Dressing Room Diary: New 2023 Fall Pieces From Talbots

I know many of you are sweltering in unbearable heat this summer, but I’m always excited to see the start of new fall styles on the racks. Autumn is my favorite time for fashion because there are so many options, so I was delighted to try on some new 2023 fall pieces from Talbots.

If you’re new here, welcome. Dressing room diaries are when I go into a local store for a try-on session so you can see what’s new and how it looks on a woman over 25. For reference, I am 5’4″ and weigh around 148 lbs. I have broad shoulders, straight hips, a long torso, and long arms. I often buy one size larger on top. You’ll see me try on clothes in colors and shapes that may or may not flatter me because I want you to see what’s in the stores and get some styling ideas. I tell you what sizes I’m wearing to help you understand how things run. Most Talbots garments are available in misses, petite, plus, and plus petite.

I wore two necklaces that day, a Signature Pearl strand from Dean Davidson and a medallion on a Yurman chain that my husband bought me many years ago.

The returns of cables always signal fall to me. This cardigan comes in mossy green or this medium blue. I could only find a medium to try on and would have preferred a small. It’s soft, 100% cotton (some cotton feels stiff to me), with 3/4 sleeves, and is a great weight for fall. I’m wearing it over a basic cotton ribbed tank that’s a great layering piece. These everyday relaxed jeans have a nice relaxed fit and flattering high rise. The deep wash is great for fall, and you can wear these rolled or unrolled to adjust for your height.

The return of brown is always nice to see for fall. These are Talbots classic slim ankle jeans that they carry in lots of colors every season. I’m wearing the straight fit, the curvy fit is here. This dark walnut brown is a lovely warm tone. They’re a classic 5-pocket style with a bit of stretch and such a great basic for fall. This scoop-neck sweater has an ivory background and multicolored metallic stripes. The metallic is very subtle, so you’re not going to get a disco vibe from it 😊. It’s 98% cotton, so a great weight to transition into fall.

I predict this great little tweed jacket will be super popular this fall. I’m wearing a 10 petite, which is too large for me. It has a boxy fit which isn’t the most flattering on me… but the color…the fabric, and the vibe are so great. The sleeves are 3/4 length, and I have long arms, so I’d likely opt for the 6 regular to keep the sleeves the proper length. These Montauk pants are a flattering pull-on style with a smooth elastic band that keeps the tummy area as smooth as possible under tops. This denim-ish shade is great year-round, and they’re the kind of pants you can wear now and wear into fall.

Here’s the jacket in a 6P which is too snug, but I’ve paired it with a wider-leg jean which is a better combo for my silhouette. I’ve styled it with their classic no-iron white shirt and barely bootcut jeans here. I’ve owned and worn this great white shirt for years because their no-iron technology is so good! I need the regular to get the sleeves long enough, and if I didn’t own it, this would have come home with me. You’ve seen me wear the barely bootcut jeans many times, most recently here, and I hope they come out with more colors for fall. It’s almost a straight leg but flares just enough to wear a bit longer over shoes and booties, which lengthens your look.

Here are three colors that are great for fall and not at all flattering on me😊. This Johnny collared sweater also comes in a gorgeous blue, raspberry, and black, so something for everyone. It has 3/4 length sleeves and is a light enough weight for late summer and into fall. The collar gives it a nice polished look. These are the same slim ankle jeans I showed above. The jacket comes in golden honey and moss, both warm-toned and fall favorites. It’s a lightweight cotton that’s got a utility vibe, without the longer length. The petite is 21 1/2″ long, the misses is 22 1/2″, the plus is 25 1/2, and the plus petite is 23 1/2″. I just love that Talbots adjusts their lengths for our varying sizes!

These are the same slim ankle jeans, this time in gorgeous rich plum. I love this color for fall. I paired them with this 100% cotton button-front shirt in berry shades that coordinate with the plum. The pattern also has a touch of moss which ties into the color of this casual jacket.

I had to try this pretty top on because the stripes matched perfectly at all the seams! It’s a super smooth nylon knit, so it’ll never need ironing and will pack like a dream. It also comes in black and white. It’s lower hip length with a curved hem, so If I was going to wear it untucked, I’d opt for petite. These demi boot crop jeans have a very tiny flare, so they fit like a wider straight-leg on me. They have a nice deep wash for fall and a great high waist. I like the regular length on me, which has an inseam of 26″. The petite is quite a bit shorter at 22 1/2″, plus 26″, and plus petite is 22 1/2″.

I topped the jeans and tee with this fabulous plaid blazer. For some unknown reason, Talbots has mislabeled this as houndstooth, but it looks like plaid to me, so that’s what I’m calling it. It’s a great ivory/navy combo with a hint of stretch for comfort. I also find that a touch of spandex helps reduce wrinkling in woven fabrics like this. It would be great for a work situation, but in my life, I’d wear it with a great pair of jeans.

Same relaxed jeans and the cotton tank I described above. I topped them with this cotton blend striped raglan cardigan in ivory/indigo. It also comes in a berry-colored stripe. This one is a bit snug on me, so I’d opt for the petite M, which is my regular size. Notice again how the stripes line up. Way to go, Talbots!


Things were just starting to come in, so I’ll be heading back later in the week to have a look at other new fall pieces from Talbots that look great.

What’s your favorite thing about fall fashion?


  1. Sharon Woryn says:

    I am a Talbot’s Associate and I love my job. This fall collection has something for everyone and it is so versatile because you can mix and match so many items. The sizing is great because whether you need Petite, Missy, or Womens you can look modern and stylish. I’m over 70 and i’ve been wearing the brand most of my life. Talbots is great for the trending Old Money Style.

  2. Looks great and some pairings I wouldn’t have thought of trying.

  3. Katelyn K says:

    I like how you are faithtful to Talbots and you look good in their clothing. I purchased quite a bit of my business and biz casual wear back in the 1990’s – early 2000’s from them. I gather my taste has changed drastically and now wear casual beachwear and colorful prints which are light weight, breezy and very tropical. Unfortunately, Talbot’s carries very few of these items. This year, Florida is scortching hot with humidity which provokes sweating within 5 minutes of stepping outside. I do have some lovely lightweight Talbot’s linen pieces from last summer which I wear gratefully this summer. All of us live in drastically different climates and I appreciate how you attempt to accommodate us all. I would enoy your visiting a Lilly Pulitzer (or the like) stores in your Cali home town or in travels to try on some clothing (which you may not wish to purchase) in a DRD to show how their clothing fits (love their cotton T-shirt dresses) are well suited to tropical climates. I like their festive seasonal patterns and the T-shirt like cotton dresses which flow easily on the body for us in the hot tropical summer climates. I was born and raised in the SF Bay area and my career took me from S. Cali to Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Washington, Oregon, BC Vancouver and as far east as NY. I wore conservative blue, grey, black, white and brown business clothing mixes during all 4 seasons during these travels. Now it’s retirement time. I personally emulate you in many ways and you have turned my life around while following your blog. Please, Jennifer, we here in the tropics who follow you and cannot wear jeans, jackets, leather, long sleeves, sweater and the like, will truly enjoy your experiments in tropical influenced clothing. Yes, lightweight linens are appreciated but we here who follow and trust your opinions and display of clothing, would like to see some perpetual summer weather clothing recommdations. PS…I am the same size and weight as you are but have different proportions. I have those wide shoulders, proportional waist to hip ratio (aka hourglass figure and a large bust (34H – 38″ – but not disproportional to my hips)). True size 6-10 depending on the neer to consistant sizing from garment to garment.

    1. I’ll certainly try to find those stores and try them on. As you know, stores stock their garments based of their geography so it’s not easy for me to find them. I’ve not seen a Lily Pulitzer store in my neck of the woods but would love to try some on. I’ll keep my eyes out for you.

  4. You look wonderful in the cool colors, not so much in the warm tone. Anyhow love your blog keep it coming

  5. You look wonderful in the plum jeans and shirt. It lets you wear the moss green jacket which I love but not in that color. Their jeans have too small a waist for me. I swim in the size for my waist as my hips are not nearly that big! It has been really hard to buy jeans this year for me.

    1. Try the straight cut, they have less fabric in the hips.

  6. Love the navy plaid blazer. Perfect with jeans in my life too. Thanks for your hard work.

  7. Finally! The moss jacket in my “redhead warm” color choice! I love Talbot quality and style, but they rarely offer subtle/ warm color options. Maybe better choices for us redheads this fall!

    1. There are. The brown is great for you too.

  8. Francesca B says:

    Thank you Jennifer for the information, l am definitely going to get those plum slim ankle jeans and maybe the brown love the colors! Have a lovely day 🙂

  9. Great looks from Talbots. Thanks for showing some of their fall collection, Jennifer. I think you looked great in all of them.

  10. I love your coin necklace. Would you mind sharing where it came from?

    1. My husband brought the coin back from a trip to Europe many years ago and I just strung it on a Yurman chain. It’s a favorite. I think it make be an Italian coin but I’m not positive.

  11. Dianne🇨🇦 says:

    I have always loved Talbots! You looked fabulous in all the fall styles.
    I think I will have to go on an adventure the this fall to Park Royal shopping centre to have my own dressing room try on!

  12. What a great selection of clothing you’ve presented, here. I love fall, and everything about it! I lived, for 66 years, in NW MN, so used to dread it just because of how terribly short it was , as snow could come in the beginning of October. We’ve now lived in the mountains of NC for the past 5 years, so fall just keeps giving and giving, at least until November. I look good in most of the fall colors so now have the opportunity to get use out of all my fall clothing. My favorite piece you’ve styled is the denim jacket. Since I am petite, and heaviest through my lower belly and hip area, denim jackets without the band at the bottom work great for me. With the classic denim jackets, if they fit in the shoulders and bust, they were always too tight around the band, to use the button. I love the colors of everything you have shown us, and especially love the green jacket, paired with the berry colored jeans and shirt!

    1. NC sounds just lovely. You’re so fortunate to live in a gorgoeus spot wiht a long fall season! I bet your leaves are pretty too.

  13. I really liked the glen plaid blazer when you showed it yesterday — but today, it leaves me unenthused. I also thought today’s striped Breton top was nice, until I found it’s 100% nylon. And $90 to $100, depending on size. I mentioned this yesterday, but will repeat in case Talbots is reading this post: The women in my family, which include a mix of “regular” and 1X, will not be shopping at Talbots until they standardize the pricing. A size XXS, an XL Tall, and a 1X should all cost the same. We also will not purchase until Talbots shows plus-sized fashion on plus-sized models — there have been far too many surprises with small differences in style and design that don’t show up until the package arrives at the house. During the pandemic, I made allowances for this — but now, in 2023, Talbots needs to get with the program.

    1. Talbots does not hire me so I don’t expect they will read your comment. If you want their attention, leave some comments on their IG account. It’s a bad decision on their part and they need to know what customers think about it!

  14. Janice inKy says:

    If I were still working that blue tweed jacket would be on its way right now. I do have the blue denim pants in my cart. I’m a cool winter but would and could wear everything but the gold sweater. Everything looks wonderful on you. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

  15. Well, Tabot’s fall line up is great. I would wear all your modeled styles.
    And you looked very good in all outfits shown

    1. Thank you Lin. It’s a great collection and I’m excited to see what else they will add.

  16. I’m wondering what length of pants is in style this fall. Right now it seems that anything goes except for Capri length. What length do you prefer for yourself?

    1. I prefer ankle length in the fall and longer to cover the top of my shoe when it cools off and I start wearing socks.

  17. Wow! I think I’m going to really like the fall clothes this year. Everything looked great on you Jennifer. Thanks for all your work.

  18. Fall means blazer weather for me so I’m looking forward to that. We’ve had quite extreme weather this summer and I still have not worn all my summer clothes. As much as I love fall fashion, I’m hoping for an extended summer into September. This is also when I do a wardrobe evaluation – what worked for me this summer and I what I realized is no longer my style and I’m ready to donate.

    1. It’s a perfect time for that kind of wardrobe evaluation. I need to do that too.

  19. Linda Shearer says:

    I love the green jacket, brown jeans and yellow sweater. But Im pretty hippy wondering how those brown jeans would look. This outfit looks great on you Jennifer!

    1. The curvy version would be your best best.

  20. Hope they add that casual jacket in some cooler tones! I’d have it in a second. Love the bootcut jeans too, as all I’ve tried were too floppy. Thanks for the try ons today! I’m in the mood for autumn too. Maybe show some cool tones for the season? I don’t look good in cream or ivory, only white.

    1. I’ll be on the hunt for cooler toned fall clothes to share because they’re harder to find this time of year.

  21. The plum jeans with the moss jacket is a great look on you. Thanks for modeling so many cute new items from Talbots. If I still wore blue I’d be all over that gorgeous tweed jacket. The relaxed jeans look super cute. Do I really need another pair of jeans? Probably not but these seem to be calling my name.

    1. They’re really comfy too which feels very important these days to me.

  22. Talbots has really cute clothing. I wish they had a line that didn’t rely so much on nylon/poly blends, or offer more options in organic cotton. These materials are more expensive, so the price point higher, but I’d pay it. So often I see an attractive piece that would work into my wardrobe, like the Johnny collar top, then walk away after I read the materials list. Talbots has other lines, like T by Talbots. Wish they’d keep their current line and price point but offer a more earth friendly alternative line, which usually wears better and longer.

    1. I totally agree! I don’t wear nylon anymore at all. Like you I look for organic and recycled fabrics. The Haven line is all organic but no Petites, so it doesn’t work for me.

      1. I love the Haven line too

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