  1. We’ve just finished a tiny update/renovation of our second floor bathroom and the entire walk-in shower is grey (stone line effect) and the tile will be a lighter vinyl tile that is quite pretty but left the wainscoting bright white and rather like it so far. My first floor full bath is painted in the pale grey called Ice with real white accent. The tile on the tub/shower combo are black and white and the floor is black granite. It sounds awful but i get compliments on it all the time.
    On stomach issues – yes I suffer from Celiac disease and it’s extremely bad. Discouraging! I can’t cheat even a tiny bit or I end up violently sick for about a week or more ( plus the lasting damage to my small intestine ). So I don’t cheat. Getting down to the facts I cannot eat most pizza or pasta nor can I eat mist yummy pastries or cookies or cakes or floured /breaded foods or bread. Unless it is certified gluten free ( not gluten friendly) I don’t eat it. I have lost about ten pounds but I’m only 5 ft 3. I’m at 126 and previously ranged in weight: 135-137.
    I wouldn’t wish this on anyone and feel your pain with your intolerance to gluten.
    I try to look at the bright side- I can eat most ice cream and drink wine!

    1. I love your attitude, Paulette. I’m so sorry you’re struggling with Celiac. That’s so painful. I think your bathroom sounds amazing! We had a black granite floor in an entryway several homes ago, and it was awesome!!

  2. Most of the time I shop at Talbots. I like classic but modern. Sometimes Chicos. Chicos has limited petites as to shirts , tops and jacket where as Talbots generally has a wide size range. Some time I choose a regular shirt because I might want some length . I am 5’2: so sleeve and the fit makes me choose a petite. I usually do not have to pay postage at Talbots so like that. I dislike paying postage. I like some of the sheath dresses WHBM. I have bought two this year but I did have to get them altered I like sheath dresses because they skim the body. I also like vests as they pull an outfit together.

  3. Darn, the Talbot’s python crossbody bag is already sold out! I’ll keep watching to see if they restock. Celiac here, so I don’t cheat with gluten, ever…

    1. That is a shame. I saw it in the store today! Perhaps you can call your local Talbots and see if they can locate one for you.

      1. Success! I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I called my local store, they didn’t have it in stock, but the associate checked the computer, and told me it looked like the only store in California that had it was Fresno. I called them, and they are shipping it out to me tomorrow morning. It looks so versatile, can’t wait to get it. Thanks for the suggestion! 😊

  4. I really miss our Talbot’s but I do purchase things online. I can really only wear petites also. Thanks for sharing the outfit. I am allergic to egg whites and that can be really difficult sometimes. They don’t bother my skin just my stomach which is not fun!

  5. Because of your post I signed up for the Talbot’s emails, offers. I have not been to Talbot’s in my new Georgia location, but will go this week. I have never bought their shoes. I love the blue suede booties you showed last week. Thanks!

  6. Couldn’t be happier to see vests making an appearance. Love wearing them in all forms. Talbots is always a lovely environment in which to shop and stays true to their classic style and high quality.

    Food sensitivities are a big concern that we deal with daily in our home. Avoiding offending foods is essential to our control of various health issues. Foods high in histamines are especially problematic and it’s been years since we have had any gluten containing foods in our diets. It’s especially difficult around the holidays to avoid the offenders, but nothing is worth the prolonged consequences of “splurging”.

  7. Jennifer, would you please consider a post on combining brown with navy? I’m transitioning to navy as my go-to neutral (from black), and while I have luggage tans that look great with navy, I’m not sure about the darker brown, more chocolate trends I’m seeing for fall. Can these two colors be successfully combined?

    1. Yes, they sure can! Navys all vary but the darker ones can slip in place of black easily. I’ll put some styling ideas together for you.

  8. I, too, am a petite sized, loyal Talbots shopper adds more contemporary pieces. Thank you for this post. I appreciate your work and enjoy beginning my day with your email.

  9. Love today’s look!!
    About 15 years ago I became lactose intolerant. It is not too bad to deal with as long as I remind a hostess. I will also turn red if I use certain cosmetics, so I just stick with my tried and true moisturizers.

  10. I used to have rosacea flare ups when getting stressed. Fortunately with retirement, the stress has eased, and the rosacea is either gone or in remission. I know controlling stress is hard to impossible, but watch and see if you find a link. Metrogel used to work for me, sort of. Only time really did it, and then the flaking skin looked so bad. People who didn’t know how irritated my skin was under all that flaking used to tell me I needed to exfoliate. People with skin issues really suffer, as so many people comment on it (well meaning, but still …).

    1. I switched from the Metrogel for just that reason. Now I’m using a strong Azelaic Acid Gel which is kinder to my skin. Yes, stress definitely takes it’s toll. I’m glad yours is under control.

  11. First off, loved your velvet bomber jacket you were wearing in your follow up Sunday newsletter. As to the trend of the week; being a Northerner happy to see the return of the ‘vest’ as can always use an extra layer in our climate whether it be even under a blazer, jacket etc. With hope your Rosacea flareup will soon be behind you. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Shall check out Tracy’s website and thank you for the link.

    1. I’m so glad bombers are back. I’m anxious to wear that one with more regularity. Happy Monday Brenda!

    2. Jennifer, I am your same height at 5’4”. So do you go with petite or regular sizing in the bootcut jeans? Thanks!

  12. Hi, Jennifer. I have rosacea too, and my dermatologist (many years ago) prescribed an antibiotic cream, which I apply to certain spots on my face every night. She told me to just continue using the cream every night even after the rosacea flare went away. This has worked for me for decades! I am able to eat anything, and I never get a rosacea flare. Wishing you the same good luck.

  13. I also am very sensitive to gluten. I have been gluten free for about 10 years now and sometimes it isn’t easy. I was shocked to learn how many things have gluten that you wouldn’t even think of, and how many names gluten has. It took me a long time, with the help of my allergist, to figure it all out. But for me life is much better without it !
    I hope you feel better soon. ❤️

  14. Dear Jennifer,
    You are so slim and fit that the only thing you need is to dance, which I am sure you ll do on the cruise – as I ve seen in movies.
    I do like the way your attitude and style go through your articles !
    Truth is I am sick and tired of this summer and fall trends are a nice hope !
    All the best,

    1. You’re so kind, thank you. I want to feel stronger and my upper arm jiggle is annoying me. It’s so hot here I want to feel confident in sleeveless again. I agree, fall clothes feel hopeful. Have a great day, Mihaela

      1. Jennifer, be glad you’re only dealing with a little arm jiggle! I’m 75, normal weight and work out regularly with a great personal trainer. However, I’ve apparently inherited these upper arms that wave goodbye when I do, and they refuse to firm up no matter how much triceps work I do. For obvious reasons, I’m a huge fan of shrugs, longer sleeves and casual jackets, all of which disguise my arms that insist on flapping
        like a flag in the breeze🙃

  15. Milk of Magnesia on the cheeks should help with a rosacea flare. Put it on at bedtime and rinse off in the morning!

    1. That makes total sense, I never thought about it before. Magnesium is so soothing. Thanks for the tip!

  16. Struggling with celiac disease here. No matter how careful I am, I seem to get “glutened” every 6 weeks or so. GI problems ensue, and if I happen to accidentally use something with gluten on my skin, I get very intense itching. Reading labels doesn’t always help, as the gluten sometimes sneaks in under disguise.
    Glad to see what you posted the other day about dark brown being back in style, I have a pair of chocolate ankle boots that I haven’t been able to match/coordinate to pants. Maybe this season!

    1. I’m so sorry you struggle with Celiacs! It’s a brutal condition. Your chocolate boots will look great with so many things this fall. Blue jeans, black pants, beige, they’ll even be fun with gray!

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