The Power of Accessories in Color

Style has the power to transform your confidence and color has the power to boost it. For many women, style is a challenge but all women know what color they love.


The Power of Accessories in Color

Matchy, matchy has never been a favorite of mine. As I look at these photo’s, I realize that’s what this looks like. In truth, these boots, gloves, and scarf are all different intensity and shades of Aqua. The benefit to how I’ve added the Aqua is that it draws your eye from feet to face, with a quick stop at my hands. It keeps your eye moving which helps with balance.

My Uggs are super comfortable and warm. I knit these fingerless gloves in a similar color, several years ago. They’re the perfect option for semi-cold winters in California. This scarf was a gift from my daughter, who knows I love this color.

If you have a favorite accessory, pairing with another in the same color family is foolproof. They don’t have to match exactly to get the same effect. Collecting dressy and casual pieces in a favorite color gives you even more styling options. If you’re wearing neutral color accessories you can pile more on and not look overdone. For me, this almost tipped the scale at too much.

Cold weather dressing gets a lift from pops of color in accessories.

My coat is funky and warm with poufy pockets I love to stuff my hands in. Gloved or not, I just love pockets.

When I put on this hat I noticed the pin I’d bought on our trip to the Grand Canyon last year. Surprise, it’s Aqua! Vacations are some of the best places to pick up accessories because of the memories they hold.

Do you buy accessories as souvenirs while away on vacation?

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  1. I love aqua. It’s my go-to colour. I think we have similar colouring. You look beautiful!

  2. Jennifer this is super cute. You look so pretty, but still chic for the cold weather. I too love aqua and it looks especially good on you with your light hair and eyes. Stay cozy.. another cool and wet day it looks to be.. x Kim

  3. I love the color matching accessories. I have a wool hat that was my Mother’s and there is a stylish pin there too. It just adds a bit more umph!

    1. Lucky you, having your Mom’s hat!! It does add more umph. Perfect description.

  4. Love these little color pops throughout your outfit! And those pockets are such an interesting detail.

  5. I love that blue. And I love the detail on your gloves. I’m needing some pops of color to wake up my grays and blacks. Perfect suggestions!

  6. Aqua’s a great color for you. Except for a plum colored wool dress, bright colors are outside my comfort zone, so I use different textures in the same color family or use a pop of color on my shoes. That said, I do have a pair of plum colored low heels I wear with that dress. xoxox, Brenda

  7. Great winter accessories my friend. Adding color to brighten a cold day is my kind of therapy. Love your Aqua uggs! I would be putting them to some good use here.
    And I totally agree with buying accessories when on vacation, it always brings back the memories when I pull them out.
    If you want to put those cold weather accessories to some good use, you’re always welcome for a visit here.

    1. I just may surprise you and show up! I adore the snow 🙂

  8. Elizabeth says:

    This post is perfectly timed for me, as I have named 2016 “The Year of the Accesory”! I’m trying to wear the clothing that I already have, but be more conscientious and intentional about wearing jewelry and scarves. In fact, I’m already saving up for an Hermes scarf as a 55th birthday present to me. Thank goodness my birthday is in May!

    Great post!

    1. I’m glad you liked it Elizabeth! Accessories add so much personality. They’re a great place to invest for your wardrobe.

  9. Regina L. L. Wells says:

    Jennifer, I love your aqua! I don’t think you’re anywhere close to tipping the scale. 😉 Keep rocking, lady!

  10. Great post and you look beautiful!

  11. Nice color to accessorize a cold weather coat!

  12. Jennifer, your accessories are wonderful and I love the aqua color!!
    I wear so much black, various shades of gray and navy in the winter have found myself drawn to red accents this year.My red Carmen Clutch from India Hicks has been a favorite!

    The Arts by Karena
    Life Lessons: So Honored!

    1. I can just picture the Red as fabulous with black, gray and navy! That is a great clutch, I love it.

  13. I never think of color with my outer wear. Embarrassed to say all my boots are brown and black. UGH,I’m going to get some color going. Great post!.

    1. It’s an easy thing to do. Add some color, it’s uplifting!!

  14. The aqua is perfect with your hair color and skin tone. And a perfect choice to brighten up a dreary winter day! This is a fun cold weather look. I am a fan of hats and yours is a great finishing touch! I’ll have to remember to add a pin to mine…great idea!

    1. A pin is such an easy addition to a hat. And easy to switch out!

  15. A fashion blogger over 40 wearing Uggs! : ) Love it!

    I agree buying clothing on vacation is a sweet way to keep a memory alive.


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