6 Grooming Mistakes That Make You Look Old

Who wants to look old? It’s OK…even great to be old..but looking old doesn’t work for me. Careless grooming mistakes derail your appearance and impact your image in the blink of an eye. It’s easy to overlook these little details…

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RV Traveling and The Importance of Road Signs

  Rounding out week two of our Motorhome sojourn I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on what’s working and what’s not. I’m doing all the driving, because I’d kill him if I wasn’t. His driving is so bad…I’d rather…

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Treat Yourself To The Luxuries You Deserve

Simple treats and small luxuries are so important to my well being. It’s easy to let these go when life gets hectic, but that’s just when I need them most!   Some of my essentials… Comfortable shoes. At this age…

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Motorhome Travel…RV #101

  And so it begins… Day 1 We load the rented Motorhome. This entailed swapping out their tacky cookware for my copper ones. Their flatware for my silver. Their plates and glasses for ours but most important, their mattress for…

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How To Navigate The Makeup Counter

Every few years it’s a good idea to look at the new makeup offerings and update your look. The maze of shiny displays with eager salespeople promising miracles… can be intimidating and confusing. Navigating this minefield and coming out with…

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5 Ways To Feel More Grateful

I began my 30 day gratitude challenge on Instagram Sunday. Yes, that was November 2nd…so for me, it will be a 29 day challenge. That’s how I roll…late to the table perhaps, but then I’m all in. Gratitude…is a key…

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Is It Wrong To Choose Plastic Surgery?

Pardon me while I rant…or don’t. I’m mad as hell and don’t want to hear this poison anymore. And you shouldn’t either. The recent news and commentary about Rene Zellweger’s “transformation” has been hot and heavy. The media seems surprised,…

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