The Zuvi Infrared Hair Dryer I’m Trying For My Thinning Hair

My hair seems to be in a new thinning phase, and it’s sort of freaking me out. I’ve been through this before, but it never gets easier to see all that hair in my comb and brush. Thinning hair requires special attention and gentle care to prevent further damage and fallout. I still need to style it, and blasting the heck out of it with a hot hairdryer is not a wise idea. Today I’m sharing the Zuvi Infrared Hair Dryer I’m trying for my thinning hair.

When the Zuvi Hair Dryer people reached out, I have to admit I was skeptical because I love my current hair dryer. Then I did a deep dive and learned it’s an Allure Beauty 2022 Award winner, has won the Cosmopolitan 2022 Holy Grail Award, is an Elle 2020 Green Beauty Star, and is one of Times Best Inventions of 2022. Then I read how it helps with fragile and thinning hair and decided I needed to give it a try.

Besides thinning, my hair has lost its shine since I stopped coloring it. One of the things that makes the Zuvi Halo especially suitable for thinning hair is its ability to deliver gentle and controlled heat. It uses Infrared light instead of heat to dry your hair and negative ion technology, which is said to seal hair cuticles which helps increase shine. Okay, I need that. The negative ion technology also reduces drying time which is gentler on the scalp and hair. I need that too.

The infrared light technology dries the moisture on the surface of your hair without drying out the inside. That means more moisture inside your hair, leaving your scalp and hair cuticles hydrated. Ok, I need that too.

This Zuvi Hair Dryer has four settings…care, fast, soft, style, and cool.

It comes with three attachments that snap on magnetically. The diffuser is to prevent frizz, a gentle hair attachment to keep the air cooler and a styling concentrator for styling your hair. I don’t use the diffuser, but the other two are perfect for my hair.

How to Use the Zuvi Infrared Hair Dryer

woman using the zuvi halo hairdryer

I snap on the gentle hair attachment and set the dryer to fast until my hair feels about 75% dry. It seems to take a bit longer to dry, which makes sense to me because it’s not blasting and baking it with heat like a conventional dryer.

Then I snap on the styling concentrator and begin to use my round brush. I go in sections as I do with my regular hair dryer, giving a shot of cool to “set” each section with a bit of bend.

woman with thinning hair using the zuvi halo hairdryer

I’m spending a tiny bit more time on the drying and styling process, but so far, I’m delighted with how soft and shiny it’s leaving my hair. My daughter tried it with the diffuser on her thick, wavy hair and loved it! Here are detailed instructions on how to use the Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer.

You can learn more about the Zuvi Dryer here and why it might be right for your hair.

They are currently having a flash sale with a 15% off sale, and you can use the code Jennifer5 for an additional discount on top of that!

After the sale, Zuvi has generously offered my readers a special discount. Use code Jennifer12 for 12% off your order here. (*You can also use Jennifer5 for an extra 5% off if the Zuvi site has a promotion already.)

They offer free shipping and a free 30-day return window if you’re not thrilled with your results.

Have you tried this new technology? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I have found a Biotin supplement helps keep my hair from falling out so much. You might try that, too.

    1. I’m pretty sure the Nutrafol has Biotin, but I might ask about adding more.

  2. Interesting post on hair loss and infrared dryers. I have been loving an infrared dryer and will use nothing else. We don’t have that brand where I live, but I do think infrared is better on my hair because it is gentler heat. I take 10,000 units of a biotin supplement daily for hair and nails and credit for slowing hair loss and stronger nails. My secret weapon is a product called Boldify (powder, not the liquid) which comes in a shaker vial in various hair color shades to thicken and color roots simultaneously. It provides great root lift. I apply it after my hair is dry, and then brush it to distribute it a bit. I can’t do without it and no longer worry over thinning hair! Hope this helps someone.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing that resource, Suzanne! xo

      1. Sharan Hicks says:

        Please look up the daily amount recommend for Biotin.
        Be careful

  3. Have a wonderful time in Victoria, Jennifer. We honeymooned there 43 years ago and have returned often. Try to visit Rodgers’ Chocolate and the Dutch Bakery and coffee shop, definitely a step back in time.
    We always stay at the Royal Scot, love it.

    Please post about your visit.

    Thanks for my favorite blog.

    1. How fabulous!! I will look them up. I always love chcolate anything.

  4. This is unrelated to your new hairdryer but in response to your comment that you use mens’ Rogaine twice daily. Many years ago, I tried Rogaine and HATED how gummy it made my hair. I started taking low dose oral minoxidil, which dermatollogists feel works as well as or better than foam or lotion, partly because patients are more compliant and I can attest to that. One tiny little pill each day that’s dirt cheap and I highly recommend trying it. You’ll save lots of $$ and a lot of mess!

    1. I am going to ask my doctor about adding it to see if I can get this shedding to stop. It feels like I am on a runaway hairloss train.

  5. Always love your posts! Sorry to read that you are dealing with new hair fallout—always scary to see extra hair in the drain and your brush! Have you tried using powdered collagen? I was having some hair loss issues so started using Olaplex 3 and powdered collagen. It was a game changer. The difference in my hair, skin and nails has been incredible. It took about 3 months of using the collagen to realize what a difference it was making—no hair loss, hair growth and regrowth like never before and nails stronger and skin looking healthier. Just a real winner overall for me. Been using the collagen powder religiously for over two years now and will continue to have it as part of my daily routine.

    1. I am doing all of that. Which collagen powder do you use?

  6. Is the Zuvi hair dryer dual voltage? I would love a hair dryer that I can travel with overseas.

    1. I didn’t see that it is so assume it isn’t

  7. Have you by any chance ever tried Olaplex No. 3? It’s done wonders for my hair. My stylist also gave me some clear gloss that I mix with a developer that I can apply in between appointments; it keeps my hair shiny and smooth!

    1. I do use Olaplex. It’s great stuff. Maybe it’s time for a treatment.

  8. Hi Jennifer! My hair is just like yours. Do you find that you get the same volume with the Zuvi as you did with your old dryer? It seems that when I go for shine, I lose volume (it goes more flat quickly), and vice versa. Argh!

    Best wishes for a great summer!

    1. I am finding it a bit flatter but the longer I work with this dryer, the more I’m learning about how to use it. It feels so much healthier I can’t help but wonder if some of the volume I was getting with my old dryer is because the cuticle is open, leaving my hair more fragile.

  9. pj hinton says:

    I think your hair looks stunning!!!

    1. Thank you! I’m really finding it much softer and shinier which looks healthier to me.

  10. Has anyone else had terrible experiences with this type of brush such as tangling and being stuck in my hair? I lost some hair right on top of my head taking about 30 minutes pulling the hair out a few at a time and broke a lot off. My hair is white mostly, very fine, low in density and naturally wavy. I am now using a brush dryer to about 60% dry and being very careful not to wrap my hair around the brush, just sliding the brush through my hair slowly and bending at the ends. I wear it in a chin length Bob. My stylist told me not to use dry shampoo regularly as it can cause buildup and hair loss.

    1. I’ve never had a problem with this sticking in my hair. I always use a wide tooth comb on wet hair, and the brush, only when it’s almost dry.

    2. Yes! I had a round roller brush that got tangled in my hair, then I found a WET HAIR BRUSH, that never tangles, just put that description in your browser window to search around for those. I found mine at Wal-Mart, and it never tangles and goes smoothly through my fine flat hair! I only use the round brush while blow drying my hair when its almost dry to style it.

  11. It is interesting that your hair lost its shine when you quit coloring. My experience is the opposite, mine is now shinier than when I colored it.

    1. I was not so fortunate. My texture changed a lot and the highlights were always very shiny.

  12. Thank you Jennifer. The 30-day money back return option makes it worth trying out. I appreciate all your suggestions on not only clothing and beauty, but health and lifestyle. All the photos on your blog make your researched suggestions easy to consider.

    1. Please keep us posted on how you like it. I’ll be giving an update in a few weeks on how I’m finding it.

  13. Are you still using the mens Rogaine?

    1. I sure am, twice a day. I don’t have any intention of stopping it.

      1. Jennifer, I found a derm who specializes in hair loss. She put me on Micro minoxidil with finasteride. 1 dropper each night. I added Nutrafol and Omega 3’s as she suggested and have almost completely overcome the hair loss. Just sharing. I know how it feels when it’s really shedding. Thanks for showing us this hair dryer.

      2. I don’t know if my Dr will prescribe it for me, but I am going to ask her the moment we get home. What is the brand and dose you’re on?

      3. Very nice, I use the Dyson

  14. Sheila in SC says:

    Since I have a hard time using brush and dryer together, two hands, I certainly admire that you’ve mastered that. I use the large hot air brush dryer for volume and it’s easier for me to manage. I certainly enjoy your blog and the comments and so much info!

    1. Lol, I had a hard time using a hot air brush! I gues we can train ourselves to learn many things if we work at it.

  15. Karen Kroll says:

    Hello Jennifer,
    First of all, I love your blog. Your comments and recommendations are down to earth and reflect the experiences that aging women face. I just purchased the hair dryer as I have had the experience of thinning hair and feel this is worth the investment. I never would have known about it had I not read it here.
    Thank you so much!


    1. Please let me know how you like it. I am still learning the ins and outs of how to get my style to look the same, but I sure like how gentle it is on my hair and how shiny it is.

  16. The technology is interesting, but “infrared light” is simply heat. It seems this hair dryer uses lower heat and focused air flow.

    Two tips from my derm: Stop applying heat to your hair and scalp, and stop wearing hats. Both of these things contribute to hair loss. Sorry!

    1. Well then I am in trouble because I am an avid hat wearer. I love the look plus with all the skin cancers that keep poping up on my face, I need them to keep the sun off my skin. I hate to think I have to choose between my hair and my skin…yikes!

      1. I started wearing clip-on visors decades ago when I played tennis and they do a great job of keeping the sun out of your eyes so you can keep your eye on the ball but also off your face. MUCH cooler than a hat in hot weather and no hat hair!

      2. Great idea!

  17. Your hair looks fabulous! I couldn’t find anything on the website concerning the weight of the hairdryer. Do you know how much it weighs?

    1. I looked and found it weighs 475g.

  18. The concept definitely sounds appealing to me also, but the dryer looks quite large. Did you find it heavy and somewhat difficult to manage?

    1. It doesn’t feel heavy or difficult to manage. The handle is a nice size and feel very comfortable to use

    2. Katelyn K says:

      Laura: It looks heavy and bulky but is actually light weight. I worried when I saw the size and felt the weight when it arrived but all was just in the packaging materials. This dryer is easy to hold and actually featherweight.

  19. Hi, Jennifer! This hairdryer looks amazing, however the site is not accepting the JENNIFER12 code for me. :/

      1. Thank you! I’ll try that. 🥰

  20. My hair is fine and thinning, too (I’m 75). I’m very interested in your experience with this Zuvi dryer! But it is a significant investment, so I will be watching for you to post updates as you continue to use it. Thank you, Jennifer!

    1. I am very happy so far and will give updates as I go along. It’s so shiny! Thinning hair just stinks. I get nervous when it starts these shedding cycles which I know doesn’t help one bit.

  21. I too have thinning hair and am always looking for any tool or product that will help. I have the Dyson styler and wondered what the difference between these two are.

    1. The Dyson is great and I love mine but it doesn’t seem to add the shine that this does. I don’t pretend to understand why, but that’s what I’m finding. Lots of silkiness and shine with this dryer.

  22. Katelyn K says:

    Happy Summer Jennifer:

    Hope you are enjoying your vacation in BC.

    I bought the Zuvi hairdryer after my trusty vintage (2006) Vidal Sasson one finally died about a month ago. Am enjoying how it’s gentle on my also thinning and fine hair. Yes, it does take a tad longer to dry hair but the gentle air styling is where this dryer has an advantage. I no longer need to use a curling iron – just a thick round brush and the Zuvi! It’s the holy grail of hairdryers that I highly recommend. The cost is high but worth the investment. I have the special edition turquoise one which compliments my love of tropically colored accessories.

    1. Yes! We are loving our time here. My hair is so silky and shiny with this dryer. I’m sort of blown away (terrible pun) by how it leaves my hair. The turqoise sounds pretty! It is an investment, but the sale plus my discount really helps.

      1. Katelyn K says:

        I agree Jennifer, this brush is amazing technology and the shine produced is so much healthier than applying a chemical gloss. I love BC and have visited often. Miss those cooler climates. Especially enjoyed hiking across the Capilano suspension bridge and exploring the island as well as enjoying the harbor area. Going next year on an Alaska cruise and will spend 2 days in BC before embarking. Been about 30 years so excited to see how the waterfront has changed.😊

      2. I imagine it’s changed a lot in 30 years. We’re hoping to go on that cruise too.

    1. Katelyn K says:

      Cindy, I purchase my round brushes at Sally Beauty Supply. Always use the natural bristle ones as I’ve noticed (after 40 years of use), that they are easier on hair and last a long time. Also are easily cleaned by using your personal favorite shampoos . There are several different sizes and bristle thickness’ based upon you own hair texture. Ulta also has a decent variety of round brushes. Both retailers have consultants who will gladly help you select the correct round brush to suit your hair texture and styling preferences.

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