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Welcome to the Weekend with Tommy Hilfiger

Happy weekend and I do mean happy. After 8 frantic days of looking for a house to rent, my husband finally secured one. I haven’t seen it yet, which is a small concern because I’m really picky but I’m relieved…

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Look of the Week: How to Look Taller

Happy Monday ladies! My drizzly weekend was spent in boots, a fedora, and a coat. Our temperature swings are nothing compared to what some of you are dealing with but still no fun. I am so ready for spring, how about…

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How to Choose a Flattering Bathing Suit After 50

I try to avoid wearing a bathing suit whenever possible, and I don’t think I’m alone. I’m not a swimmer, my skin won’t tolerate the sun and I’m not overly fond of going in the water, which I consider excellent excuses

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Four Ways to Tie Your Silk Scarf

Are silk scarves generational? The stores are filled with them yet I see few young women wearing them. When they do, they’re styled in unique ways that I am experimenting with. I love the way a scarf can elevate a…

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How Our Colors Change as we Age

Do you know your best personal colors? Several of you have asked me to talk about our personal coloring and how to know what flatters us. Can our coloring change as we age? You bet and that means our most flattering…

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How to Pop a Collar and Keep it Up

I’m a big fan of popping the back of my collar up. I love the sassy attitude it gives and how the collar frames the face. I never pop the entire thing because makeup gets on the front as my face…

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5 Wardrobe Essentials You May Not Need

We’ve all read the articles listing the essentials every stylish woman needs in her wardrobe. The must-have, universally chic, items that ensure a woman will be well dressed. I’d like to toss a little sand on 5 must-haves and explain

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