Random Monday Musings

I’ve gotten out of the habit of snapping photos of what I’m wearing on a daily basis, so I started back this week and grabbed three. The lighting is awful, and I’ve chopped one in half to take my grandson out of it, but you’ll get an idea of what I wear off the blog.


I wore this to pick up my grandson from school and spend the afternoon with him. It wasn’t raining, but it felt chilly. I always find a trend coat the perfect weight for those in between days. Mine is from Loft a few years ago, but this one is very similar. I’ll get a better photo of this striped top for you soon because the quality is amazing, and I love it.


Over the weekend, we took my grandson to a corn maze and pumpkin picking. Yes, we got lost in the maze, and it was fun. Next time, I’ll have my husband grab a photo of just me so I don’t have to crop him out like this. I layered a cashmere sweater over a white shirt and my Talbots barely boot jeans. We were rushing so fast in the morning that I only remembered to put one earring on. Do you ever do that?


Sunday was a Bocce tournament, and the day started out windy and cold…especially when standing in the shade. I broke out my cashmere sweater from the Nsale, coordinating cashmere scarf, soft white vest, gray fedora, and the same jeans I wore the day before. I often wear my jeans twice before washing them, do you?

The lilac shade they have in this sweater now (marked down) looks a bit deeper, which I think I’d prefer with this scarf to add some variety. My soft white vest is several years old, and this one is similar. The neutral lover in me really loves the lilac with the white and gray color combo.

The Look For Less with J.Crew and J.Crew Factory

I’m a big fan of the latest collections at J. Crew and think they’re getting better each season. They seemed to lose their way after Jenna Lyons left the brand, but they’re finally getting back on track. J.Crew Factory is the sister brand to the original, with many similar items at lower prices, and I thought it would be fun to compare some outfits.

( 1 )( 2 ) ( 3 ) ( 4 ) – ( 5 ) ( 6 ) ( 7 )( 8 )( 9 ) ( 10 )

J. Crew is on the left, and the J.Crew factory is on the right. The differences are subtle, so it’s easy to get a very similar look for less. Which J. Crew would interest you?

Beauty Favorites

After I mentioned beauty expiration dates in my newsletter yesterday, I continued going through my drawers and found many more things that had expired, so I tossed them out. The Sephora Sale has started for Rouge members with 20% off, so I reordered some beauty favorites.

I bought this jar of Clean Green in Canada, and it’s finally running out, so I reordered a few to have on hand.

I’ve tried a lot of cleansers over the years but keep coming back to this one because it takes everything off cleanly, never strips the moisture from my skin, and never leaves it irritated.


Then I spotted this set of Farmacy cleansers for Tea Lovers, which I certainly am, and decided to give them a try. Gift sets are a great way to sample new products or give them as gifts for the holidays. These small sizes are also great for travel. I find gift sets often end up being cheaper, plus you get to try new things.

Here are a few more clean beauty sets I found that look promising:

Okay, so I asked a lot of questions in this random Monday musings…let’s recap…

Do you wear your jeans more than once before you wash them?

Do you ever get so busy that you forget to put on your second earring?

Which J. Crew Outfit would interest you?

What beauty products do you buy on repeat?

Be sure you wear what makes you feel confident today and take time for yourself.


  1. It’s fun to have questions to answer! Do you wear your jeans more than once before you wash them? – Yes I do!

    Do you ever get so busy that you forget to put on your second earring? – I haven’t done that, but I’ve put on two different earrings to see which one I liked better to wear, then forgotten to add the matching one.

    Which J. Crew Outfit would interest you? – I think I like the factory one more for me, it seems a little more casual and the coat style works best for me.

    What beauty products do you buy on repeat? – Just one – EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 – my absolute favorite sunscreen

    1. Happy Monday Alexis! That’s funny about your earrings.

  2. I guess I am the plain Jane here. I wear my jeans at least twice all day and wash inside out cold. I love the lilac outfit on you ! I have to wash my eyelids with baby shampoo so I just wash my face and neck with it as well! I use Neutrogena Hydro Boost all over my face and neck and add Advanced Clinicals Hyaluronic Acid to my cheeks. My skin is on the oily side but this works great! I wear L’Oreal blush and Neutrogena MoistureStick in pink nude on my lips. No earrings unless a special event. I’m a Skechers and jeans kind of woman. I love what you wear and can wear some of the more casual neutral colors.

  3. I read a blurb last week (I believe it was in a description of a pair of jeans on J. Crew). It recommended wearing jeans 5-6 times before washing. After I wear my
    going-out-jeans🙃, I spray the creases with starch, shake them a couple times and let them dry. Most of the creases come out in the morning.

    1. That’s fascinating. I never considered spray starch. My jeans would be too bagged out to wear 6 times.

  4. Yes, I wear my jeans more than once before washing them.
    I haven’t ever forgotten to put on a second earring, but I’ve sometimes forgotten to put earrings in at all. I’ve also come home wearing just one.
    I prefer the J Crew Factory outfit, but would pick a black sweater over the green with different earrings as I don’t wear a lot of green.

    MD Solar Sciences foaming cleanser and tinted sunscreen are repeat skin care purchases ( your review of their products led me to try them) . I used to regularly buy Clarins face moisturizer but it has become so expensive I tend to buy Olay unless I can find a Clarins gift pack around the holidays.

    1. I love the MD solar sciences line. It’s such a great sunscreen.

  5. I definitely wear my jeans more than once. I’ve read articles mentioning not washing them unless they actually look dirty. Yikes! That would be a lot! I wash mine every two to three wearings as I like them pulled back in shape.
    Oh yes, I’ve worn only one earring, and once, while in a rush to get to work, I was fumbling, trying to get a post earring in, only to discover I already had an earring in that ear. Sheesh! 😉
    I use Innersense products for my haircare. I have curly hair and follow Consciously Curly, on FB- she shows how to use their products to get the best results. I have some eczema so have to be very careful with products and the Clarity shampoo and conditioner work great for me. They are made by Innersense.
    For face care, I prefer either Dr Hauschka or DHC. Right now, I’m using the DHC line. Until I switched to Dr Hauschka, years ago, I was developing rosacea. That line cleared it up and it’s not returned.
    I love all your outfits, but lean towards the lavender outfit with the white vest. So pretty!
    I really enjoy your posts! Thank you!

    1. I couldn’t wait until my jeans looked dirty to wash them either. They’d be so loose!

  6. I’m partial to the Paula’s Choice brand skin care lines. They have something for everyone, but I have sensitive skin and tend to react to products with fragrances included. Yes, I wear my jeans more than once before washing. I have also read that when you do wash them, you should do so inside out, to maintain the color of the denim. Some days, I have forgotten to put in earrings at all!

  7. I wear my jeans 2 or 3 times between washes.
    Years ago I rushed out of the house heading for work and put my earrings on in the car. One post was especially difficult, and a little painful, to get in. Later I realized I had actually re-pierced a second hole in my earlobe that I’d allowed to grow shut!
    I have found several great items at J Crew Factory. We have an outlet nearby that makes returns easy. I love J Crew, but I only buy items on sale, and only when I’m very certain of the sizing. I won’t buy anything that can’t be exchanged or returned; their sizing is too inconsistent.

    1. Ouch! That sounds painful.

  8. Washing jeans every time you wear them is hard on the fabric. I always wear them more than once unless they get dirty. I don’t go as far as some people, who almost never wash them, but they can be refreshed with a trip through the steam cycle in the dryer. (The dryer feature I thought I’d never use eliminates the need for a clothing steamer.)

    As for earrings, I lose single post earrings in the winter to taking off scarves, hats and coats, so now I wear exclusively hoops in the cold months.

    1. Great point about post earrings. I wish I had a steam cycle on my dryer!

  9. Yes! I wear my jeans several times before washing unless I spill something on them! I seldom wear one pair all day! I have different clothes for daily activities. I have two pairs of ll bean microfiber cargo pants I wear every morning along with one of four spf Colombia tops that I’ve had for years to walk the dogs! Lots of pockets!
    I have two sets of boot cut pull on stretchy pants with side pockets that I wear in the studio to paint along with three tunic knit tops.

    Then if I’m going out to lunch or dinner I’ll then wear some jeans or shopping or going to appointments. So, my jeans don’t get a lot of all day wear. Wonder why I have so many!

    Yes, I’ve forgotten an earring and also have put different ones in each ear! So far I haven’t worn two different shoes!!!

    1. Lol, that reminds me of the time my husband wore two different colored shoes. Same style, one black, one brown. That taught him to turn the closet light on while getting dressed 👍🏻

      1. I have worn two different colors of the same sandal out to dinner! It was 🎶 too late to turn back now🎶 by the time I noticed! I was out of state and it was a casual eatery so I suffered no embarrassment!

      2. I bet it happens more than people like to admit. If I love a shoe, I’ll often but it in several colors.

  10. My skin products I buy over and over:
    Timless – 3 products
    The Ordinary – 2 products
    Skinfix moisturizer- for my dry skin (finally a product that eliminates my dry flaking skin.
    Tretinoin- purchased thru prescription service

  11. Yes, I wear my jeans more than once before I wash them.
    I have never been too busy to forget to put in my second earring.
    I think I like the J Crew outfit because of the interesting buttoning on the coat.
    I have used Loreal mascara for many years. Get compliments on my lashes!
    I’m always looking for an eye cream to get rid of my wrinkles, what actually works?

  12. Yes, I often wear my jeans more then once. I’ve forgotten to put in an earring or have worn 2 different kinds. The other day I had my pearl earrings on my mom had given me years ago and when I got home I discovered one of the backs was missing but the earring stayed in. I could never replace them so I’m going to make sure I put them on better. I love how you dress at home!

    1. I misplaced one of my moms earring for several weeks and was devastated until I found it under my dresser…way in the back. Whew.

  13. Yes I always wear my jeans more than once before washing.
    I always get Origins A Perfect World spf 40 age defense moisturizer, I love it.
    The side by side J Crew was fun and I would grab different things from both sides to pull an outfit together for myself.
    Unfortunately yes I have worn only one earring, as well as losing one during the day. Argh.
    Happy Monday

  14. Rhoda Clatk says:

    Good morning! Great post! I have trouble finding a facial cleanser that removes eye makeup. Since my cataract surgery, I even more cautious. I’ll definitely try this one.
    Yes I’ll wear my jeans more than once before washing them. lol.
    My skin care that I buy on repeat is Prai Beauty. Their products feel great and perform as advertised.
    I’m still searching for a fragrance to replace my winter favorite, Tweed. Question: does anyone else wear a different fragrance in different seasons? Years go, I found that I needed a lighter scent during the hot and humid summer months. But no matter where I lived I always went back to Tweed during the winter. So I’m still searching for a replacement for my Tweed. Any suggestions?

  15. That is a lot of questions for a Monday morning 🙂 I don’t wear jeans anymore, but when I used to wear them I never washed them after every wear or every 2nd wear – it was a lot less frequent than that.
    Of the J Crew and the factory store, I like items from each, although at this point in my life, I would probably purchase the lesser priced items.
    Ha- it would drive me crazy to only have one earring on, so I would have taken that one off.
    As for repeats for beauty products: perfume, cleanser, moisturizers, mascara and shampoo. I tend to stay with the same brand in skin care for a while at least. With lipsticks I’m always looking for new colours but buy many different brands.
    BTW – I enjoy seeing what you actually wear each week.

    1. I didn’t notice I wasn’t wearing both until I got home. It would have driven me crazy too🤣

  16. Answers to your questions …
    Do you wear your jeans more than once before you wash them? Yes, always unless I have spilled something on them. Also, I’ve read that airing your wool sweaters outside is better than dry cleaning for care, so I do this as well.

    Do you ever get so busy that you forget to put on your second earring? No, LOL

    Which J. Crew Outfit would interest you? I like the J Crew coat but have no need for it; the Factory cords; and the sweaters. Neither sweater comes in Petites, so I would not buy either. Also, I buy by color, and the reds (unlike the greens) are not at all the same. And I don’t wear loafers (or other flats).

    What beauty products do you buy on repeat? Basic moisturizers (face, eyes) and cleansers. Also, lip gloss, lipstick and mascara. I have others but not on repeat — and the lipstick and mascara last a long time. I purchase other things (e.g., mask) periodically but not on repeat. When I did, I’d end up throwing some out, which made me uncomfortable for many reasons.

    1. Mascara should be replaced often because of potential bacteria build up. I don’t replace mine often enough but I’m trying to get better at it.

      1. thanks!

  17. Love the Sezanne Breton sweater. I’m built like you and would love to know what size you are wearing. Thanks!

    1. I’m wearing a medium because I have broad shoulders and back. Mine is the navy. I love it.

  18. I smiled when I read that you forgot the other earring. I’ve done that too, wearing a large hoop earring. My friend told me that it looked very bohemian!😆

    1. Lol, that’s a look I’ve never worn.

  19. Sharon K. says:

    Wearing jeans more than once? Yes, especially if I only wore them for a few hours, like out for dinner. Assuming I avoided dropping a ravioli in my lap!

    J.Crew: Really prefer the Factory styles this time, especially the coat style. I just ordered the Factory earrings and white cords, as they fit into some things I already have.

    Thanks for all your great tips!

    1. Happy Monday! Thanks so much for shopping through my links.

  20. Good morning, just a quick thought on your survey yesterday. If you can add an “other” under gift categories, it would be helpful. My family gives a lot of books, donations (e.g., to nature organizations), artwork … but books is far and away the largest category, if not the most expensive.

    1. Great suggestion Maeve, thank you

  21. I don’t see the Farmacy Green Clean in the Canadian Sephora site, just Green Clean. I’ll have to look around .

    I wash jeans after at least two wears, often a little longer but if they tend to stretch a bit, I’ll wash them more often.

    Beauty products: Clinique cleansing balm, Aveeno face Cleanser, Cerave vitamin C, Cerave nightime moisturizer (I wear it during the day, every day), a couple of nightime moisturizers by Olay (one with retinol). I am always experimenting with makeup and currently mostly drugstore brands. I always wear eye and face primers (Milani, ELF), foundation(currently Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid illuminationing and firming 💜), concealer (current favs NYX Bare with Me and L’oreal Age Perfect Radiant Concealer,)and lipstick (too many to list). For years I have worn L’Oreal Telescopic mascara.

    No preference on the J. Crew outfit.

    1. Canada no longer sells the Green Clean version. Something about how “clean” they think the ingredients are.
      I find that very strange since they allow products with tons of chemicals to be sold. Milani makes very nice makeup. I’ve got Elf on my must try list.

  22. Jeans washing: generally I wear them 5 times before washing. Maybe more if I just wore them for a few hours. I keep track on an index card slipped into a snack-size baggie and hung on the hanger with the jeans.
    J. Crew or Factory: Generally I find that the Factory merchandise fabric isn’t as nice. That being said, plenty of times it’s “good enough” and the pricing is great.
    Buy on repeat: Since my skin has become more sensitive, I buy Avene products on repeat. (Serum, sunscreen, moisturizers)
    Earrings: I sometimes forget to put them in at all!

    1. I agree about “good enough”. It really depends if I want something for the long term.

  23. I wear my jeans twice before I wash them. I like the J Crew Factory options. Haven’t forgotten the second earring yet, but ….
    I liked your mix of sweater, vest, and scarf.

    1. I was cozy and warm in the morning and could remove layers as the day warmed up. Layers are perfect for this time of year.

  24. Oh yes, I do wear my jeans several times before washing. And now that I discovered the Downy rinse and refresh product, I am rinsing several of my pieces of clothing and not using detergent. It also removes any residue, whether it may be simply too much detergent left in the fibers. I love it!
    I also use the Wow hair products too.
    My favorite makeup melting balm is by Elf, so affordable too!

    1. I haven’t tried that Downy product. It sounds fascinating. I’ll pick some up.

  25. I don’t wear jeans any more but my chinos and cords I wash after 2 days wear – if no eg. mud splashes .
    I often forget the 2nd earring -esp. when I am hurrying to get out of the door and so haven’t checked in a mirror !
    The one on the left – because of the really nice coat and earrings .
    LUSH’s ‘Dream Cream’ , ‘Imperialis’ moisturiser and ‘Candy Rain’ hair conditioner .

  26. Yes, I wear my jeans two days just like you. No, I don’t change my earrings, small diamond studs I leave in always so no worries about forgetting one. I love JCrew Factory, there’s a store not far from me and I enjoy shopping there. As for beauty products I like trying new things so the only one I think I buy regularly is Cerave Hydrating Cleanser as a first cleanse. I enjoy your Monday musings.

  27. Grandma judy says:

    Unless I have done something to get my jeans dirty or the knees and seat have stretched out I always wear my jeans twice before washing. I don’t wear earrings, just bracelets and a small necklace that I don’t take off but you look edgy with your 1 earring. Lol! And I pretty much stick to the same facial products. They work so I keep using them. Glad you had a good time with your grandson. Grandkids are so special and how lucky we are to have them in our lives!!

    1. They are the best! I’m crazy about him.

  28. Pat Patterson says:

    Happy Monday Jennifer, I like your questions today,
    Yes, I wear my jeans more than once before
    The J Crew outfits, I like the coat and pants from J Crew and the shoes, sweater from J Crew factory
    My beauty products I purchase on a regular basis , Lancôme make-up, Elemis skin care (cleanser and moisturizers
    Have a great day

    1. Thanks and happy Monday Pat

  29. OMG! Please don’t wash your jeans so often. Jeans should be looked at and or use the smell test before washing and inside out to stay like new.
    I have loved and used Tatcha For years. Love your blog.

    1. Thank you. Happy Monday Shari!

  30. GM- yes, wear jeans twice & since u have introduced me to ilia, I always buy their mascara. I have tried others & for me, this is the best. I also wear cool colors so I love the lilac, off white & gray. Beautiful! I would purchase from j crew factory depending on fit. Thanks for all ur posts, I always learn something!!

    1. I’m going to be wearing that lilac and soft white combo often. It just feels so pretty. I agree about the Ilia mascara! It’s my favorite.

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