Moving Update – Reality Isn’t Glamorous

Moving is hard work. Oh, sure it’s fun to get a new place, a fresh start and purge your unwanted things but it’s also messy, exhausting and stressful. I’m not telling you anything you don’t know, but there’s nothing glamorous about moving the way I do it.

wardrobe moving cartons on A Well Styled Life

I packed 95% of my wardrobe several weeks ago and put it in the garage. WAY too early.

There’ve been some comical moments but mostly it’s backbreaking. I’m too cheap to pay packers which is a bummer. I opened a random box several months ago and discovered a shattered ceramic rooster which used to hold a place of honor in my old kitchen. I did cry and sadly, had no one to blame but myself.

I’ve seen other bloggers move in a pretty way. In one post they’re in their perfectly decorated old home. The next post you see them in their perfectly decorated new home. I’d love those little moving fairies to come in and whisk our stuff to the new house, but that’s not on the agenda.boxes and antique armoire pieces in garage

A little back story. We sold our home last year and moved to be closer to our grandson. I knew we wouldn’t be staying in this rental home for long, so we left about 75% of our boxes packed and stored in the garage. I’ve missed having my special things around me but have forgotten what many of them are now. Which begs the question, how special can they be if I’ve forgotten them in just 12 months?

Two large boxes that I never intended to unpack were mistakenly carried into this master bedroom last May. They hold several pieces of antique china and a special lamp that I don’t want to break so they sat in the corner of my bedroom… for a year. It bugged me… but after a month or two, I stopped even noticing them.

messy garage

base to antique French Armoire

We left our antique French armoire stored in the garage. It’s put together like a puzzle with 10-15 pieces and requires several people to assemble. It used to act as our dresser so we had no place to store our clothes. After living out of a box for a month, we went to the local Goodwill and bought a dresser for $10. It’s hideous and assaults my esthetic eye every time I look at it. But after scrubbing the whole thing inside and out, it’s held my clothes for a year. Mr. AWSL may use it to store tools in the garage of the new house:)

Our antique kitchen table is very squat and needs lifts under the feet so you can get your legs underneath. The vintage glass cups which lift it to usable height have been packed somewhere so we haven’t been able to get our legs under the kitchen table properly for a year.

None of this is glamorous but it’s my reality. I’m persnickety, finicky and downright anal about most many things but I’ve had to put myself in check for the last twelve months. It’s been a tough learning experience.

The movers come next Saturday. It’ll be stressful but when I finally get to open boxes it’ll feel like Christmas as I unpack what I forgot I love. That may have to wait though because six days later, we pack our little trailer and head to Canada for several weeks. Did I mention how poorly timed buying this how was?

Thanks for reading and have a great day.



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  1. Joanna
    June 28, 2019 / 9:37 am

    Ten years ago I put my belongings in storage for an overseas three year posting. Upon retiring and moving into my new home in B.C., I realized most of my decor/ furniture items no longer suited my style so I bought new and gifted or sold what I had considered to be treasures. Our tastes change as life marches on.
    I hope your moving day goes smoothly.

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