Monday Musings- Propping Up The Economy

Happy Monday ladies. We resumed our Sunday drives last weekend and headed back to one of our favorite little towns, Nevada City.


The small businesses all appear pretty hard hit so we did what we could to prop up its economy :). My husband bought some fabulous hats at the local hat shop. We bought truffles and cappuccino at the chocolate shop, then more chocolate from another specialty chocolate shop.

It’s a charming little town with lots of historic buildings but some are in need of a bit of sprucing up.


White jeans and a long duster were my OOTD with my Allbirds. I’ve had this buffalo plaid duster for years and always wore it open over a tank and pants. Sunday, I just buttoned closed below my waist and called it done. I combined a simple, old-fashioned strand of pearls with a chain and pendant of the same length for my own version of layering. 



I’ve been wearing and loving my new Allbirds Tree Runners but am finding my feet get fatigued if I walk too long in them. Could they be too flexible for my feet? I know some of you swear by these so what are your thoughts?


I’ve always been a bit of a crow about shiny things but in the last few years, I’ve been more attracted to things with gentle luster, brushed finishes, and things with energy. I collect stones and crystals that have healing properties but I only choose ones that I find pretty.

The little crystal shop in Nevada City is a tiny place with a pebble floor, filled with dishes of crystals so I popped in for a look. I found no new treasures this visit because I have pearls on my brain. They’ve been on my radar a lot this fall. Real and faux, I’m an equal opportunity pearl lover. Their soft luster is so easy to toss on with everything. Do I feel a bit more dressed up wearing pearls? Yup, and that suits me just fine. Sneakers and pearls work anytime:)



Do you love them? I used a very inexpensive pin that I’ve had for many years to add zing to a neutral outfit last week. That inspired me to start getting out more of my brooches and pinning them on a small pillow. Why have I never thought of displaying them like that before? I don’t have a large collection, but it’s sure fun to have them out of the jewelry box so I can see them.

I went down the rabbit hole of Google looking for unique pins and found some wonderful ones.





I know many of you are not on Instagram, so I thought I would share this outfit with you. Yes, velcro rollers again and I will be making a video to show you exactly how I use them.



The arthritis in my thumb is acting up all of a sudden so I’ve gone back to wearing the little brace my Orthopedic surgeon recommended. It simply limits the range of motion which in theory gives the joint time to rest so it stops hurting. I’ve never taken Glucosamine or Chondroitin and wondered if any of you have experience with it or suggestions. It seems that my many years of obsessive knitting, continue to haunt me with hand issues…but my husband has some wonderful sweaters and it was so enjoyable:)

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.




  1. ‘re arthritis……do you watch what you eat? I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both hips and often found myself waking up at night because of the pain
    I started keeping a food diary and discovered the pain was being triggered by Cheddar cheese. Now, no cheese, no pain either.

    Also ‘re arthritis in wrists and/or fingers……tendonitis of the thumb can sometimes be mistaken for arthritis in the wrist… might want to search online for more information, and a diagnostic tendonitis test.

    I am in the UK, our ‘famous’ NHS is not that reliable.

    1. I did get some X-rays and they tell me the thumb joints are bone on bone. I do eat very little dairy, but I may need to cut it out entirely.

      1. Cheddar cheese is very strong, not like Monterey Jack or those other cheeses that tend to be available in California. I can still eat yoghurt and drink skim milk. I use Bertolli (an olive oil based spread) instead of butter. Perhaps look on the internet for anti-arthritis diets? You may find something unexpected that is triggering your pain.

        Best of luck, pain is so debilitating

      2. Thank you, Roz. I’ll need to find a good book on the subject. Inflammation is the enemy of so many things.

  2. Love brooches! I like to thread a variety onto a smooth open neck silver choker. They all sort of fall to the center, but make an interesting display. You just need to be sure the brooch pins are securely closed shut. Fun to do with Christmas brooches too.

  3. Love Nevada City! Fun little town. I wear my pearls often but not so much my brooches. I need to start wearing them again. I have inflammatory arthritis and have to take meds but I also take glucosamine every day and it really helps.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Mary. I see some changes in my supplements in the future. I need to give these things a try.

  4. I love all the mugs and different tea cups that accompany your posts! Love your style!
    The brooch idea on the pillow…why didn’t I think of that? I am going to do that pronto. That simple idea can lead me on the path of how I want to redecorate my master bedroom! Thank you Jennifer.
    Btw, the link you posted that is supposed to have an outfit your wore before does not work. The shopping links work, but not the other.
    This post was fun and original!

  5. Love following your blog…always look forward to my inbox.I was doubly delighted to read of your visit to our fair city to see your daughter recently and your friend on Pender Island. I too have a friend that lives on Pender and loves it.
    Re the glucosamine supplements- it may be a coincidence but I took a leap of faith about 2 years ago and started taking
    UC-ll Collagen Glucosamine complex made by Jamieson. I initially took it for three months then stopped and had a chat
    with my doctor as directed to make sure there were no restrictions or interactions with my other meds. After the trial
    and then daily taking these my meds. for pain went from several a day down to taking 1/2 a pain pill in the morning and 1 at night. Jamieson Brand are a very trusted brand here and may be available OTC in the US at your pharmacies. You may wish
    to have a look at the comments for this supplement on their website.

    I as a believer in the brand made by Jamieson

  6. Hi. Three things — First, I love your posts, as I’m a woman of a “certain” age trying to remain fashionable as I age. Second — I recently bought my first pair of Allbird flat, and I want to love them. They’re super-cute and feel fine if I wear them for a few hours. But for all day walking around, my feet begin to hurt in the Allbirds . I’m better off in Vionic or Abeo flats. Third — I’ve been taking over-the-counter glucosamine and chondroitin (Osteo Biflex brand) for years, and I do think it helps my osteoarthritis. I also have problems with arthritic fingers and thumbs. Again, I love your posts. Keep them coming!

  7. My doctor recommended Glucosamine several years ago when my knees started to give me a bit of grief. Sometime after that, our dear friend, who in his 70s is a world record holding powerlifter, suggested I try a Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM complex (500, 400, 400mg). I usually take the Kirkland brand from Costco. It’s hard to measure how much difference it makes, but several years have passed and I’m still hiking, so I think it’s helping. My husband was told 20 years or more ago that he would probably need a knee replacement by the time he was 60. He’s now 71 and still doing fine. He does wear an orthopedic brace when we hike, but he started taking the Glucosamine complex shortly after I did and is convinced that it’s one of the reasons that he hasn’t needed surgery.

  8. I’m sorry about your thumb. I have arthritis in my hands also and my son gave me a small jar of cannabis. I’ve found it to be really helpful when I get a flare-up.
    I hope it’s better soon💗

  9. I take glucosamine chondroitin as well as Genacol for my arthritis. Both are available through Costco in Canada so I assume the same in the States. The Genacol is only available online here.

  10. Hello Jennifer. I’m sorry to hear about the arthritis. Hopefully the solution for you will be non-invasive and as easy as supplements and a brace. When I was 51, in 2009, I had a “thumb joint replacement” surgery with great success. If yours bothers you enough it may be the right thing for you. It’s a long recovery, and a major pain if it’s your dominant hand. I was 8 weeks in a hard cast plus 8 weeks in a splint. But it was totally worth it for me. Here’s a link about the surgery:
    Some interesting info for you…I hope I can describe this. If you hold your palm out in a “talk to the hand” motion look at where your thumb joint meets your wrist. Ideally it should just angle straight down to your wrist. If instead the joint kind of squares off there it means the joint is slipping out of position (as described to me by a hand surgeon).
    Good luck to you.

  11. My thumb joints ache due to years of knitting too. A rub with Voltaren for arthritis morning and evening helps a lot. I have always loved pearls, born in June they are my birthstone.

  12. actually a question for all the glucosamine users, are there any recommendations for pills that are smaller? They tend to be horse pills!

    And, now that my feet are 60 years young, they no longer tolerate unsupportive shoes! 🙂

  13. Glucosamine and chondroitin are only good when in the low to mid range of arthritis. I took it years ago but saw no benefit as my arthritis advanced. I stopped it to see if there was a recognizable change in the pain and stiffness but there was not, therefore it would only be money wasted. It would not hurt to try it and see if you feel any benefit. I, too, have arthritis in my hands and find a brace helps elevate the pain. Have you tried Tylenol Arthritis?

  14. Yes I use a supplement by “Webber Naturals” with both Glucosamine and Chondroitin in the capsules….I get mine from Costco or my local natural foods store….there are many other brands.
    I have old injuries and was VERY active when I was younger so I now need all the help I can get. I do find it helps but must be taken daily.
    If you want pearls at a cheap price you might consider one of the Asian web-based sellers. My sister got started with one of these when she wanted pearls for all the bridesmaids for her daughter’s wedding. Yes they are good quality but there is one caveat and that is that it can take months for your purchase to arrive by snail mail. You can find many Vendors on eBay that ship pearls from overseas.

  15. Your posts are always interesting, full of information, and make me look at my clothing in a new light. I hope you find the right combination to give you relief from the arthritis it seems that various things work for people. I have found that pretty eliminating sugar has helped me substantially. I follow a Keto diet and also limit my caffeine to one cup a day. Your idea of pinning broaches and pins to a pillow so they are visible is one I plan to incorporate. Out of sight jewelry just doesn’t get worn as often and like clothing I get in the habit of picking the same thing over and over.

  16. Orthopedist suggested New Balance shoes but ONLY the ones in the 900 line…. He said they are specifically for problem feet…my husband cannot wear anything else!!

  17. Hi Jennifer,

    I was finally diagnosed with RA back in 2013, in 2012 I had it, was difficult for my Internist at the time
    to figure out what was wrong with me. As it turns out my RA is progressive, under the care of a wonderful
    Rheumatologist since January of 2013. I had carpal tunnel surgery in both hands back in 2012. The arthritis is very bad
    now in my thumbs. I use Voltaren mainly for my foot pain, also for your hands, thumbs. Costco was bringing Volaren in
    not sure if they still carry it, if not Fry’s pharmacy stocks it in Arizona.
    Your feet are everything, I have RA and osteoporosis in both. Your shoes are critical. My podiatrist is outstanding. Dr. Cathleen
    suggested New Balance, Brooks, and Asics brands. The THICK souls are important in your sneakers, a “rocker sole” is important.
    With my New Balance I take out the in souls and add in Pressure Relief Insoles. Also if you have pressure in the toe box it’s important
    to go with a wide width. I am sure your podiatrist will guide you to what is best for your feet. Flip flops are a big NO NO. I wear them in
    the shower because I have lost my padding in the ball of my feet. Finding a mature person who understands your issues with your feet
    is so important. I have found that is really critical.
    Also SAS is a shoe store that specializes in mature feet, lots of widths and selections. For me my podiatrist suggested the
    SAS “Relax Sandal”, they come in lots of colors, remind me of a Birkenstock look.
    I also soak my feet in hot water using Ultra Epsom Magnesium Sulfate USP Lavender All Natural. I purchase this through Amazon.
    Please keep me posted. When your feet hurt, you hurt all over, and that can make you a crab muffin.
    My thoughts are with you.

    1. Thank you so much, Katherine. I purchased more Voltaren again today to give it another try. Thanks so much for your shoe suggestions. The padding on the bottom of my feet is almost gone as well. I do love my New Balance so I guess I need to wear them for longer outings instead of my Allbirds.

  18. I live the way you combined tour purls with the other necklace. I would love to wear my pearls more. I have cultured and fresh water pearls and like them both But I have not worn them with a casual outfit but will try it soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Also, I love the brooch idea. I have many brooches and pins in my collection and it is getting bigger every year. I inherited many of them and have many of my own. I love wearing them often. Pinning them to a pillow is a fantastic idea for storage and display. That is much better than rooting through boxes in my jewelry chest.

  19. Nevada City looks like a charming little town. I would have spent hours in that crystal shop. I have several pieces of jewelry created with different stones and get so many compliments on them. I too was told by a podiatrist to never wear shoes that you can bend in half. I swear by Vionics, have many pairs in different styles from them and have never been disappointed. They provide wonderful support and you pretty much can walk around all day with them. Love the brooches on the pillow. So pretty! I found a way to display all of my pierced earrings, wire ones….. I purchased a wire vegetable holder three tiers, bronze color and now I have all my beautiful earrings on display and find I am wearing so many that I had forgot about. Lovely addition to my dresser. Have a wonderful week Jennifer.

  20. Different strokes for different folks is the way we put it. I’m 79 and I’ve learned that shoes I swear by like Keds for comfort don’t work for everyone. You just keep trying and when you find the right shoe you’ll know. I have a little gold mouse with eyeglasses that move up and down by Avon I’ve had for years. Love the way you displayed yours.

  21. I take 500mg of curcumin with black pepper twice a day. It helps the arthritis in my hands and feet, though it doesn’t do much of anything for my knee. Good luck!

  22. I never got that much relief from G/C….I also have arthritis in my little finger and thumb. I upped my turmeric to 2/day and it has helped so much. It reduces the inflammation…good for the whole body. I actually forgot about my arthritis until yesterday when my husband mentioned his finger was bothering him. Dawned on me…haven’t had an ache since I upped to 2 a day…that’s 1000mg.

  23. My grandmother died more than 30 years ago but I still remember her talking about an arthritis remedy she used — maybe she created it herself or it was a remedy her parents used on the farm, but anyway … she rubbed liquid vitamin E into her knarled joints every day. It really did work! (Pregant women use this to get rid of stretch marks.) My husband uses a CBD ointment on his feet (after basketball), and it seems to do the trick for him. Pearls and chains: love it!

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