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The Best White Jeans For Women Over 50

Summer is right around the corner, which will mean it’s open season to wear white jeans…even for those among us who abstain before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. A flattering white jean is a wardrobe staple for many women, so today, let’s look at the best white jeans for women over 50 and how to find your most flattering pair.

blone woman over 50 wearing straight white jeans


White Denim, by its very nature, is less opaque than other colors. Choose higher-quality denim in thick cotton with a high cotton count. Polyester fibers will yellow over time, especially if you bleach your white jeans to remove stains. Whites vary from snow to warm beige, so choose the shade that will coordinate best with your footwear and, if you’re a stickler for personal color analysis, your complexion. No-stain fabrics are an excellent option for those ladies who feel their white jeans are a spill magnet. Too much spandex can make jeans overly clingy and sheer so check the fiber count.


Should you size up in white denim? In a word, yes. White and light colors make us look larger than dark colors, plus they’re less forgiving in tight places, so consider choosing one size larger than you usually do. Overly tight white denim can have a sausage casing effect on the thighs, knees, and calves, which is very unforgiving on everyone.

woman wearing white jeans


This year, denim styles have been moving away from ultra-skinny, which is a big plus with white jeans. I recommend a straight, slight bootcut or a classic cigarette leg for the most up-to-date look. High-waisted styling is helpful to control and prevent a muffin top. Choose a high rise that covers your entire tummy and prevents rollover when you sit down.

woman over 50 wearing white jeans

Low back pockets will elongate the look of your backside. Wide-set back pockets can make your bottom appear wider. If you plan to tuck in your tops, consider the many great options in pull-on styles which don’t have the belt loops and snap to poke into your top.

How to Wear

A column of any color is slimming, including white, so try pairing your white jeans with light, white, and pale-colored tops. A darker top will also make your bottom half appear larger, which may not be your goal if your body is pear-shaped.

Metallic belts, bags, and shoes are terrific paired with your white jeans because they provide a soft contrast and up the interest level. White jeans look beautiful with neutral accessories like beige and tan.


And finally, always wear nude undies because white will show through. Your nude will vary depending on how deep, warm, or cool your skin tone is so try lots of options until you find the one that’s invisible under sheer clothes. While you’re at it, beware of slimming panels sewn into jeans that show through and leave an obvious line straight across your tummy above the crotch.

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Do you wear white jeans?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.

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  1. I love white jeans! However, Florida 90+ degree temperatures are a challenge when wearing long pants! Are there any lighter weight fabric jeans you could recommend?

    1. Jeans are just hot in warm weather. I’d probably look for a cotton chino or linen Pant.

  2. Excellent guidelines, Jennifer however as to white jeans I’m afraid it will be awhile before I’ll be wearing mine since our weather has been a mix of rain with cool temps. On the subject of jeans though I am still on the hunt of a dark blue wash as recently purchased a pair of Levis (high waisted) that felt great in the store but after a hour’s wear are the most uncomfortable ones I’ve ever owned which honestly I’ve never experienced before in a pair of bottoms. (Personally I think the seam allowances weren’t graded/trimmed enough so where they do up, we have eight layer’s of waistband overlapping denim that digs into you and feels like you are wearing a corset.) -Brenda-

    1. The last thing I would want to wear is something that feels like a corset!

  3. Cathy Waters says:

    You mentioned wearing metallic shoes with white denim. What other colors are a good choice.

  4. Cathy Waters says:

    I am looking forward to wearing white denim here in North Carolina. You mentioned that metallic shoes would look good with the white denim but what other colors would you wear. I have been following you for several years and always look forward to reading your blog.

    1. Nude elongates your leg. Any and every color goes with white jeans. The bigger the contrast, the more attention your shoes will get so you could also go with fun patterns in bright colors in cute shoes.

  5. beth byrd says:

    Having trouble finding denim (in any color). The high waist does cause roll over on me, probably because I have a longer torso (and have put on weight in the tummy area). The lower waist creates muffin top. It’s really a struggle to find the right fit. I do find that bit of spandex helps lots!

    1. I have a long torso too so the higher the rise the better. Zara makes an incredibly high rise if you have a store near you or check online.

    2. Chico’s has a great pair of cropped jeans with a sort of layered frayed bottom in a variety of fun colors including white, peach, light turquoise and light blue denim with a bit of stretch. Try them!

  6. I absolutely love white jeans and linen pants, especially with nautical tops, navy stripes, bright sun-kissed colors that scream summer. Even in the Midwest, I no longer wait ‘til Memorial Day. It’s getting warmer here, so I’ve already moved my white pants to front and center of my closets. Thanks for another great post, Jennifer.

    1. I adore them too! They go with so many tops and are a great chameleon.

  7. Sue Henry says:

    Hi Jennifer!
    Heading to Vancouver shopping tomorrow hope I see your daughter … lol I will be going to Nordstroms first stop.
    Love your posts and alway read with my morning coffee!
    i am getting inspired to get my white jeans out but It is still too cold in the interior of British Columbia ….we are wearing puffer jackets but once 24 May hits will be ready for white jeans. Here it goes instantly into hot summer!
    I have a closet full of over blouses or big shirts . Did you do a blog recently on tiring these shirts, I hate to get rid of them. I am 5’10 tall and long legs.
    Thanks greatly for your info.
    Says rain all week in Vancouver so I will no doubt be stuck in the pacific Centre mall… hope they are wrong. But if not it could be kind of fun! I am on my own so cannot wait!


    1. How fun!! That mall is fabulous. No, do not retire those tops. They’re fabulous worn open over a sleeveless tank and are great for skinnier pants like leggings. Wish I was there to meet you for coffee and shopping.

  8. What are the jeans you are wearing by the pond? They are so good-looking. I like the slit at the ankle. Love all the tips esp the pocket placement.

  9. Francesca B. says:

    I have just bought Mother Fairest Of Them All frayed white jeans and splurged thinking I would make good use of them wearing them all summer and going for a wedding weekend in September. Love the frayed edging and the high waist and honestly the fit. And then I also love my Talbots slim ankle white jeans for everyday. Thanks for the tips on accessories I am thinking of getting some silver sandals…branching out of the comfort zone!!!
    Happy week 🙂

    1. My Talbots slim leg are a constant in the summer too. Mother makes a very nice jean, I love their fit too.

  10. I will have to remember about pocket placement. I’ve seen some lower-placed ones and wondered about them.
    Would you explain your advice to size up? If I size up, the waist will be too big, won’t it? I also think that tunics, which I honestly rarely wear, allow one to wear light-weight denim w/o problems. I prefer cotton trousers in the summer.

    1. Tunics are wonderful over white and light pants. By size up, I mean if you’re between a size, opt for the larger in white. If the waist is too large but the hips fit, try a different style.

  11. I live in white jeans in the summer. I definitely agree you need heavier denim for the best look. Love how you paired your outfits!

  12. I agree about heavier denim being more opaque. I often avoid denim in the summer because of the heaviness and I get overheated. I bought some Chico’s no stain on your recommendation, and giving them a try. It’s typical for women here in the northeast to wear white Jean’s for dressing for casual events. I moving also towards cotton chinos.

  13. I seem to be hesitant to wear any very light colored jeans or crops. Your observation that white or light colors are less forgiving and really bring the garment to front stage is spot on. . Maybe because I live in the upper Midwest, there doesn’t appear to be a lot of ladies wearing white jeans. All that said, your advice is so useful. I would especially consider sizing up when choosing white pants and definitely be mindful of the benefits of nude undergarments.
    All of a sudden, we are having very warm and humid days! I need to get going on my flower pots! Lol

  14. What size jeans are you wearing? Thank you

    1. I am wearing a 6 in the first pair and 28 in the second pair.

  15. Paulette Levy says:

    I’ve been wearing my light natural jeans since April, but holding off on my white jeans—but will be wearing them this weekend !
    Thanks for the reminders on undies and tops.

    1. We’ve had a cool spell so mine have been hanging in the closet! Strange weather this year, for sure.

  16. Love your style. I agree 100%. Wish I had your shoulders.

    1. Thank you. I hated them for much of my life. We always seem to want what we don’t have.

  17. Great information Jennifer. I love the look of a white jean with a navy top and silver metallic sandals.

    1. Yes! Navy and white is such a great combination.

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