The New Metallic

Metallic shoes, bags, and belts are perennial favorites in many women’s wardrobe. They’re the perfect neutral to coordinate with most looks. When you’re not sure what color shoe to wear, you can always choose a metallic. They add sparkle, shine and polish to any simple outfit.

Today I’m sharing how to wear rose gold which is everywhere this year. If it’s too in your face to wear in garments, think of adding it in an accessory which punctuates your look. Which reminds me of that loud silver sweater I wore in the ’80s…

Rose Gold sweater from Gap on A Well Styled Life
Rose Gold pullover sweater

Rose gold flatters most complexions and looks terrific paired with black, brown, navy, denim, pink, ivory, beige, white etc. I’m used to seeing it in jewelry and handbags but when Sperry makes their classic boat shoe in Rose Gold, you know it’s gone mainstream.


Rose Gold Sperry Topsider on A Well Styled Life
Rosegold Sperry Boatshoe

Here are some fun rose gold shoes, boots, and sandals. 

Handbags are another fun way to add rose gold or any metallic to your look.Rose Gold handbag from Saks Off 5th on A Well Styled Life

Tory Burch rose gold earrings on A Well Styled Life
Tory Burch rose gold earrings

Jewelry is the usual way to wear rose gold which is simple. Just substitute it for any other metal you would wear.

Rose gold sunglasses are everywhere these days. I’ve been trying them on for weeks because I’ve always wanted to see the world through rose-colored glasses. I have my eye on these and these. Once I’m sure my new contacts prescription is wearable, I’ll be adding a pair to my look.
Are you a fan of wearing metallics?
Have you tried rose gold?
Thanks for reading and have a great day.




  1. My new eyeglasses are clear with rose gold temples/arms. I was a bit hesitant at first, but I love them, and I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on them. Might have to try some sunnies too.

  2. Hi, Jennifer!
    A couple of years ago I’d read rose gold is wonderful for those who want to wear gold, but can’t or won’t due to skin tone. I recently bought rose gold frames for prescription sunglasses and am so happy I did. This metal adds a pop of fun on beautiful sunny days ????

  3. I wasn’t sure if I wanted anything in rose gold since I have a tendency to go for stronger colours but I really like the Sperry boat shoes and purse!

  4. Rose gold has been around for a few years now. I was hoping it was a fading trend. I much prefer gold jewellery.
    The sunglasses appear to be goldframes with rose coloured lenses. Now, that I can go for.
    I did buy a blush pink purse last year – a touch of girlie.

  5. Just read an article somewhere crediting the IPhone for the popularity of all things muted pink and rose gold. it went on to say that millennials and start-ups are choosing muted colors. They find them more sophisticated than brights and primaries. Muted pink is my favorite color. I have soft sweaters, silk blouses, and aviators in those colors. They don’t spark joy. They spark LOVE!

  6. I really like rose gold, have been seeing it for a couple years now so glad to see that it is sticking around. I have a couple of necklaces and some earrings with this metal, and just ordered some shorts in Conch Shell at Nordstrom to try for spring. I hope you will show us what you do with it as you add it to your spring styles! Thanks

  7. I love this color! I’ve not tried it on, but it seems like it be universally flattering. My polarized aviator sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories, and a real necessity. I discovered the color of the metal and the color of the lenses makes a big difference. A soft gold frame with brown lenses was much more flattering to my very fair complexion than black lenses and shiny gold or silver. I will try on some rose gold for sure!

  8. I have been considering a pair of rose gold sunglasses also. And I have my eye on a rose gold watch. That is about as far as I will probably go with rose gold. I was just wondering what colors look the best with rose gold as far as tops and pants. I think white will look nice, but just wondering if I am limited in color choices. Any thoughts?

  9. From what I see, I do like it…rose gold, that is. But, I don’t own anything…in that newer shade, nor any metallic really. I might search it out, especially in summery bags! Nice.

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