Self Care At Home

Happy Friday ladies, I hope you’re keeping it all together while you self-distance, shelter at home and/or self-isolate. California has been “locked” down for ever almost a week and cabin fever is running high at our house.

This situation is new for all of us. Some are not dealing with it as well as others so today, I’m sharing some self-care practices while you shelter at home, are self-distancing or self-isolating.

1 – Get Outside

Yes, we need to keep our distance from others but we also need fresh air. Go for a walk, keeping a safe distance from others or simply sit outside. A healthy dose of Vitamin D from the sun will lift your spirits and fend off depression.

2 -Take up meditation

I’ve been meditating on and off for many years. Remember when I flew south for a meditation retreat with a broken hip? The truth is it’s been hard for me to commit to it every morning so I love it when Deepak Chopra does his free 21 Day Meditation Challenge. He’s just started a new one called Hope In Uncertain Times which seems particularly poignant. My daughter is doing it in Vancouver and my husband just started it. If he can do it, anyone can do it because his AA personality means he is always on the go.

3- Unplug From Technology

Being constantly plugged in to what’s happening, is stressful. It’s not healthy during normal times and this is anything but normal. Schedule a time to step away from your cell phone, computer, radio, and television. Have some quiet “me” time with no input from society. Read a new book, test a new recipe, knit, sew, or simply do nothing.

4 – Stretch

Most of us are missing the gym or exercise classes. Yesterday I drove past a parking lot full of women all jumping around to loud music. Each woman was 6 or more feet from the other and the instructor was at least 12 feet away in front. They looked like they were having fun, but that’s not practical for most of us. I prefer calmer forms of exercise and found some great free online yoga classes here, and here, and here. Yoga helps stretch your muscles and calm your nerves.

5 – Keep Your Routines

Making your bed may seem like a simple thing and easy to ignore, but I promise you that simply making your bed nicely every morning will improve every day. If you don’t believe me, watch this moving commencement speech. I spray my pillows with lavender water each morning which freshens them up and smells heavenly. Scents have a powerful effect on your mood so use ones that you love.

6- Get Dressed

It may feel luxurious to hang around in your pj’s and robe all day, but I promise, you will feel much better when you get dressed. Do it for you! If you have a hard time, plan your outfit the night before and remember to include a few accessories.

7 – Learn Something New

Learning is a great distraction and many universities are offering free classes for you to take. Always loved the beauty of Caligraphy? Take free classes here. Harvard is offering classes here. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at art, some of these classes look great. There are free crafting and sewing classes here.

8 – Beauty Treatment

Just because you can’t get to the spa or salon, doesn’t mean you can’t have a beauty treatment. Turn on some relaxing music and use that face mask you bought and never find time to use. Change your toe and fingernail polish for a cheery color. I switched to a brighter pink and it lifts my spirits just seeing it. Heat some oil and give your hair a deep heat treatment. If you have nothing at home, good old olive oil will work. Egg white face masks have been used for years with great results.

9 – Stay In Touch

Don’t let this time be lonely or allow you to get emotionally isolated. Pick up the phone, Facetime or Message friends and loved ones. Texting and emailing can feel sterile during these stressful times, so I encourage you to talk and see the people you love.

Now I’d like to hear from you. How are you staying sane and what can you share in the comments to help the other ladies here? This community is filled with strong, smart and kind women. Thank you for being part of it. I can’t tell you how much it means to me.


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woman alone self isolating

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



  1. Thank you for this post, it hit the right spot! I felt relief when I read it. I have been inspired over the last week by the change of season and spacial distance separation and have got the clothing I have not worn recently out and had a good look at them. I have changed a calf length chiffon jacket with long side splits to be a shirt dress by closing the side slits, adding two more buttons and buttonholes to the bottom of front opening and I will wear a belt around the waist blouse it over spas a shirt dress. Have re-hemmed one pair of slacks that were too long, 1 more pair underway! From Australia

  2. Linda Todd says:

    We are in full lock down in New Zealand too so yesterday I had a huge tidy of my costume jewellery sorting my earrings into colours and having then on a new picture frame filled with Chicken wire that my significant other made for me. As a way of staying cheerful I am dressing property each day and wearing colourful jewellery even though only one other person will be seeing it. He called it “tiara time” when I am deciding what to wear.

    1. I love “tiara time”! Such a fun expression. We are cleaning the garage which is not nearly as much fun as jewelry. Stay safe

  3. Susan Scott says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    So enjoy reading all your posts and I want to thank you for the Fiona Davis recommendation. I was not aware of her and really like her stories. I’ve read The Dollhouse and now into The Address….the following two will be next in line….so thank you for making this self quarantine much more pleasant❗️
    I especially like your honesty on all issues and your sense of humor with tales of your RV adventures
    Stay positive and I’m send healing thoughts for your daughter. Hope she is feeling much better.

  4. I thought I had everything we would need for a month at least but forgot extra Mayo and eggs. It seems everything I want to cook has eggs. So, I’m going to try and make my own Mayo today and I found you can sub eggs with oil or applesauce.
    I’ve been reading all about how they coped during the depression If you are not familiar with Clara’s Kitchen on you tube, you should check it out. It is wit and wisdom from someone who went through the depression. You’ll love her, I promise.

    1. Heading over to check her out right away! How fun:) Thanks, Eve.

  5. Love your tips. I’ve been walking, baking, cooking, tidying the house, reading, and watching TV guilt-free. I get dressed every morning and put on makeup. I’m trying to keep things as normal as possible for the kids. My french lessons continue online, which is a blessing. It’s quite surreal. I can’t imagine that many of us will come through the other side of this unchanged. Xx

    1. I agree we will all be changed in large or small ways. I’m impressed you can take French online! xx

  6. I wish the weather would warm up, but this is California, and we’ll be hot soon enough. I cook for the family (breakfast, lunch and dinner.) There are six of us, including two teenage boys (who eat everything in sight and still get taller and skinnier.) When it was just my husband and myself, I cooked less often, and we went out a lot. Now that I’m back to cooking for a big family, I find I have lots to do. Instacart has been a lifesaver. (Oh, I just cook. My daughter cleans!)

  7. Thank you ladies, for practicing social distancing. As an RN in a hospital, I know that all health care workers really appreciate the sacrifices everyone is making. When I come home from a stressful day, I am cross stitching which has really helped. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

    1. Be safe, Joan. You’re really on the frontline. We are so appreciative of your work.

  8. Rosemarie says:

    I continue with my daily routine at home. I have not gotten into cleaning as a lot of people have as there will be weeks ahead to do it. I did all my major errand stuff a couple of weeks ago. We are not in lock down in my city but are told to stay home Work was cancelled mid month and I am enjoying having this extra time. I do a little bit of gardening. I have written out 7 Haiku (Japanese poetry) that I sent to people by snail mail. People enjoy opening 1 each day – Haiku is very calming and one can visualize the scene. I’m enjoying seeing Spring unfold outside our living room window – there are magnolia trees. I am taking a course which has to now be done on ZOOM which I had never heard of before. So interesting as we all are visible on the computer screen and can listen and chat. Today I will make an orange cake and go for a drive to see the water. I am sad tho as a friend got her prognosis re cancer = terminal and I can not visit.

    1. I love Haiku! What a good idea! (So sad for your friend.)

  9. Anne @musicandmarkets says:

    We returned from Barcelona 2 weeks ago Sunday, so have been self-quarantining since then, right along with everyone else, as it happens! And I’m happy to continue that til the threat greatly decreases. I’ve worked from home, for our travel business, for years, but now my nearly-retired husband is also working from home, so that’s a pleasure!
    What I have delighted in during this time is the almost-daily calls from our adult children and grandchildren! Previously everyone was so busy they rarely called – but now we enjoy hearing from them frequently!
    So much to be thankful for as we travel this unknown path…

    1. Such a great observation Anne. We do need to be grateful for small blessings. Stay well.

  10. I am increasingly a huge fan of yours. Your
    kindness and empathy shine thru and I love that
    you connect very different, but interesting,
    women. You share in an authentic way. I love
    to read all the comments you receive.
    Thank you Jennifer.

    1. My readers are the best! I’m glad you’re here with us Carol. Start safe

  11. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. You have been a calming influence on us all. I’ve been walking, reading, yard work, cleaning, cooking. My husband is a CPA so he is still able to work. We are grateful for that! I live in WA state so we are really on lockdown! So true to make the bed and dress well, just makes you feel better. Stay safe!

      1. My husband actually has been going to his office. He is self employed with only a few other accountants. They all have separate offices. Thankfully it’s considered an essential job. He works from home too.

  12. Hi, Jennifer. I love this post; wonderful tips and suggestions from many of you. I will look into the links that Jennifer has posted. Finally, finally we’ve had some beautiful warm weather with real sunshine this week after all those weeks of rain and drizzle! My husband and I have enjoyed getting out for a long walk around our beautiful woodsy neighborhood. I have enjoyed trying some different things: I baked homemade bread for the first time, I gave myself a manicure with bright lavender-blue nail polish and tried a homemade facial scrub made with coconut oil and baking soda. I’ve also finished several of my library books. Ladies, don’t be afraid to try touching up your own roots! I’ve done it for years using Clairol Root Touch-Up and also L’Oreal’s spray on root touch up. They work well. Just don’t cut your own bangs! LOL! If you do, watch a YouTube how-to or something first. Keep up these lovely posts, Jennifer, and thank you!

    1. Great advice:) I’ve cut my bangs and can attest it’s not as easy as it looks.

  13. Thanks for your encouraging message and information about self-care as we are all sheltering in place in CA. I am reading a childhood Nancy Drew mystery to my 9-year-old granddaughter and my sister in Maine, my 14-year-old granddaughter and I are taking “The Science of Well-Being,” a free course through Yale.

  14. Shirley (GA) says:

    All these ways of coping sound very nice, actually! However, down here in Georgia, my husband and I are still going to work. (Our daughter who is 6 months pregnant is working from home – her hubby still goes out to work.) We stay home otherwise, unless we run to the grocery store or hit a drive-thru or pick up take-out. Haven’t seen my son, DIL or our precious grands in a couple of weeks! Church has been cancelled, watching services on-line. Daughter’s friend had to cancel their wedding last weekend! We are discussing my daughter’s baby shower, which was planned for May 3rd – invites haven’t gone out yet and we are undecided with how to proceed! Practicing recommended safety measures and thankful that my family is healthy and we have what we need….Thankful for all the people on the front lines – medical, first responders, farmers, truckers, hard working folks working the grocery stores, drug stores, restaurants…Praying this will all be resolved soon! Take care, everyone!

  15. Just LOVE your posts and reading all the comments from such wonderful Souls. I feel like we’re all connected through this trying time. Remember, put your lipstick on girls!!!! Always brightens MY reflection🙃

  16. I’m still out walking every morning. It starts my day outside which cheers me up. I do miss the pool exercise classes though.
    Last week and this week, I spent an hour or two out in my garden. It’s physical work but at the same time calming. For that brief period, I forget about the pandemic.
    I’ve found an online exercise class and try to do that every day. It might help combat the overeating that is happening in our house.
    I’m reading a lot. Books have a way of transporting one to a different time, country, adventure….
    I look around the house and think of what I could do to tidy, declutter or change up. My house is getting cleaner, I’m occupied and time passes quickly.
    The trick to passing time is to stay active and occupied, otherwise this could be a very depressing time.

    1. You’re so right! The sun is out today and I am going to do some weeding. It’s very therapeutic. The plants will be thrilled that I leave them alone 🤣

  17. Thanks for your posts, Jennifer. I always enjoy reading what you share.

    I agree with you about making the bed every day. (It is so easy to just say, “Why bother?”.)
    Yesterday I went a step further – completely changed my sheets, pillows, and comforter.
    I was able to do that because a few months ago I decided I was worth new bedding for every season. At that time I purchased a variety of sheets, pillows, etc. for every season. Yesterday was the day to change to spring!

    Have a great day, all.

  18. Can anyone recommend a good hand treatment, preferably one made from common kitchen ingredients? My knuckles are cracked from handwashing, and I have hangnails. TIA.

    1. Oh how that hurts!! I’ve always found a night wearing cotton gloves over heavy lotion helps. I wonder if a sugar scrub followed by lotion would help. Keep lotion next to every sink and where you sit.

      1. Hmmm, a sugar scrub. Must try! Thanks.

      2. Vaseline and gloves before bed

  19. patricia valentic says:

    Thanks Jennifer for the post. I will check out those free classes today. The meditation sounds great as well. I too do Adrienne yoga. Love her. I have not tried the others but I think I will. I also do the body project beginner intermediate workout. It is tough but it lifts my spirits. My daughter who has mood issues tried their workout and was amazed at how much better she felt after doing their workout. She did a beginner one. Anyway free on you tube. patval

    1. I will check that out. Thanks Patricia. We could all use a mood lifter. 🙂

  20. Thanks for the great post, Jennifer. Each night when I go to bed, I try to set a goal for the next day. That’s going pretty well. And…. finally the sun has been out and it’s warming up. It’s amazing how that lifts my mood.

    1. I’m so glad it’s warming up for you. The sunshine is an an amazing mood lifter.

  21. Great post!
    My YMCA is posting classes on YouTube!
    I usually go to water aerobics daily so I’m missing it a lot!
    I’m loving creative cooking with whatever I have in the freezer! My husband requested a childhood favorite tuna casserole but I made it with yogurt and chicken broth with lots of veggies! Healthy!!
    I’m into a huge book that Santa brought this year so all is well here!
    Keep up your wonderful daily dose of cheer!

    1. That’s so funny. My husband and I were just talking about my tuna noodle casserole. I haven’t made it for over 40 years.

  22. I appreciate you writing at this time. Thanks for all the great ideas especially stress reduction. Stay strong everyone. Sending good vibes to all from Chicago.

  23. As a nation, we all need to step back from our work routines, GO HOME, and then STAY HOME for two to four weeks. Until people stop socializing and give a long enough time to break this virus chain, this will not stop. I only go out for necessities. I suit up when I do and use a tightly woven scarf as a mask. When I get home it all gets dumped and into a germ killing wash! My backyard is my sanctuary now!

  24. Thank you, very helpful. I would recommend PBS Classical Stretch in Ontario at 6:30 am. I have it set on my PVR and each segment has a specific focus. eg today it was feet and fingers. Yesterday I selected one for back aches. Miranda is our age group, fit and knowledgeable and is filmed at a beach resort. Guaranteed to pick up your spirits.

    1. Thank you for the recommendation, Pat. It’s funny you mention hands. I spent 10
      Minutes giving my hands a thorough stretching yesterday and it felt marvelous

    2. Pat Englund says:

      I love Miranda and have recorded all her episodes on PBS.

  25. Jane Collier says:

    Thank you for your daily posts. I always look forward to reading them and appreciate your willingness to let us peek into your life and thoughts.

    I also get dressed daily and something else I have been doing is wearing different jewelry each day. It has been fun to dig through not only older “nice” jewelry but costume jewelry as well. I am enjoying the memories it brings back of places we went on travels, gifts from friends and pieces I remember being worn by dear relatives who are no longer with us. All good thoughts in these difficult times.

    This too shall pass!


    1. I love the idea of switching jewelry every day. I’m going to try it!

  26. I love Deepak’s current 21 day mediation series too! It’s grounding and uplifting.

    1. I bought two of his older ones this week. I plan to just repeat them 😉

  27. Yesterday, our temps were barely in the 40’s but the wind was mild. I went for a walk and as the sun popped through the clouds, it felt amazing!! Wow, it was so therapeutic!
    I do try to plan some sort of new activity each day. I am trying a new chicken chipotle recipe for dinner tonight.
    Thankyou for keeping us all connected Jennifer!
    Stay well ladies!

    1. Chicken chipotle sounds yummy! I’m experimenting a lot these days.

  28. Joyce Reardon says:

    I’m pretty lucky. I am in Florida for the winter..I’m able to go to our pool every morning g and do my exercises. My yoga studio at home has started doing classes on zoom, so I’ve started that.
    My biggest concern is going home and not being able to touch my grandchildren! Thank heavens for FaceTime! Last night one of my grandaughters read me a book!
    Stay safe! This too will pass!

    1. FaceTime has been a saving grace with my daughter through this. Stay well

  29. Gail Schwartz says:

    I love reading your posts. I take a 2 mile walk in the morning with a good friend (we keep our distance) and some mornings I do water aerobics in the pool (to a recording). My new dilemma: I have to color my own hair, and I haven’t done it in 50 years. The hair salon is open, but I doubt that it’s safe. I bought a package of Nice and Easy by Clairol because that’s what I used long ago. Can I get some encouragement?

    1. I used Nice & Easy for years with many compliments. I paid about $7 while all my friends
      who go to salons pay $175 plus tips. Go for it!
      My neighbors and I have been sitting out in our driveways six or seven feet apart so we can
      still visit.

      1. My mom colored her own hair for 60 years and it always looked fabulous.

    2. Gail, I just heard on Kelly and Ryan that on Monday they will have a hair dresser on who will show how to do your own roots and style. Might help.

    3. Just follow the directions and you’ll do great, Gail! If you don’t like it, try another color:)
      Remember it’s a huge industry and women have been using it to color their hair for many years! My mom used it forever!

  30. I truly look forward to your posts Jennifer – it really helps me to have this interaction with like minded women. We’ve been sheltering since Friday the 13th (that’s a date I’ll never forget) and it seems a lot longer than 2 weeks at times.
    Funny story – the highlight of my day yesterday was finding toilet paper. I got all dressed up, added my favourite accessories and fully expected to be out for at least an hour going from store to store. Well, the first store I went into had TP, so I was home in less than 15 minutes. It was a bit deflating as I was all dressed up with nowhere to go LOL.
    I’m actually getting used to this slower pace of life and am sleeping longer and taking more time to pamper myself. The other day I did a mini spa day with a facial, manicure and pedicure and that lifted my spirits considerably.
    Today I’m going to challenge myself by pulling out some Pilates workout CD’s that I haven’t done in a few years.
    Yesterday we had a few hours of warmer weather, so I was able to get outside and do a yard clean up and even put a few of my patio chairs out. I think the trick is to find something to look forward to each day.
    Stay well ladies.

    1. I am finding it hard as I am used to walking 15 kms a day, but the other day many people were not social distancing and Inhave bad asthma, so I am staying put. Will drag out some exercise tapes and the exercise bike as the pool water is a bit chilly for a swim. Would love to get stuck in to cleaning out my garden, but it’s still quite warm and earlier this year I thought had been bitten by a snake when sticking my hand down in amongst the agapanthas. Debated whether to call the ambulance as our snakes (in Oz) are highly venomous, even though I live in the suburbs, 2kms feom the central business district. After 5 minutes of no symptoms I calmed down – was some thorny old plant I couldn’t see. Meanwhile, I have a pile of books to read, but need to lay off the hot cross buns. . I talk to my sister everyday (in New Hampshire) and worry about her still being at work as a nurse (albeit not a high risk area) Please stay safe Jennifer – I look forward to your cheery posts, they are always so positive.

      1. I’m not a fan of snakes do that would really scare me too. People are getting lax about social distancing but I’m not. Stay well!

    2. I think you’re right Yvonne. Variety helps keep things fresh. Stay well

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