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Happy Saturday, ladies. It’s time for would you wear it so grab a second cup of your favorite coffee or tea and let’s have some fun with fashion. Each week my friend Pam and I share a mannequin we’ve come across and ask if you would wear what it’s modeling.

Stores dress their mannequins to show us what’s new and to hopefully give us some styling inspiration. Some mannequins are great and some fall flat. In that vein, I’d love to have you share your styling ideas so we can inspire each other to think beyond how we usually wear things.


What are your thoughts? Would you wear these items together or separately and how would you style them?

Popular on AWSL this week-

woman wearing navy pants and puffer jacket
woman weaing faux suede jacket and silky shirt
wokman in home depot wearing blazer and brown jeans


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Now let’s go see what Pam’s mannequin is wearing on Over 50 Feeling 40.

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.






  1. To me, the color combo here is pretty — but not one that I can wear. I think the burgundy coat keeps the bright shades of the blouse and pants in check.

    I like the coat, particularly in the periwinkle color on the website, but the placement of the large pockets wouldn’t be flattering for my body type.

  2. Some of these clothes are nice. I have the faux suede jacket that I bought on sale but to get the proper polished look it needs a bit of alteration.
    I think that the outfits are generally nice on you but all these slim pants/leggings are not useful for those of us who do not have tiny legs like yours. These types of pants on an average pair of legs are not attractive and it is getting more and more difficult to find jeans of whatever color in non-tight cuts.

  3. Shirt pattern is overbold given all the bright colors at work in this outfit. Too many textures, and frankly unless someone has strong contrast and striking coloring themselves, this outfit wears the woman, rather than the other way around. It would look garrish on me. Cropped flares can turn long legs stumpy.

  4. I would not wear this combo together as it just looks too disjointed. I like the coat and the blouse, just not together. I like the pants, but that inseam length is always way too short for me at 5’9”, even with boots.

  5. On my monitor, the pant colour shows up in the blouse, and the blazer colour is just a darker shade of the purple in the blouse, so, it should all work colour-wise. But still, I don’t like it. It seems jarring. I’d change the pant colour to the black or navy background colour of the blouse. And velvet is a non-starter for me for pants, or even skirts or dresses because when I get up from sitting, I have a flattened bottom impression. And doesn’t the blouse collar look sloppy? I’d be adjusting it every few minutes and that’s not for me. The blouse without a heavy jacket would sit better. Of no use to me though; this outfit is not suitable for a Canadian winter.

  6. No, do not like those colors together. The pants look cheap and tacky in my opinion. I do not like any of the items on the mannequin.

  7. Not orange! I like the pants in a more neutral color, but hesitate about the short length unless its warm weather as I won’t wear boots with a stiletto style heel; ever. Like the coat. The blouse’s large scale print is something I normally won’t wear, I prefer solid color blouses and IF I was to wear this blouse I’d wear it with dark denim jeans.

  8. Velvet kick flare pants? My first thought was NO, but I clicked on the image. I like them in black with the sexy booties and a cute cropped sweater. I would try them on but not in orange. No need for orange anything in my wardrobe. Happy Saturday!

  9. The orange pants do not appeal to me. I would switch them out for cream, tan, denim or navy. I hear brooches are in, so I would add one to the lapel. If cold out, I would add a cowl, then booties.

  10. A heavy weight coat on light weight pieces seems odd to me. A cardigan duster in a similar color would be fine, I think. The Nordstrom page shows this top with dark, possibly black bottoms. Sounds good. Seem to me, for winter, the over piece should match a color in the floral. Do you think pulling out the creamy color in wool would work?

  11. I would not wear this color combination, but I see that the coat is also available in a luscious shade of blue. Makes me wish I could justify purchasing a new winter coat!! 💙

  12. I actually like this outfit as is I’d wear it with black flats. Wish the pants weren’t velvet! Ugh. 😂

  13. Hmmm….I’m still obsessing about the yellow jeans you had on a few days ago, I have to go back & look at those again. Definitely would not wear anything in the first grouping. I love the white quilted/black pants & love the brown jeggings.

  14. A crochet top in the color natural with nude sandals to wear in spring with the pants. The coat would overwhelm my small frame. I might wear the blouse with my white pants. I don’t like the color combination but that’s a personal preference. Someone obviously did that dressed this display.

  15. I love the blouse and would definitely wear it. It would look great with jeans, pants and skirts and could be dressed up or down. Although I like the colour of the coat, it doesn’t look very warm. Since I live in Eastern Canada, warm winter coats are a necessity. The coat also clashes with the pants. I like them in black but by the time it’s warm enough to wear capri length pants, it will be too warm for velvet. Not sure why designers have decided that ankle length/capris are year round – a visit to Canada in January would probably change their minds. Happy Saturday.

  16. Would I wear the purple coat if someone gifted it to me? Yes. Would I purchase this coat? No. The blouse is nice but I would pair with dark pants as shown on the website. Cropped kick flare stretch velvet pants? That’s a firm no for me, regardless of color.

  17. Good morning! The coat is a lovely color, but huge pockets right on my hips would only make something big look bigger. The top is not in warm colors and that is what I wear so it would be a no for me…it would be nice to see it outside of the coat to know if I would recommend it for a cool color woman. The shade of the pants is a no for me and the design would not be flattering on me. I prefer a skinnier leg. So overall, this is a no.

  18. Love all three items. I like the updating on the pants. Maybe tone the pants color down, but I am not sure what would coordinate with the coat.

  19. No, I would not wear the pieces as styled namely due to their colours as feel both the coat and blouse would work better with a tone in navy or even black. As to their style/cut; a definite ‘no’ to the pants but would consider it’s coordinated blazer and pair its color with something in the family of browns resulting in a staple for my Fall wardrobe. Also do have a wool winter coat that is similar in style but is that of a black ‘n white tweed (that has a removable black fox collar) which originally started off as a maxi length which I shortened to a midi but only wear for special occasions as not viable for our climate due to its open chest, not to mention I find jacket lengths more appropriate for various reasons. i.e.: Since having back problems my choice is something lighter in weight. Abundant choice in lengths. Work better with various styles of pants, skirts and dresses as well as footwear. -Brenda-

  20. I might wear the pants with the top, but never would I put that coat on with it all. A very neutral color coat (like a beige or ecru) would be so much better!

  21. I don’t think that I would wear that outfit. I’m really getting into brighter colors but the pants and blouse seem too bright for me. I really like the coat though, especially for our weather. I’m just afraid it would be hard to find in a petite xs.

  22. My answer to the question: “Would you wear it?” is not intentionally!! The colors of the pants and coat do not complement each other.

  23. The individual pieces are ok although none are colors I would wear. The combination hurts my eyes. The red velvet pants to me are simply clashing. The top and coat together with a black pant might work.

  24. Love viewing dressing room diaries while I have my coffee in the a.m. This mannequin unfortunately was a miss for me. The pants are a bit too cropped but I do love the bright color. The top is also very bright and I think it would work better with a more subdued pair of pants. The wool coat looks too big and slouchy. I am sure it is meant to look that way; but that look just isn’t for me. All three together.. well I don’t care for it but I am sure it would look great on someone else.

  25. I’m not sure who looks good in orange, but I know it’s not me! I’d like that outfit with a change of color on the pants, navy perhaps, if that’s the background on the blouse. Actually, I’d prefer a smaller print on the blouse, large prints and 4’11” is not a good combo! But I’d like it fine on someone else.
    Love the coat!

  26. I am all about a long wool coat but…when you see this coat buttoned up, it’s a no for me. The button detail and large patch pockets take away from what would have been a slimming silhouette. I don’t see myself in either the shirt or pants either. I have been super busy purging all sorts of things from my house. I hope to be much more intentional about anything new that I may add this year.
    Happy Saturday!

  27. The individual pieces are fine, but I am not liking them together. The blouse would look better tucked in & with a navy or bright pink pant. It’s maybe ok with the rust pant, but again tucked in & not with that color of coat. The pattern on the blouse is to large for me. I am a petit & a bright spring in coloring. None of the colors would work for me.

  28. Happy Saturday Jennifer! To start I like the orange jeans but not with this coat and not with this flowery blouse. I’ve never cared for large bright prints although I realize they’ve been popular.
    I’d pair the orange with white or ivory and there are certain shades of blues I would pair with orange. A pretty cashmere turtleneck in ivory or blue perhaps? I don’t know what to do with this coat except to go with a camel version of it? I don’t care for this particular shade of burgundy.

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