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Unique Treasures from Anthropologie

If you have someone on your list who already owns absolutely everything, it can be a real challenge to find a gift they’ll love. I’ve been browsing Anthropologie’s website and found one or two things for me :), plus a wide range of gift options that I haven’t seen in other places. They’ve got some stunning accessories and one-of-a-kind pieces, so whether you’re shopping for a friend, daughter, or sister, you may enjoy these unique finds from Anthropologie.

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Jewelry & Apparel Gifts from Anthropologie

Monogram Heart Pendant Necklace

Anthropologie got the memo that brooches are back and have a gorgeous selection. Gifting items with an initial or monogram is very personal, thoughtful, and a great way to show your loved one that you put extra thought into their gift. This Monogram Heart Pendant Necklace would look amazing alone or layered with other necklaces. I fell for this one and ordered it. I also noticed they have a {collection of restored vintage pieces}, which are very cool.

Oui Baseball Cap

I bought my first baseball cap this summer, and I love it! They’re great for protecting your face from the sun and perfect for adding some attitude to your outfit while covering up a bad hair day. I love this simple and chic Oui Baseball Cap by Clare Vivier, which comes in white or green.

Hand-Painted Earrings

These Hand-Painted Earrings are works of art. They’re available in fifteen colors, which all look amazingly different. They’re so unique and make quite a statement.

Hygge Cardigan Sweater

This Hygge Cardigan Sweater looks like something I’d love to snuggle into while curled up to read a new book. Taupe is one of my favorite colors, plus this also comes in gray. It looks so soft and cozy and would also be cute with street clothes.

Hobby Gifts from Anthropologie

Candyland Vintage Bookshelf Edition

We are a big game-playing family. These vintage bookshelf edition versions of Candyland and Monopoly would be fun for the board game lover on your Christmas list. They’re each bound in a gorgeous fabric box, allowing them to make lovely display pieces when they’re not in use.

Adult Paint-By-Numbers Kit

If you’re looking for a unique and fun gift for a creative friend or family member, one of Anthropologie’s three Adult Paint-By-Numbers Kits could be an excellent choice. These sorts of activities are creative and relaxing, plus the finished product is fun to display. This kit includes everything they need, including a canvas, paint, and brushes.

Nutcrackers Puzzle by Rifle Paper Co.

I love doing puzzles! They’re a great stress-free way to pass the time and a fun social activity I do with my grandson. This Nutcrackers Puzzle by Rifle Paper Co. is perfect to do over the holiday season and not so large that it takes forever to finish.

Watercolor Workbook

This Watercolor Workbook is so pretty. You can choose from three different workbook themes: Christmas, flowers, or animals. This gift is appropriate for a wide range of ages and would make a nice gift for a granddaughter or grandson who is into art or painting.

Home Gifts from Anthropologie

Initial Mug

Anthropologie always has a wonderful selection of whimsical mugs, like this {Monogram Mug}. There are countless designs and styles available to choose from, making it easy to find a mug that matches the recipient’s personality or interests. I often gift mugs filled with things like candy or a gift card.

I bought myself {this initial mug} last year, which would also make a great personalized gift.

Capri Blue Volcano Hand Soap and Lotion Gift Set

If you’ve ever smelled the inside of an Anthropologie store, then you can imagine how great this hand soap and lotion duo smells! This set would make a great hostess gift, gift exchange party present, gift for someone you don’t know well, and honestly, a great choice for any homeowner on your list!

More Unique Gifts from Anthropologie:

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  1. Cool gift ideas! Thanks Jennifer.😊

  2. karen jennette says:

    Love these gift ideas! the closest anthropologie store to me, is in Georgetown, Va.
    thank you so much and Happy Holidays!!

  3. I just ordered the watercolor paints/workbook for my granddaughter who is an artist in the making. Watercolors are a different medium for her. I know that she will enjoy this gift.
    Thank you for the wonderful suggestions!

    1. Happy Sunday Suzanne! I love giving gifts that stretch their creativity.

  4. Thank you for the ideas for small gifts. I do like your mug as it is large, has a handle that supports all four fingers comfortably and is attractive. It is cost effective as well. I have not seen paint by number kits in years! These are quite updated looking. I also love puzzles. They are very meditative to put together.

    1. I personally love any gifts that are meditative.

  5. For unique gifts, look to your local pottery makers and colleges who often have sales during the holidays. Local holiday craft fairs are also a good place to find unique gifts. Of course you can also find these items on ETSY but save the shipping costs and shop locally.

  6. We actually have an Anthropology in our downtown. The jewelry looks amazing and I love the initial mug is so cute. Great gift ideas. Thanks.

    1. I’m lucky ours has stayed in our shopping area but its selection has really changed. The one in my old town was fabulous!

  7. Love all these “unique” gift ideas! The paint by number and the water color kits really caught my eye. Puzzles, games or personalized gifts are so fun too! I had no idea that Anthropology carried this variety of unique treasures since we don’t have a store near us.
    Another top notch, thoughtful post! Thank you!😊

    1. Happy Sunday, Jan! I was delighted and surprised to find they had so many unique pieces.

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