Monday Musings – Color Analysis, What I Wore, and Amazing Pie Recipe

Happy Monday ladies. I have a lot on my mind this week, so fasten your seat belts because it’s a twisty ride 🙂 We resumed our Sunday afternoon drives yesterday and realized we’ve been really missing them. It’s apparently Mandarin season because they were for sale along every country road we drove down, so we loaded up.

woman holding bag of mandarins

Our first stop was this cute painted roadside stand that had organic mandarins…my favorite. We only bought one bag because I knew there would be other cute places to stop. And sure enough, I was right.

baby goats in a pen

These baby goats were bleating their little hearts out when we stopped at the second place. I walked up to video them, and they clammed right up. I turned my back and they started right up again the little rascals.

woman carrying large bag of mandarins

I came away from this stand with another large bag of Mandarins, a bottle of local honey, and some Mandarin hand soap too. Farm stands are dangerous territory for me because I love to support local farmers and try unique things I can’t find at the supermarket.

Personal Color Analysis

I know, random, right? I have not stopped delving into the different types of PCA systems available to us. In fact, I had another in-person analysis done last week. When she proclaimed that as a Spring, I would need to always color my hair, I discounted her theories altogether. Another analyst had suggested the same thing when she proclaimed me an Autumn, but it’s utter garbage. Just rubbish.

We are not mistakes. We do not break when we get older and allow nature to take its course on our heads. When our hair goes gray it’s not always cool and not just gray. It can be silver, dove gray, blonde gray, smoke, white, cool ash gray, platinum silver, mist, pewter, warm gray, charcoal mist, and on and on. It’s the right color for your body and coloring. Full stop.


If you are struggling with your newly natural color, it’s very likely that your clothes are now the wrong shade and reflecting that onto your face and hair. So many of us are walking around with old messages in our heads about what looks best on us and what doesn’t. What worked in our 30s, will not work now so we need to stay flexible and open to change.

As I look at the color pallets I have been given, many have similar colors, but they call me varying seasons. It’s semantics and because each system uses different criteria to determine the season you are, in their system. Skill plays an important role here as well. I was certified to do color analysis 15 years ago but knew I wasn’t competent enough to do them, so I didn’t. I focused on style.


Some systems take into account your eye and hair color, some do not. Some are very scientific and only consider what happens to your skin when you are draped in colors. They are looking at contrasts and determining what colors do not change your complexion. They are focused on finding colors that harmonize with what color you already have in your skin. When we wear colors that relate (harmonize) with the colors already present in our skin, we look healthy, visible, and vibrant.

Virtual color analysis is highly questionable because the analyst can only see your skin overtone, not your undertone on a monitor. To truly see how your skin reacts to drapes and colors, they need to see you in person.

I have several interviews upcoming with experts in color analysis that I think you’ll find fascinating and I hope will answer your questions and mine.


I consider myself ready for Thanksgiving because:

  • I know what I’m cooking
  • I know who is coming
  • I know what I’m going to wear

Other than that, I have a whole lot of work to do to get ready. Hubs ordered an organic Turkey, and bought sweet potatoes…the rest is up to me. I’m not a control freak but very persnickety when it comes to important family dinners. What I like best about Thanksgiving dinner, besides being with loved ones, is this epic Pecan Pie I make which I shared with you here.

jennifer connolly shares her killer pecan pie recipe on A Well Styled Life

That was a rollercoaster of musings, whew.

Has your hair gone natural?

Thanks for reading ladies and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident.

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  1. Lorrie Orr says:

    You look so good in blue, Jennifer. I decided to go natural a couple of years ago and couldn’t be happier. It still reads as dark brown in some light and quite gray in others. I’ve gotten so many compliments from random people, asking if I coloured it this way. I am finding that I need something softer near my face as I’m not as high contrast in colouring as I used to be.

  2. Rose Standish says:

    Hi Jennifer. I am new to reading your blog and am glad that I found it.

    I am currently studying Carol Tuttles system called Dressing Your Truth based on energy profiling. It is very fascinating and I would love to hear if you have any experience with this system or what your thoughts would be on it.

    She has a free test to help those interested in determining their energy type and lots of information about colours, styles, fashion, etc. to help women and men, even teens and children dress to express their inner self more effectively and confidently.

    I will look forward to your thoughts about this. Thanks.

  3. My hair is still colored because my hair stylist say I still have too much dark in my hair.
    I would love to have white hair but do not want it stripped. I guess I have to wait a while for nature to do it’s magic.

  4. My hair has always been natural in that I only colored it once, twenty years ago when I first noticed some grey. I didn’t like the effect. All my natural highlights were gone. I am deeply conflicted about what to do now that I will turn 70. I still have a lot of my natural color, but each year more and more of it goes to grey. It does seem that society responds more respectfully to older women with colored hair; yet I don’t want to begin an expensive habit. And, I am curious. My mother did not live long enough to know what her natural grey hair would be. Once it turned salt and pepper, she dyed it to the end of her life. I love your concept that our hair remains the exact right perfect hair for us, and I want to at least see what that is before I cover it up.

  5. Dianne🇨🇦 says:

    My hair is definitely natural! I am so lucky that it is a lovely silver colour.
    I do have to watch that I protect the colour from going yellow with the hot flat iron.
    I probably should get my colours done again, it’s been many years.
    It’s funny though….you just know when you have the wrong colour close to your face.

  6. I was gray in my early 40s but continue to color until my mid 50s. At first it was salt and pepper for several years now it’s mostly silver on top but still dark black underneath and my eyebrows went from dark brown to black still haven’t figured out how that happened but at least I don’t have to pencil or color them. I get compliments on my hair all the time. Frequently from men that say boy I wish my wife would let her hair go gray. So there you go ladies

  7. I had my colors analyzed in my late 20s. I have held to those colors all these years(I’m 72) and it has worked well for me. I feel like these are the colors i like best. I had to throw out yellow and a grayish blue I liked, but i also added colors I hadn’t worn before.
    I had medium dark brown hair then and probably pinker skin tone. Now i have the blonder hair color i had as a child. I was typed as a winter.
    Please keep us updated if you find someone you like, it would be fun to get an update.

  8. I am in the process of growing out my hair so this is a timely post for me! I thought winter would be the best time to do this as I don’t go far in the winter and when I do go out I can throw on a touque. Both my mother and grandmother had beautiful white hair so hoping I have inherited that! I’m about one haircut away. I have always been attracted to jewel tone colours and have always received compliments when I wear them so it will be interesting how my hair colour will affect this.

  9. As a “winter”, I look best in jewel tones, pure white (versus ecru), and black. However, with dark hair, wearing black had been tricky. But for the past 2 years, my now-natural hair color is mostly gray with some dark still remaining giving it a salt and pepper effect. Now I can wear black with ease. 🙂

    Just curious as to what you will do with all those mandarin oranges?

    1. We are eating them all day long!

  10. Kathryn S Carter says:

    I am a new follower, residing in Napa, CA. All the 60 to 80 ladies in my neighborhood color their hair including me. My grandmother had totally white hair at 30. I inherited her body traits. Although I have asked friends and family if I should go to my natural color all said a definite NO! Including hubby! So I will continue to color my hair a deep deep red. My eyes pop with the color because they are green and I have very fair skin. Love your advise, the outfits you pair and suggestions on style. They are great!

  11. Lost my hair to cancer treatments when I was 50. When it finally grew back it was snow white, and I was unable to color it for several months for medical reasons. Thirteen years have passed and it’s still white! I decide to stick with it but I do (still) find choosing colors a challenge. It’s easy to look “washed out” or to have too much contrast. My white is a cool ice white so I find blues & purples work best. Tans, off whites, and yellows are terrible. My skin tone is warm so that throws a challenge in the mix.

    1. Try more brights with middle saturation. Medium depth.

  12. Jan Sonne says:

    I love this post, Jennifer! I had my colors done many years ago and came out with a gorgeous palette as a Satin Spring. At that time I was coloring my hair to keep my gentle blond. Now, years and one pandemic later, I have silver hair. I have been thinking about trying to get an update from someone who uses the same system and can “adjust” for my new / natural silver…because that is ME at 70!

  13. Linda Henderson says:

    I have not colored my hair in over four years. It feels better and is not damaged. I think the Collagin for Her that you recommend is helping.


    I agree with you take on color and going silver. I still have warm undertones but I have to play them up more with warm saturated color.

  15. I can’t believe how much healthier my hair is now that I don’t colour it anymore. I used to have brown hair and I loved wearing earthly tones. Now these colours look terrible on me. I’m wearing brighter colours with grey and black as my neutral. My husband has commented that I’m more fashionable and he likes the brighter colours. Don’t be afraid to stop colouring your hair.

  16. Marin Mattingly says:

    Something else about color analysis. Remember the hoorah about the dress being black or blue? We each see color differently. I may think red looks great on you but someone else might think it make you look yellow. Just a thought to keep in mind.

  17. Hello: Thank you for the reminder that a little day trip can be renewing and fun and supportive of local businesses. I recently retired and gave myself the gift of a color and style analysis. Like most of us I had this done many years ago and was pegged as a summer. The recent color consult also came up with summer. I am NOT willing to give up all my black clothing, but do now see how it can be overpowering for my particular skin tone etc. I have let my hair do its own thing for about 10 years. It continues to go from salt and pepper gray to white. What is frustrating is the amount of yellow that creeps in from the various dandruff shampoos I must use. Yes, I do use those purple shampoos weekly, but they are temporary at best. Expensive salon treatments don’t really help much either. I would love to hear if anyone has a solution for the yellows!

    1. I pour purple shampoo into dandruff shampoo. About 50/50. Works great.

  18. Hello Jennifer! Thanks for all the information and I agree with you about color analysis. I finally decided I could tell what colors I feel most comfortable in so that is what I wear. I also go by the colors that when I am wearing, I get the most comments. I let my hair go natural about three years ago not knowing what to expect. What I got was silver white. The most difficult transition has been my eyebrows. The old med brown is just not right so it has been trial and lots of errors. Thanks again. I enjoy your daily posts

  19. Best advice is still yours Jennifer: wear what makes you feel confident. I just ordered a lightweight coat I’ve been wanting a while. A pretty color option that’s aligned with my usual season type was calling me, but in the end I chose navy because it’s classic and year-round friendly, but most of all it’s a color I feel good wearing!

  20. I stopped coloring my hair a few years ago and I’m so glad I did. Instead of just letting things go I used a toner shampoo and my stylist did some highlights and low lights to blend while it grew out.
    The last of my hair color was cut off shortly before the pandemic, so it was good timing too.

  21. Oh that pie looks good!

  22. I believe we can wear any color. It depends on the intensity of the color. I can wear most blues but not pastel or dark. Since turning silver haired, I love the turquoise’s but I do not classify myself as warm season or cool season. I am equally happy with the greens in the so called spring pallet.
    Watermelon red to burgundy makes me happy. Trust your own instincts. That’s my opinion and I’m happy to give it whether it’s asked for or not.😁😂

  23. I am so jealous! My husband and I LOVE mandarins. The options available in our store are the tiny, tough ones. Glad you can enjoy this special treat.

    I have been skeptical of color “analysis” for some time. Certain colors and shapes of clothing suit us and others do not. After trial and error (oh, so many errors), I’ve learned that mid range cool tones are best for me. As my hair has come back in silver, I enjoy bumping up to jewel tones upon occasion. So, that’s my wardrobe formula.

  24. I live in Lincoln, Placer County and know every place you took those pics! I currently use the Your Color Style system and am Bright, Cool, Light. I really enjoy your outfits because many times you are wearing my colors!
    Wishing you a blessed holiday season 🥧

  25. I love your thoughts on natural hair! I totally agree.

  26. Hi Jennifer! That pie looks delicious! I’m not a pie baker, but we usually have pumpkin and apple pies for our family’s Thanksgiving. I had my colors done back in the 80s by a Color Me Beautiful consultant. I was a pretty easy client; I had dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and very fair skin—a textbook “winter.” My hair started graying in my early thirties, and I got off the dye train during Covid. My hair is now primarily white with a bit of dark gray and black in the back. I still look best in the bright and high-contrast winter colors and have stuck to those colors for the most part since my color consultation years ago. I did, however, recently add some cognac loafers and booties because I love that color with denim, black, and gray! The best part about sticking with my colors for years is that almost everything I own mixes and matches effortlessly. Happy Thanksgiving!

  27. Francesca. B. says:

    I went grey about five years ago now and l do occasionally think about dying it because l have -very grateful here-a face that looks younger than my hair!! And the grey puts me in the “ma’am “ territory which l loathe. A great haircut is needed. I now buy the best shampoo l can afford and take supplements for thinning. I love your Sunday drives and lm very envious…l mentioned it to my “34 years together hubby” and he just moaned about the the price of petroleum and the crowds on the roads etc and l thought to myself l needed a new Sunday travel buddy just for trips and excursions….

  28. I have let my hair go natural! Over the course of this year, I had two total knee replacements. General anesthesia really does a number on my hair so I decided not to color it and let it be. It hasn’t been this healthy since my teens. I’m pretty lucky and the grey is coming in slowly and in nice streaks so I don’t have to color my length to blend into my roots. At this rate, I don’t think I will have to worry about changing the colors I wear for a long time.

  29. Having lost my hair twice this year, due to chemotherapy, I’m observing that what is growing in is a salt and pepper color that has a bit of curly texture. My hair was curly before all this, so not really surprised. I have no idea what colors to wear, since my skin tone is definitely affected too. No going out in the sun at all sunblock everywhere if I do. I seem to still be able to wear black and look good in it. White never looks good on me. Tans still wash me out. I can only shop online, no contact in the stores, so it’s a bit of hit or miss. Thank goodness for Zappos and Amazon free returns.
    Your pie looks amazing-we always have pecan pie at Thanksgiving too but since not everyone likes it my brother and I will share it out over a few miles this year.

    1. Wishing you all the best with your recovery Susan. I’ve also lost my hair due to chemo, and have my last chemo session this Friday, and have the white “peach fuzz” look at the moment. I’m so looking forward to my hair growing back, and since I won’t be colouring it anymore, looking forward to inventing the new me.

      1. Thanks Yvonne-best of luck to you too. And have a wonderful holiday. This hair journey is interesting to say the least! And new lip colors are fun to try too.

  30. Loved this analysis! I was analyzed as a Summer many, many years ago. Then a Spring, also many years ago. Recently a Light Spring, and I do love most all the colors. And a True Summer, and I do love most all the colors. Crazy, right? What I’ve decided is to pick my favorite colors, and if they look fine with my hair and skin – wear them. I have moved to navies and grays for neutrals, but I always need some color. I let my hair color grow out during the pandemic, and I am now a pretty platinum blonde (really gray) mixed in with a little bit of regular blond left over. To give the Spring proponents their due, both times I was deemed Spring I did have highlighting in my hair. Since my color has grown out, I’m just plain Summer.