Product Review: Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub by Bite

I’m always looking for the most efficient skin care and beauty products that are cruelty-free. I prefer to use products made by companies that test on human volunteers and use them whenever I can.

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Product Review: Getting Rid of the Retin A Flakes

My Dermatologist has me using Retin-A to reduce the occurrence of actinic keratosis. They are those little scaly lesions caused by damage from the sun. Retin-A speeds up cell turnover, revealing fresher skin and sloughing the keratosis off. Retin-A is supposed to…

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Nioxin for Hairloss in Women

Last summer I was invited to take the Nioxin challenge. Use their Hair Loss Treatment for 90 days and share my results with you. The company also gave 10 of my readers a 3 month supply to take the challenge with…

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How to Keep Lipstick from Feathering

Pucker lines…the older I get, the more I get. Who knows what causes them? I’ve heard using a straw or smoking is the culprit and they probably do contribute. I prefer to think of them as pucker lines from kissing…

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Women’s Hair Loss in Midlife

This is not a sponsored post. I almost wish it was because this stuff isn’t cheap. One bottle is affordable enough, but if it works, I’ll be using it forever, and it’ll be priceless.

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