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How To Look More Youthful and Stylish

The last thing I want to look like is mutton dressed as lamb. I want to look stylish and youthful without looking like I’m trying too hard. I’m not trying to look younger than I am, but I want to look modern the best I can at my age. Today I’m sharing a few ideas that help you look and feel more youthful.

Watch Trends

Wearing head-to-toe fads can look tragic. But it’s smart to know the direction fashion is moving so you can keep an eye out for the trends that fit your style recipe. Fads pass quickly but trends evolve over many years so these are what you want to add to look modern. If classic is your style recipe, spice it up with a trendy colored accessory. Something as small as the toe shape on tour footwear can make your look more youthful.over 50 fashion blogger wearing faux fur jacket and youthful leopard shoes

Lighten Up

Beware of wearing too much black, deep gray, or dark colors. They tend to look more serious and formal, which can be aging. Bright, colorful clothing lifts the spirits and looks more youthful. Add a pop of color in your shoes or bag, or opt for the lemon-yellow sweater over brown. Turquoise is one of those universal colors that flatter everyone.jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing pink bouse and youthful shape jeans

Beware Of Boxy

Full shapeless garments can make you look older so be sure to have some shaping in each outfit. It’s more youthful to wear wide pants with a fitted top. Oversized sweaters call for slim pants or jeans. Ditch a shapeless jacket for a fitted option. Slim chinos are more youthful than pleated baggy styles. No matter your size, it’s more youthful to have part of your silhouette highlighted. Beware of tight clothes that do scream “trying too hard”.fashion blogger jennifer of A Well Styled Life wearing denim jacket and modern crop pants

Update Your Jeans

There’s no doubt that wearing jeans is youthful, just be sure you’re not wearing a shape that’s been out of style for years. Mom jeans come in and out of style, but women over 50 seldom look youthful wearing them. fashion blogger jennifer connolly wearing modern legged jeans and plaid shirt

Be Unique

Artistic and creative garments are like the classics, they never go out of style. They allow you to stand out and look youthful. Many women over 50, 60, and beyond have embraced creativity as a way to stand out and avoid becoming invisible.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing casual outfit of denim jacket and slim blue pants

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Your Makeup


Dark lipstick with brown or purple undertones is very aging. Instead, opt for brighter shades that lighten the face. Matte lips accentuate wrinkles and won’t do you any favors. Glossy lipsticks can wick up the lines around your mouth so use a good lipliner to contain it. You can enlarge the look of thinning lips subtly by penciling just outside your natural lipline but avoid the “Who’s Afraid Of Baby Jane” look.

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If they’re thin, turning gray, or non-existent, be sure to fill them in to give your face some definition. My favorite eyebrow product is this Brow Wiz and this Dip Brow Pomade. They come in tons of colors and create a very natural looking brow.


A tiny pop of blush high on your cheeks will brighten your face. Beware of sculpting too heavily with bronzer which can end up looking like mud.youthful makeup on woman over 50

Update Your Hairstyle

If you’ve worn the same hairstyle for 10, 20, or more years, you need to get an update. Freshly trimmed hair looks more youthful than split ends or out of shape styles. If your hair is gray, be sure to use products to keep it from going yellow. Invest in deep conditioners to keep your hair as shiny as possible.


Update your eyewear and avoid frameless glasses. Here’s jennifer of A Well Styled Life wearing plaid shirt, red pants and rose gold sunglasses

What do you wear to look and feel youthful?

Have a great week and thanks for reading!






  1. I completely agree with everything you mentioned, except avoiding rimless glasses. Well my glasses do have rims, but I cannot stand the weight of glasses that have thick, decorative rims. I wear glasses ever minute I am awake and It is very uncomfortable to me to wear glasses with more interesting frames. My newest pair of glasses has slightly decorative frames, and I can’t wait to take them off at night and put on my very light weigh very thin rimmed granny looking glasses. It feels like going braless for my face.

    1. I can’t wear heavy glasses either. I get headaches and huge dents in my nose. I’ve seen companies that color the edges of lenses in frameless glasses to give some definition. I wear my frameless at home too.

  2. Excellent tips Jennifer! however do admit I prefer semi-rimless prescription eyeglasses with a delicate bridge and a decorative temple rather than a full frame. In other words ‘less is more’ as otherwise speaking namely for myself; too much frame distracts from my facial features. i.e.: Do you recall the very old T.V. Series ‘The Invisible Man’ ? Similar to that; no face just eyeglasses …… ☺….. and I’ve tried many styles.

  3. Hi Jennifer, I’m new to your blog and am enjoying reading your suggestions. I have a large bust and can’t get a button-up shirt to work. I’ve ended up defaulting to pull-over tee-shirts instead. Do you have any ideas for how to dress the square figure to make it look less so? I also love your hairstyle and your ideas about avoiding the grey helmet.
    Many thanks.

    1. Welcome! First of all, I swear by Hollywood fashion tape for blouse button gaping. You could try wearing a tank or cami under a shirt and wear the shirt unbuttoned halfway. That gives a V shape that makes your waist appear to narrow.

  4. This is a great subject and I agree with everything you said. I think you covered all the important aspects of appearing younger except one…attitude! If a person has a joyful attitude and is enjoying life, they appear much younger. We need to love ourselves and embrace the good and positive things about each of us. Oh, it would be great to lose 10 or 15 lbs or whatever is holding a person back from loving their body or their appearance. Joy and peace come from within, but radiate outwardly to others. Following your guidelines will help, but embracing a younger, more joyful attitude makes all the difference in other’s perception of your age.

  5. Color makes all the difference for me. The wrong color can age me in an instant. Fit of clothing is also important. Keeping shoes in good condition seems to make me feel more polished and together. My weight is also a factor in how I feel.
    But I think it’s my hair that most influences my feeling of being youthful and attractive. A good haircut can cancel a multitude of other flaws. It seems that no matter how well put together I am, if my hair is bad, nothing else compensates.

      1. Same here….even though I feel great about my looks if my hair wouldn’t cooperate it just makes me feel awful 😂

  6. When I wear a shirt under a sweater, it must always be a sleeveless because long sleeve shirts just always bunch up on me. Is there a secret to wearing a long sleeve shirt under a v neck sweater or do you just size up on the sweater? Theses are great tips especially about lightning up your look.

    1. I hold the sleeve down when I put the sweater on. Then hold the sweater sleeve at the wrist and pull the short sleeve down even further. Then I hold the short sleeve while I pull the sweater sleeve up and adjust to the right spot. It takes some doing but it works.

      1. I totally agree with Jennifer, that’s what I always do every time I wear a long sleeve shirt over a sweater, pulling the sleeves at the wrist will do the trick 😉

  7. Important for me…..Hairstyle – not looking “granny style”, subtle make up, not overdone on brows and lips, eye -catching shoes and/or bags, on the whole…a casual chic look with some fashion details but not fussy with frills or jarring pattern and colors.

  8. I read your every blog, but this entry was particularly uplifting. I sent it along to my cousin who will enjoy it as well I’m sure.

  9. I just started reading your blog and love it!
    No frumpy clothes for us!

    Are the high waisted jeans still in style?

    How tall are you? Also what body shape?

    1. High waisted are totally in style, luckily because they help hide my muffin top. I am 5’4” and have an inverted triangle shape. Broad shoulders and straight hips with very little waist definition.

      1. Hi Jennifer! You and I are about the same height, weight and size and I get most of my style ideas from you. I like how you will speak on some of the more technical aspects of dressing to flatter one’s shape. You’ve mentioned that you like high waisted pants and they look great on you. I would love to be able to wear this style of pant but find I simply don’t have enough room between my waist and bust. Does this mean I am short waisted? How do you tell? I also have a problem with the rise in pants and find a mid rise fits me the best. Would love to see a post about finding the best fit in pants. Love your blog and your chic style!

      2. You do sound like you have a shorter torso so mid-rise on you is probably like high rise for me. I like my pants to my waist to control the muffin top. If mid-rise does that for you, then that’s perfect!

  10. Your comment on clean glasses brought back the memory of a sweet old lady friend who wore “coke bottle” glasses that were so covered with powered foundation, I still can’ t believe she was able to see. She was darling, with a quick wit and always well dressed. I did look out for her car on the streets though. 🙂
    I am trying to add more color to my wardrobe and like your look of a colored top with jeans and jacket or sweater that are more subdued. And I do like a colorful scarf and purse.

  11. Jennifer, thanks for this great post! I agree with all your advice. One of the things I try not to do is wear trendy clothes that teenagers wear (ripped jeans or cropped tops, anyone?). Also, color is so important to me as I age – finding those colors that make me feel confident and fashionable. You have obviously found the secret to dressing well at any age. Good for you and thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Love today’s blog! Going to look at the Brow whiz in blonde or taupe? I’m learning. Thanks Jennifer!

  13. “The last thing I want to look like is mutton dressed as lamb.”
    That’s a fantastic expression! Do you remember where you heard it? Wondering if it came from a savvy mother or grandmother.

  14. Jennifer, when I look at all your photos, your hair, makeup and clothing choices all compliment YOU! I see your personality shining through.
    One of my favorite blogs was where you listed a point system for accessories. It’s so easy to cross over that fine line and loose yourself in too much detail.
    Throw out liquid eye liner, loose powder and stiff hair spray. Soften, blend and if you need more color, add a new bright scarf. If you need to, practice smiling! Even though someone is wearing a mask, you can still tell they are smiling by the twinkle in their eyes!

    1. I never seem to use as many points as people suggest but no points mean I haven’t bothered:) I can tell when someone is smiling too because a true smile shows in your eyes.

      1. I, too, enjoyed the ‘point system’ post. I keep the list handy and am usually fall in the ‘good’ range. I love accessories.

        I had to laugh yesterday because one of my co-workers actually noticed that I wasn’t wearing a necklace. The outfit I had on didn’t need one so I didn’t bother. But how funny that she noticed that detail.

  15. Thank you for this post!
    Many of my fellow sixty year olds have dated haircuts, gray helmets that make them look like they’ve given up. Stylists can play a big part in encouraging youthful looks. I find my biggest effort is on my hair, color and smoothing, etc.
    Stylish comfort for me is important, since going out is more restrictive.
    For other contributor, I agree about hands. I’ve found A La Maison hand wash from CVS is great for keeping hands clean and moisturized and smells great.

  16. In this article, what jeans are you wearing in the top photo; the cropped jeans with the raw edge hem. I use love them and can’t seem to find that style in the links. Thank you.

  17. i love bold color. i do try to avoid too much trendy. and ive learned to be religious about moisturizing my hands, i feel like they can ruin any efforts ive made, if i dont keep them as well as i can.

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